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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Oh What a Year Its Been

Now Behold the Lamb!

Merry Christmas to all of my Blog Family!

This year has been something else for me. Many highs and lows. Some thrills that went to the very top of the mountain while the lows hit below the valley. There has been many days that I just wanted this year to end quickly. Then there were times when I wanted to slow it up and just enjoy the benefits that I had been blessed with.

What I can say is that God has always been on my side through it all. I have learned. I have learned from the lows and humbled by the highs. I found out that without the lows I would not have ever learned to appreciate the high points. I understand now that both are needed and must be accepted and balanced. I have joy now that I could never have understood in years before.

I have stepped into my new role in life and reveled in the glow of the Son of God who has made all of this possible for me. I have thanksgiving and joy in my trails and tribulations. I have peace and quiet humbleness in my large achievements. This year has allowed me to break away from my past and accept my present while I rejoice in the future to come.

I have seen my first grandson. Danced with my first granddaughter and released my only daughter to be the woman that God has called her to be. I have loved on my sons and felt gratitude for my son in law as he proves to be one of the greatest husbands and fathers of this time. I have fallen in love with my husband over and over each day and have been grateful to God for making me his helpmate.

I birthed a new life and got to see my first born fiction book published and growing well. I have dealt with growing older in a young business and still able to fit in and find my way. I can't wait to see the new me next year because this is just the tip of the iceberg and I know that this last half of my life will be better than any other part of my life that has gone before me.

This Christmas I get to rejoice with my husband, children, and grandchildren as we see another generation begin the rituals that we have patterned for our family. It shows that time is a continuing circle. That loves never dies and keeps going around and around. Closed but never ending. I Radical RevLa thank all of you for being a part of my life for this long.

It has been a joy to me to come to this blog each and every month and pour my soul out to all of you. I thank those who come each month and who have left comments and encouragements. I thank those who purchased my book Backdoor Tales: Tears of the Serpent and September Love. I thank all of you who have embraced me as SaBrowny Rae and who have asked when the next book will be born. (sidebar: spring of 2014).

I thank those who have been an on going part of our marriage and relationship ministry and have blessed us with your comments and fellowship. 2R1N Christ Marriage and Relationship Ministry has grown and we are now reaching over 85,000 people across the internet. So when I look at the lows they don't come close to comparing to the great highs. Therefore this Christmas I know that I am blessed and have the peace of Christ Jesus.

Merry CHRISTmas dear blogger family. May you and yours have a blessed holiday and a welcoming harmonious New Year.

And as always
Gotta love me… as I have to love you
and I do!
Radical RevLa
Jesus is the reason for the season!!!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Christmas Book Sale

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Stripper Pole to the Gates of Heaven

My husband brought this to my attention
and I was speechless!!!

It is rare when Radical RevLa is left speechless! I mean in my 61 years of life I've always seemed to have something to say. So when my husband showed me this video on You Tube about this female preacher I was at a lost for words. First of all it was difficult for me to pay attention to what she was saying because she had her nipples showing. You can't see it in this picture (thank you Lord!) but as she was giving the word about the wickedness of the tongue all I could think about is why is she showing her breast. It was not the cleavage that bothered me but the fact that each nipple was showing.

In this picture her hands are hiding the nipples but when you see it without her hands covering then all you see is both nipples looking at you from both sides. The real catcher is that her word was good. When you didn't look at her and listened to what she was saying you learned a real word of God. This shocked me because she didn't have to show her nipples for attention. God's word is enough by itself.

As a female preacher and a black lady of God its bad enough that the clergy does not want to give us respect. As a black woman so many people are putting us down. Its up to us to maintain the image of the great queens that our ancestors came from. The black woman has it bad enough then to have this woman who states she came from the stripper pole and now has her ministry to sit and give an entire sermon with her breast showing.

This type of action soils the Word of God. What she was saying was what was needed to be said but her presentation took away from anything that was good. I'm not one who gets on a person for dressing the way that they choose to. I have a unique sense of style and have had different female preachers voice their opinion on it. Those ladies felt that I should be preaching in a robe or white stiff collar and black funeral suit. I chose to wear my vintage style dress and hat and look like the lady that I am. However no matter what I wore the outfit was decent and in order.

Nothing was hanging out. I could represent Christ as one called to do the work of Kingdom building without feeling ashamed. What I see from this lady is that she has a real word that can help people. She has a platform that will show other ladies that God can still use them even if they were once in the sex trade. This is a good word but when she sat there taping with her nipples showing it made her word a joke. What really gets to me is the fact that whoever the camera person was could they have told her that her nipples were exposed?

I don't get it. People are talking and gossiping about her in a negative way. The story that my husband was watching was a man who has nothing nice to say about the black woman. He used this story as an example to further his cause of making the black woman feel less than a human in the eyes of the black man. I had to write this because these are some sensitive times and we don't need our own sisters making it worse with tomfoolery.

To end this I just have to say dear sister of the stripper pole church. Stop the foolishness and preach the word. You do have a calling on your head do what the Lord wants you to do in a way that will honor him and yourself. I don't want to see your breast. You left that life where you showed them to everyone. Now show us something else. I did love the sermon once I could stop seeing the image of you and just listened to your voice. Remember you are the daughter of a king and the child of the King of Glory carry yourself in that manner.

As a black woman I like who I am. As a child of God I love who I am. Rise up to the level that you were meant to be and leave the foolishness to the fools. And one more thing dear preacher with the nipples: You won the shut the mouth of Radical RevLa award for a life time! And as always you gotta love me...no really you do!!! 

Monday, September 30, 2013

Giving What You Don't Have

As a woman we must remember
to take care of ourselves first

I noticed that the older I get the more centered on my own life I become. Not for obvious reasons such as increasing in age. Friends and families dying. Retiring and empty nest syndrome. None of those things are the reason. What I discovered is that my source of pouring out my essence has come to an end. Why you ask? Simply because I have no more to give. Like the caption in the picture above I must refill. I have no more of myself to give.

As a woman we tend to pour ourselves out to everyone and everything. We keep giving and giving to we come to the place where we are drained and have nothing to give to ourselves. Many women find this out during their menopausal phase. They have given to their families, job, church, and any and everyone then suddenly realize that they are drained. Their body is going through a transition and they don't have anything within to pull from. Their tank is running on empty or close to it. Suddenly they are feeling depressed or overwhelmed or both.

What I found out about myself during this period was that I just didn't want to give anymore. I wanted to stop and fill up. I didn't have a clue how to do that. I am a giver by nature as I feel most women are. I didn't know where to look for my guidance to obtaining the essence I so needed in my life. Then I just prayed. Asking God to direct me in this phase and show me how to replenish my inner waters. I had to make changes. Certain things and people had to be removed from my life. I had to remain connected with my source which is Christ Jesus.

I had to just say "no" to things that I did all of the time. I had to place my primary focus on myself. This was hard at first and I had to constantly remind myself that I was my own best friend. I had been friends with everyone but myself. As I concentrated on what made me happy and peaceful I felt my waters begin to increase. I knew that the only way that I could truly give to others was to make sure that my living water tank was full to overflow. This way I would have enough to give and not neglect myself. Obedience to God's word and ways was better than any sacrifice that I could ever give.

Ladies God does not want us to give so much of ourselves until we cease to live. Our life is just as important as any person that we are giving our essences out to. Our love ones would not be happy if we cease to live because we have nothing left. Once I discovered this then I knew that I have to make changes from the way I was eating to the time spent in sitting at the feet of Christ. I can say no and not feel bad. I can tell someone when they are mistreating me or taking advantage. I have reduced my stress.

Can I say that all is well with the world? No not just yet but my tank tends to overflow more now and I can give without hurting me. I can feel when I've given too much and then I pull in and rest. I know that I'm not all the way I should be yet but I'm closer than I have ever been. I can say that I am getting to the point where I will be in constant overflow.

This is a great feeling because you are in balance. You are doing a natural flow of life. You are giving and receiving in the proper way. You begin to live for yourself. You seek God's direction for your life and then follow it. You add to the world instead of decreasing to a point that being yourself does not matter. I've always said that if you are not living for yourself then who is living for you? No one!!! God didn't create each one of us and allow us to be a unique individual so that our unique selves are not included in the world. 

We are given gifts that no one else have and we have to decide to grow and live in our own unique way. Don't give out yourself until there is nothing left. We are all needed to make the body of Christ work. Yes we must give but also must receive. We receive our needs from the Lord and it is by His love, strength and direction will our inner waters will always increase and be full. When those waters are so full that they overflow then give all you want. It will not hurt you because your inner waters are full to the brim in Him.

Ladies love yourselves and seek the counsel of the Lord daily. Fill your cistern and that vessel will remain full. Keep it full then allow it to overflow. That overflow is for those who God has led you to give it to. Everyone that asks does not need your living water. Make your life count and be your own mentor, coach, and best friend. 

As Radical RevLa always states you got to love me and I got to love myself as well.  

Monday, September 2, 2013

Are you living your life or just marking time?

Living life to the fullest is a choice

I just don't know what to do these days. All that's in front of me is brand new and I'm not sure just what I'm suppose to do. Let me explain. Before I retired from my day job I had everything planned out. Each morning I was going to get up just as if I had to go to work. I would do my morning worship and then exercise. I would plan out my meals and place myself on a low calorie diet. I would have several hours of housework and then move to my office and work on my latest novel.

Once that was done I would go out and do a class or swim and then meet a friend for lunch. I would go and visit my granddaughter and my daughter for a short visit. Then return home cook dinner and then take a nap until my husband came home. I would work one day a week at my part-time job and spend quality time with my spouse. Before I retired for the night I would update my blogs, work on promoting and marketing the current book, do some work on the marriage and relationship ministry then take a nice hot bath.

I would go to sleep beside my husband after evening prayers and then wake up and do it all over again. Now I don't know what fairytale I was living in but none of this has happened yet. I'm working two days a week. All I want to do is sleep and stay in my room. Exercise and eating right has become a joke. My husband's job has changed his hours so many times that we don't know if he's working days or nights. My daughter is having another baby and leaning on me to help her with everything. The marriage ministry is growing. My first book is out and marketing and promoting is difficult and my morning worship had been off and on depending on when my husband is up or not.

Nothing has gone according to plans and I'm not living my life I'm just marking time. I must find a way to get a handle on this before I throw in the towel. When I couldn't do it because of work I was so organize. Now that I have plenty of time I just can't seem to manage anything. So I had to stop and look at what's going on with my life. I have got to find a way to live my life in peace and harmony for me. I can't let my husband , daughter, sons, or anyone else disrupt my peace. I didn't retire to lay around like a rock and do nothing. Or the things that I have done to just be in vain.

I must get a handle on the matters that are important to my life and not allow those around me to suck up my new life. So now I must look at myself for all that I'm worth and declare that I'm going to live for me and let no one take away my peace. This is the last week that I let someone else's choices reflect on me. I have been retired for a year as of this month and I have not done anything to break out of this mode.

This month Radical RevLa is going to make a change. As Michael Jackson once sang I'm starting with the man in the mirror. I'm not just asking him to change his ways but I'm saying "RevLa change now or shut your mouth".
Now you know I can't shut my mouth so I guess I have to make that change.

Gotta love me...and I gotta to love me first.

 Buy my new book:
Backdoor Tales: Tears of the Serpent and September Love
SaBrowny Rae
 Radical RevLa


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Should Dark Skin or Light Skin Matter to the Black Woman

In 2013 should
 we be dealing with the difference in our skin color?

The Black Woman is just beautiful!
This statement I can make because I am one. In defense of us there is no other woman on the planet that is so different. We come in many lovely shades, shapes, and hair textures. We should never be at odds with each other where our culture or beauty is concern. Today I'm surprised and taken back a few because after all of this time we are revisiting ourselves in terms of color.

This should never be something that we should have to concern ourselves with. Many want to separate us as the light skinned black woman vs. the darker skin black woman. This to me is ridiculous.  We are like lovely flowers. That once we are put together we become a fragrant bouquet. I don't want us to ever allow others views to taint how we feel about our fellow sisters.

The world already want to make the black woman as the last person on the totem pole of life. We are under represented in the world and have to feel that if we don't look like other races that we are not beautiful. We are so lovely and strong. We can do anything because most of the black women start with nothing and turn that nothing into something incredible.

At this time in our lives we should be supporting each other in our beauty not attempting to separate by using color as our source. This is what they use against us from the beginning so we should not join in and start an under group that is doing the same thing. I know that its  unfair in the world market but ladies lets face it we are smart and strong. What we need to do is create our own markets. Our own  businesses our own movies our own whatever to show the world as we work together that we love ourselves.

If we look at each other in terms of color, hair, and body build then we are saying that we don't like ourselves. We are the mother queen and we must learn to love and embrace who we are. So I feel debating about the dark skin light skin black woman is a way for us to just be going around and around in circles. What we need to do is show on every level that we love each other no matter what the differences are and that we can work together to lift up each other.

We need to drop the crabs in the barrel mentality and push forward to represent ourselves as the mighty beautiful queens of God that we are. We have to turn a deaf ear on those who think that we don't count or we need to revisit the issues of light and dark. Face it we are all black women...beautiful women of color and that's the way the world will see us if we show them that this is the way we feel about ourselves.

As for Radical RevLa I love you all my sisters and my color is my color and it is great because the Almighty God made me this way. If I doubt Him and His creation of me than I'm saying that He made a mistake. Now we all know that God does not make mistakes so all my dear sisters of color lets love one another for who we are and embrace each others differences. Reach out and give your sister a hand up that way no matter if we are dark skinned or light skinned we are all able to reach for the stars.

What can I say but.....gotta love us....no really you do.

Monday, July 1, 2013

The Test

Trusting that I will pass the test before me

A brand new chapter has begun in my life and I am so excited and so shocked. The excitement everyone can understand but the shock came from left field. Many people that I thought would be with me marching to the new drummer's beat I found have stayed behind for reasons that I'm just not sure of. If I had to place a bet and trust me I'm not a betting woman, that these people would not be behind me, or beside me and supporting me then I would have lost all of my money. 

To tell the absolute truth I'm shocked and dismayed. I cannot believe that some of my closes and most cherished people have dropped off from my new life and have not embraced me the way that I thought. I would never do that to them. Even if I felt some slight negativity I would be supportive because I know that my Lord is no respecter of person and if He provided for them, He will provide for me. We all have been blessed with talent. We each have our own creativity that is just ours. Mine may not be like yours and yours may not be like mine but we can appreciate what each other has. 

After loosing my baby sister last year I realized that things just had to change. I could not expect something different if all I did was the same old thing in the same old way. I know you can't believe that Radical RevLa could do such a thing. Nevertheless I was right there doing the same old things expecting a different out come. Then just like being hit by lightening God parted his wisdom knowledge into my head and heart. I had to change. Not only did I have to change myself from the inside out but I had to change everything that was about me as well. This led to some very painful times.

I lost friends who had been in my life for so many years only to find out that they were holding me back from a new life. I now see that family members who I knew would always be there for me now have given me a cold shoulder or have just ignored my new joy and my project of love. Yes, it hurts deeply but I'm trying not to be so self-centered. I don't want to make it all about me, however it still cuts deep and I wonder why.

My thoughts are first centered on my own attitude. Have I done something that is offensive? Did I show love or support when those around me that I love had their own moments of joy? Did I show jealousy of any kind and if I did,... did I repent? I would hate to think that I did any of that when my relatives were blessed with their joy. 

Then as I sat and pondered or prayed on these matters I realized that all will not have a heart of joy for my efforts. They will not be happy for me nor supportive. I cannot dwell on them and their attitudes. I must still love them and show support but I cannot allow myself to be dragged down into the crab barrel. I must fight to get out even if its meant that I loose a limb or two. So I walk this new chapter of my life clinging to the hand of my Almighty Father God. I know I'm not all right nor am I all wrong. I'm just a person trying to step into my new place in line and attempting to hold up my end.

I have the right to be happy right now. I have the right to enjoy this phase of my life. I have the right to look at my hard work and take a breath. I have the right to give God the Glory for what He has done so far and look forward to where I'm heading. I know it won't be easy and I also know that there are more hurdles to jump. I'm willing and I won't stop doing what I'm doing. I have a job to do and I'm not ready to stop now. I can only pray for those that I love. I pray that they will get on board and ride this train with me. However if they don't then get out of my way because I'm moving forward. I'm stepping into my next place in line and when this place is over then I will step into the next one.

Now for those who don't know my new place again I share it with you. I have just released my first new fiction novel and it has been a work of love and joy as God has given it to me. I would love for all of you to see the new Radical RevLa...I introduced to you the new me last month but I will bring her to you each month until you get to know her. I introduce you to the now fiction author SaBrowny Rae and her book Backdoor Tales: Tears of the Serpent and September Love. You can find out more about her and read parts of these great stories on our new website at  www.sabrownyraebooks.com

Also enjoy the above new commercial that lets you see the hard work. We so want you to be a part of this new chapter of my new life and pray that you get this book all the buzz has stated that its good and worth investing in. As for those love ones who can not be happy or enjoy the new me...just give it time I'm the same as I was before only now I'm just in a new place in line. Just look I'm there for you loving you as I have always done only now I would like for you to love me as I love you. Trust me you will enjoy the new me better then the old one.

But what can I say...gotta to love me...ha,ha,ha...

no really you do.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

SaBrowny Rae ...Dare 2 Dream

Dare 2 Dream

I'm here to tell you that at any age your dreams can come true. At the glorious vintage age of 60 I have become a whole new creature. While I am always Radical RevLa and will always do what God has called me to do I now have a new calling from the Most High. From as far back as I can remember I have had the pull to write...thus all of the blogs. However I have always loved fiction. My great grandmother SaBrowny Rae (who I was originally named after and later the name was changed by my father) loved to tell tale tales.

It was one of the highlights of my summer as a child. We would sit on the back porch at night and she would tell us a story that would keep us excited and wanting more. Just like her I have inherited her gift for the tall tale and now God has allowed this to happen. As of May 13 my very first fiction novel has hit the market. It is a collection of two very fast pace and exciting tales that will leave you wanting more. This is the first in a series of tales to come. I am writing under my pen name SaBrowny Rae and my brand is Backdoor Tales.

What God is trying to show to all of us is that its never too late to grow and move forward. Age should never be a reason not to go after your goals and reach back into your dreams. So far with less than one month out Backdoor Tales: Tears of the Serpent and September Love as been read by many and we have been getting great feedback. Below is a review done by an author herself who read the novel and wrote this on amazon.com

Customer Review

5.0 out of 5 stars Storytelling at its bestMay 31, 2013
This review is from: Backdoor Tales: Tears of the Serpent September Love (Paperback)
Her first novel, SaBrowny Rae has written a spellbinding collection of two narratives: Tears of the Serpent, where Satan desperately wants to experience love, and God grants him his wish, and September Love, a historical romance saga, about forbidden love. The author weaves into her stories faith, power, betrayal, lust, manipulation, retribution, greed, murder, resentment, romance and willpower. The characters are multifaceted, which the reader can adore, detest or pity. From start to finish, the tales are gripping with lots of twists, turns, and surprises that will leave you wanting more from this extraordinary author. Thank you for a stimulating book.

 Being Radical RevLa I am humbled by this and so honored that God has allowed me to begin again.
I pray that this has encouraged you all to look into your heart and just go for it. No matter how young you are or how old you are its never too late.

Please support the now starving artist and obtain this work. Its now on sale at the following:
Amazon.com  Barnes&Noble.com Xlibris.com and go to my website and read a section. The book comes as an ebook, paperback, or hardback
I'm sure you will love it and if you do please contact us and let us know...we have been told that the book is great for book clubs and small groups we would love to offer any group a direct discount rate once you contact me at our website. I will make sure all of the books are autographed....my new website is:


Enjoy and remember you got to love me but most of all its never to late to:
Dare 2 Dream

SaBrowny Rae
Radical RevLa

Thursday, May 2, 2013

We Welcome you to Radical RevLa Author SaBrowny Rae

My New Life is about to begin as a publisher
Introducing my first Author:
SaBrowny Rae

Life has a funny way of reinventing itself. Only I could find myself in a brand new life....(well I know others do this but I wouldn't be Radical RevLa if I didn't focus just on me...lol). I thought once I retired that life would just go easy. Becoming a housewife at last. Doing my ministry. Playing the fun role of Grammie. Working a couple days a month. You know bottom line just easing into the good and peaceful life. Now that I've said all of that I will tell you how this vintage lady's life is settling in place.

I'm running an officiant and event wedding service, a marriage and relationship ministry, active blogger, speaker on tour for the marriage and relationship ministry and now a brand new fiction publisher. So in my new role as a publisher I introduce to you the author SaBrowny Rae. A gifted author who has her brand new book of fast paced, intriguing, and interesting stories. These two stories are full of twists and turns that hold you to the very end. Attempting to guess just what or who did what. She uses religion, romance, power, the supernatural and murder to keep your mind moving and your heart soaring. Then before you know it you are at the end and wanting more.

Once you reach that stage she pulls you in again with another story that takes you right back up. I offer you to come and enjoy the work of this master story teller. This is just the first in a series of books to come. She asks you to meet her at the Backdoor for her exciting tales. 

Backdoor Tales: Tears of the Serpent September Love

After seven thousand years, Satan, king of the demons, travels back to the outskirts of heaven to seek the Son of God. He has a request to ask of God. He wants to experience love once more before he is thrown into the lake of fire. The king of all evil humbles himself with tears and begs to be allowed to live in a human for seventy years where he would receive love and form once more.
God allows him to have his request, and thus, the evil demon is to be reborn for seventy years on earth. Four babies are born on the same night at the same time in four different hospitals. One of the babies born is the king of the demons.
Live through the twist, turns, and adventures of the seventy years in the lives of these children, and see which one is the enemy of God and man. The story will keep you guessing as each child lives a life of adventure, love, power, intrigue, and murder.
An American slave falls in love with her owner’s nephew. Their love transcends many hardships and barriers as they attempt to be together for life. Enjoy a love story that should never be, and witness the sociopathic son of the slave owner attempt to keep them apart. You will not want to put this story down as you long for the couple to become one together in love and freedom. 

Backdoor Tales: Tears of the Serpent September Love

A core-shaking reading experience!
ISBN 13 (TP): 978-1-4836-1832-6
ISBN 13 (HB): 978-1-4836-1833-3
ISBN 13 (eBook): 978-1-4836-1834-0

Call 888-795-4274 ext. 7879,
order online at www.xlibris.com, www.amazon.com or www.barnesandnoble.com 

We would love for you to support this book and those to come with this new author. Let us know what you think of the book by leaving a comment. You will love this one I certainly did and I can't wait for the next one. I would also like to introduce you to the new me.
Radical RevLa the Publisher
What can I say....gotta love me...no really you do!!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Radical RevLa: Will The Real Superstar Stand Up

I am here to save your day!

In today's world we have place certain people in a position where they are looked upon as if they are more than just human. We have considered certain chosen professions worthy of more money than others. We have place those who have done well in these professions rewards that causes the rest of us to feel lower and some how insecure. Right now if you can throw, catch, hit, shoot, strike, or club a ball you are a superstar.

If you can pretend to be a person, place or thing and film it then you are a superstar. If you can wear over price clothing and achieve the wonderful size 0 as you parade up and down the long catwalk then you are a superstar. Not only that if you can act like a dysfunctional bad girl or boy, a housewife that is not married or take of their household, or someone who happens to be blessed with a wonderful singing voice, or gift of music then you are a superstar.

You can become a superstar by rapping words with music in the background. You can become a superstar by being on camera for the world to see you get picked to marry someone that you don't know. You can even become a superstar by taking off your clothing and allowing all sorts of things to be done while the camera roles.

Anyone reading this would say "oh RevLa you are just hating" and I would have to answer in the following ways...yes and no.
While I'm not jealous or in envious  about what these people have accomplished or view them without talent I just feel that they don't deserve all the hoopla that they get. Why should they be so compensated for throwing a ball, starring in a pretend world, wearing over price clothing or acting dysfunctional on TV?

We have become so satiated with this pretend world that we look down on the average person that is working hard to make it in today's troubled world. We want to admire and worship the mega-preachers and just want to touch them in hopes that some of their magic would come on us. We sit in front of the little box or computer and just long to be these people. We even have the younger 
children acting as if they can do and say anything to an adult and it is suppose to be fine because they are getting paid from TV land. 

I want everyone to know and understand their own worth. As children of God we are all equal. There are no big "I's" or little "U's" in His kingdom. We have to make a decision that we are happy with who we are. We must look at the good within ourselves and become our own role models for ourselves and our children. We must be the best that we can be and we must seek God for creative ways to make it in this poor world economy. It took me a long time to be happy in the skin that I'm in. 

At this great time in my life and this season of Christ there is no one I would rather be. I welcome waking up each morning knowing that I am in my right mind. That I am able to breathe a breath of fresh air. That I can walk on my own and can eat as I please and that I can get on my knees and give thanks to the Almighty for another day. A day that I have never seen before. A day that I can become more of myself then ever before. Now that I am at a great vintage age I have discovered that I can still live my dreams and don't have to fall in line with what the world has to say. 

I don't have to go along with what the world considers is important or those people who they think is a superstar. There is only one person that I consider a superstar and that is my Lord Jesus and He gave it all for me to be who I am. So with that said start developing who is important in your life. Don't get caught up with who the world thinks is important. Don't look at this made up life and think that they are better than you are. Teach your children who are the main role models in their lives. Be that person for them. Teach them about the Lord and allow them to develop their own relationship with Him.

Then when the world calls for the superstars to please stand up.... make sure that you stand first and stand strong.
As always gotta love me....yes really you do!!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

An Suddenly

An Suddenly There Was Light

This year has a strange aura about it....wait just hear me out! There is something stirring in the spiritual air. Its both negative as we have seen from the many strange acts that has been reported daily in the news, and positive. This blog is not going to report on the negative because we have enough people doing that. Radical RevLa has chosen that during this year of difference to focus on the positive of what's going on in the spirit of this year. I have decided that this year is "The Year of Christ". Does this mean that I think that He is coming back this year? Maybe but that's not for me to say. What I do think is that many of us are about to embrace change and this change will reveal truth in our life.

The thing about this change is that it has been moving forward in our life for a while now. We may not have notice it but this year we won't have a choice. It will arrive and when it does it will come upon us in a very sudden movement. One day we will be our same old way and then we will look up and everything that we knew will be changed. If we are in touch with ourselves then we would have been expecting this change at some point and time in our lives.

For some it will show up during the early years and you will think "my am I lucky". Then for others it will come during the late years of your life and you will think "my am I blessed." Either way it will come and life as you have come to know it will forever change in a single moment. So what have you been praying for? What have you been dreaming of? What is your heart's desire? These are the things that your "an suddenly" will focus on during this magical year. 

I have been chasing a dream for as long as I can remember. While many times during the course of my life I have place this desire to the back burner or just forgot about it altogether each time God has placed it back on my heart. Many times I have made an attempt but just was not sure of myself. I thought that this dream was just that a simple dream. Then as I became this wonderful vintage age that I am God spoke to me and said now is the time. 

I was not sure because everything that I thought should be in place was not there. You see I had a plan. I would work for the next two years full time and part-time. I would save all of this money and then retire from the full and walk into my new destiny. The joke was on me....when God tells you to do something then He will make things hard until you wake up and listen. He will keep pushing you towards the promise until you have to make a choice either to do it or to be in disobedience and suffer the "What if's" for the rest of your life. When He has birthed something in your heart then He will make it happen so you know it was He that did it. Not you or your efforts. 

Being the radical person that I am I just stopped and said ok I'm diving off the side of the boat and I'm walking on water. I would love to say all things fell in place just like that. I would so love to say that nothing bad happened. I would love to say that all my dreams came true just like that. I would love to take it one step further and say that hey guess what I became an instant millionaire and I didn't have any problems what so ever. Wrong, wrong and wrong again.

None of the above happened. Things went from bad to worse. I lost a lot of things including the life of my precious sister. My pockets were empty for the first time in a very long time. My age caught up with me and what was very easy was now difficult. For the first time in many years I could not see the direction I was heading and I could not do this on my own. In other words I had no choice but to do the will of God. I had no choice but to depend on Him. I had no choice but to wake up each morning knowing that He would provide all my needs and some of my wants for that day. Just like the manna that fell from heaven each day to feed the Israelites they had to believe that the food would be there to keep them alive.

This I must confess was and is new to me. I may be the bible toting spokesperson of the Lord but I have never felt so humbled in my life. I have never knowingly knew that I had no other choice but to put all I had on Him and then forget about my own efforts. Everything even my health had to be placed in His mighty hands. And then it began to happen. Things slowly changed. My dreams came back to the surface and I knew that this was the season to do them and not look back. This was the season to walk only as the Lord has guided me to do and not be afraid. 

This was the season to see the victory and then the "an suddenly" was birthed in my spirit and I knew that soon it would come and my life will change. Not only that He renewed everything. He gave me back my youth...not on the outside but on the inside. I don't even know who I am anymore because for the first time I can remember I am my own person in Christ Jesus. I know who I am and who I'm going to be and I don't care what anyone else has to say about me. I am free for the first time ever and I'm loving it.

So good folks this is what I'm saying. This season of freedom has arrived. All you have to do is really turn it over to the Lord and let Him do it and take you where you need to go. Yes you will still make mistakes but don't despair just get back up and begin again. For as long as you hold on to that promised baby of your dreams it will be born. When its time to labor then do just that. When its time to push then do just that. When its time that you feel that the pain is too much then remember how that promise baby will be.

That's when your "an suddenly" will come and you will never be the same again. Now get this once this first Promise baby is born then there are many brothers and sisters waiting to be born. In other words as long as you are growing and producing then you are living and life will just get better. Keep your eyes on the Christ during this great season of God. Then in the end He will get all of the glory and you will have a testimony that proves that you passed the test.

Embrace the new change in this very strange season and just live your life to the abundance in the Lord. Focus on the positives and learn from the negatives and keep it moving with a smile. Live your life on purpose. Then just love....no matter how hard it gets just love.

See you can start with me...as I always say....gotta to love me
No really you do!!!
Smooches.....Radical RevLa

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Watch Me!!!

Never give up on your dreams

2013 is an awesome new season in Christ. During this new year many are going to see dreams come true...their work yielding its harvest...and the love of their lives. I say this because I have felt this being birthed in my spirit last year. I don't know about you but my 2012 year was rough. Hard in many ways. In my personal life, my working life, my ministry life, and even in my family life. Things were changing quicker than I could keep up with and I was not sure if I could keep up. Most of the time it didn't matter if I kept up or not because I had no control over what was taking place.

This for me was extremely difficult. Being the radical woman that I am this had me rocking and reeling in and out of my emotions as my center of purpose kept shifting and changing. Yet the only stabilizing  force was my grounding in God. You see He has long given me a blueprint of what I need to do and how I was to do it. However I thought it would have been done in a different way. I thought that I should have arrived by now. I thought that by this vintage age I would not have to go through any changes. Just sit back and enjoy the fruits of all of my labors.

Nothing of the sorts happened. In fact at the vintage age of 60 years God just came into my life and turned over the tables. Everything that I thought I had I no longer had and He let me know that a new order was coming...but only if I agreed. You see our Lord is never going to force us to do or accept what we say "no" to. He blessed us with freewill and would not take our freedom of will to be over turned. So I had a choice in how my last year was going to go. Somethings I had no control over such as my youngest sister's death but still as far as my own life went I could have said "NO!!!"

Nevertheless you know your girl...you know Radical RevLa was not going to take the easy way out. I boldly said "ABSOLUTELY YES!!!" Then I stepped back and let it all happened. I went from steady to unsteady to not sure and now....whatever Lord. He took fake friends out of my life and made then an X-factor...he took my sister home to be with Him and no more suffering....He allowed me to retire from my day job and to invest in my future career ...he gave my husband a whole new job that allowed us both to travel...He showed me ways to improve my physical health and loose weight, grain more brain health, save money, organize my home, bond with my children and grandchildren, to be carefree, and to just say "No" and not feel that I owed anyone anything.

He had shown me that as I walk with Him during this new season there will be some wonderful things happening and that my dreams will come true. However I will have to put in lots of hard work and never to look at the negatives that will come. When they did arrive and trust me that always comes to look at the negative forces and seek the truth or the blessing in the struggle. I'm so excited about this new look on life.

I had been struggling with the thoughts that at this age how could those old dreams come true? I always want to know exactly whats going on and how it will develop. Lord Jesus does not want this during this new season. He wants us or in this case me to just trust and walk in faith. So now I will be a brand new Radical RevLa. I will still be my same old radical self but now it will have a whole new look. I don't know how I'm going to end up but I do know that whatever it is it will be great.

This year Radical RevLa is in the shaping of her own destiny mode. I seen something on Facebook and it really sunk into my system....I reposted it there and now I'm going to re- quote it here...

There are so many people out there who will tell you that  you can't...what you've got to do is turn around and say:"WATCH ME!!!"

During this new season in Christ as this new year of 2013 continues...never give up your dreams. Don't allow anyone to tell you that you are too old, too young, not the right gender, race, economic level, or right church. Do You and do it with God and then just turn around to all of the negative people and say:


Love you guys...and remember you got to love me...no really you got to love me and I gotta love you

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Meet RevLa's Big Sister

Its hard being the Big Sister of RevLa

I can't say for sure but I do believe its hard being the oldest sibling in the family. Since I'm second oldest I know how to be a big sister but I still have a sister ahead of me and when I want to I can just defer to her. So what better way to begin 2013 and to continue to honor the black woman then to honor my big sister. Looking back over our childhood I can see just how I could have been a pain to her. I can even see how she had to justify this weird little sister who was always strange and didn't fit in. Now we know it was the anointing of God on my head for the work that I've been called to do, but then it was just downright weird.

Nevertheless my big sister put up with me and loved and protected me even to this day (cause lets face it I'm still marching to the beat of a different drum...ha,ha,ha). So I would love to introduce to you the honored black woman to open out our new year my sister LaVerne Gooding-Jones. Why should she be honored you wondered? Did she invent the cure for cancer? Or did she solve the recession? Was she voted as the first female president? Really what makes this woman so special that she should be honored in my blog?

Let me answer that with just one statement....she's my big sister and she loves me!!! Simple but true. I could go on about all of her many accomplishments. I could tell you what a faith warrior she is and how active she is in her church. I could tell you how people love everything about her. I could tell you how she takes care of our 102 year Grandmother. How she is such a loving and devoted wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother and a advocate for her extended family. I could tell you about her acting abilities, her lovely singing voice, her poetry, and how she makes the worlds best potato salad. I could go on and on about how smart she is and never had to study a day in her life and still made all "A"s.

However if I did that I would be bragging so I'm just going to say this. I honor her because she is my big sister and even when she is mad at me and want to choke the life out of me and bring me back with CPR she has always loved me and would fight any demon in hell who attempted to bother me. Just that simple. So on this first month in 2013 I crown my big sister with the honor of being one of the most outstanding Black American Women that I have been blessed to know.

Sis I know its hard to be the big sister of Radical RevLa yet you never gave up on me no matter what I attempted to do and in your own way supported my every effort. So I will end this tribute with something that you use to do for me every night I asked you to when I was a child. You would sing my song....I now sing it to you

(In my best Elvis Presley voice)
Wise men say only fools rush in but I can't help falling in love with you!!!
You are so beautiful to me dear sister!!!
And even though you gotta love me...you did it because you wanted to not because God told you that you had to.