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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Watch Me!!!

Never give up on your dreams

2013 is an awesome new season in Christ. During this new year many are going to see dreams come true...their work yielding its harvest...and the love of their lives. I say this because I have felt this being birthed in my spirit last year. I don't know about you but my 2012 year was rough. Hard in many ways. In my personal life, my working life, my ministry life, and even in my family life. Things were changing quicker than I could keep up with and I was not sure if I could keep up. Most of the time it didn't matter if I kept up or not because I had no control over what was taking place.

This for me was extremely difficult. Being the radical woman that I am this had me rocking and reeling in and out of my emotions as my center of purpose kept shifting and changing. Yet the only stabilizing  force was my grounding in God. You see He has long given me a blueprint of what I need to do and how I was to do it. However I thought it would have been done in a different way. I thought that I should have arrived by now. I thought that by this vintage age I would not have to go through any changes. Just sit back and enjoy the fruits of all of my labors.

Nothing of the sorts happened. In fact at the vintage age of 60 years God just came into my life and turned over the tables. Everything that I thought I had I no longer had and He let me know that a new order was coming...but only if I agreed. You see our Lord is never going to force us to do or accept what we say "no" to. He blessed us with freewill and would not take our freedom of will to be over turned. So I had a choice in how my last year was going to go. Somethings I had no control over such as my youngest sister's death but still as far as my own life went I could have said "NO!!!"

Nevertheless you know your girl...you know Radical RevLa was not going to take the easy way out. I boldly said "ABSOLUTELY YES!!!" Then I stepped back and let it all happened. I went from steady to unsteady to not sure and now....whatever Lord. He took fake friends out of my life and made then an X-factor...he took my sister home to be with Him and no more suffering....He allowed me to retire from my day job and to invest in my future career ...he gave my husband a whole new job that allowed us both to travel...He showed me ways to improve my physical health and loose weight, grain more brain health, save money, organize my home, bond with my children and grandchildren, to be carefree, and to just say "No" and not feel that I owed anyone anything.

He had shown me that as I walk with Him during this new season there will be some wonderful things happening and that my dreams will come true. However I will have to put in lots of hard work and never to look at the negatives that will come. When they did arrive and trust me that always comes to look at the negative forces and seek the truth or the blessing in the struggle. I'm so excited about this new look on life.

I had been struggling with the thoughts that at this age how could those old dreams come true? I always want to know exactly whats going on and how it will develop. Lord Jesus does not want this during this new season. He wants us or in this case me to just trust and walk in faith. So now I will be a brand new Radical RevLa. I will still be my same old radical self but now it will have a whole new look. I don't know how I'm going to end up but I do know that whatever it is it will be great.

This year Radical RevLa is in the shaping of her own destiny mode. I seen something on Facebook and it really sunk into my system....I reposted it there and now I'm going to re- quote it here...

There are so many people out there who will tell you that  you can't...what you've got to do is turn around and say:"WATCH ME!!!"

During this new season in Christ as this new year of 2013 continues...never give up your dreams. Don't allow anyone to tell you that you are too old, too young, not the right gender, race, economic level, or right church. Do You and do it with God and then just turn around to all of the negative people and say:


Love you guys...and remember you got to love me...no really you got to love me and I gotta love you