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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Radical Love: Extreme Rebel

There comes a time when a woman must take a stand by any means necessary!

As we continue with our post on Radical Love. We will look at the next problem word. Again we suggest that you read the first two post so you will have a complete view of this entire picture.
Radical is not a word that most people would associate with a woman.
She is suppose to be complacent and conforming. Never allowing herself to be placed in the
same company as anyone or anything radical.
When a woman takes on the characteristics of a radical then she gets labeled and lowered
to a level that allows her to be seen in a lower quality.
Most of the people who are projecting this negativity on her does not know
the meaning of the word.

What really does radical mean?
According to the definition the word radical means the following:
A description of an action or thing which is especially impressive.
An extremist of a belief or a rebel
Departing markedly from the usual
Arising from or going to a root or source

Ladies of Christ, Ladies in Leadership, Ladies who are about to make change
Do not listen to the voices of the masses.
There is nothing wrong with us.
We are on a mission that only our types of personalities and strength can handle.
We have to set this world a fire for whatever the purpose that God created us for. We can not
loose our focus.
We can not loose what makes us women and what powers our inner strength.

I can proudly say yes I am a Radical!
A true Rebel!
You see I am an extremist for My Lord and my assigned work. I have a strong belief in my calling
and I will not allow anyone to take this away from me.
We the ladies who are called out for the purpose of doing the extreme work handed down to us must
depart from the usual.
We must arise from or take it to the root or source.

And in the end
We are the ladies who are described to take action that will be especially impressive.
Yes we are the Lady Rebels who will not let anyone stand in our way.
We are the Radical Lovers for the cause in which we have been called for.
We are the ones who will be looked upon in the negative but know in our hearts that our God
has equipped us for the long haul.
We will not bet turned around nor will we allow anyone to get in our way.

We are the keepers of the cause.
We are the Rebels.
Not just rebels but extreme rebels.
Rebels of the greatest possible degree. Intense To the utmost!
Say what you want and do what you must

There comes a time when a woman must take a stand by any means necessary

Monday, February 21, 2011

Radical Love: Repeat After Me A Woman Can Not Be A Preacher!!!

Then Jesus said to them, "Do not be afraid. Go and tell my brothers"

As we continue with the next part of our series Radical Love and the five problem words this post
will focus on the next problem word
I ask that you read the first post in this series so you can understand where we are coming from with
this series. Our focus is on radical ladies who are called as leaders to spread
the Word of God as a minister.
In the last blog we focused on our gender. While we are still talking about our gender
we are now looking at the office itself.

Those of us who have been called into the ministry know that its one of the hardest decisions that we
ever had to make. I for one didn't want to do it and attempted to run from my calling.
I didn't want the attention that being a preacher would bring into my life.
Yes I had a very strong belief and faith in God.
I didn't have a problem doing church work. Teaching Sunday school. Writing and directing
church plays. I could jump into the women's ministry and do whatever I was called to do.
But when my Lord called me out of my safe place I must say I hesitated.
Not only did I hesitate. I ran as fast as I could to the hills.
I didn't even pass "Go...nor did I collect my $200 dollars"
I just ran!!!

What a waste of time that was. How can you run away from God?
He didn't beat me into it however His call never stopped.
I knew that I would have to get real with who I proclaim to be.
The problem was that I didn't want to deal with all the negativity.
I kept saying "God if your intentions for my life was to be your spokesperson then why did you
make me a woman???"
His answer was just plain and simple.

So I said yes and as soon as I went to my senior pastor I got my first taste of what was to
There was another person and myself that went to our pastor on the same day. We sat
outside of his office waiting our turn to speak to him.
While sitting there we started talking and became very excited because he was telling
me that he had been called to preach. I said me too. He gave me a funny look
but didn't say anything else.
I was on cloud nine. You see I finally excepted the call on my life.
He went in first.
While he was in the pastor's office the first lady (his wife) of the church came and sat down
beside me.

So we started talking. I didn't know at the time that she was sent out to talk to me about what
I was about to convey to her husband.
She asked me what I was going to see pastor about.
Being very naive and excited I started telling her that I had been called by God to be a minister.
She allowed me to talk and talk and talk.
Then she just took my hand and said
"Repeat after me....women should not be preachers and they can not be pastors"
Pulling my hand away I just looked at her. Her eyes had no life in them.
She had a pasted smile on her lips and for the first time she appeared ugly and false to me.
My heart broke and I said nothing. I just sat there waiting my turn.
She soon got the message and got up and went back into her husband's office.

The pastor and the man that was with me came out. He gave first lady a hug and the men
shook hands.
My pastor was saying to him that he would start his minister's class that following Thursday.
The man smiled and turned to leave. He would not look at me. My heart sunk and I knew now
why God had really called me.
I was determined right there and then I was not going to let anyone turn me around. God wanted me
and I said yes. This was no game or joke. I got ready for the fight to come.

That was over 14 years ago. It has been an up hill battle ever since.
God has given me strength and comfort.
I have never looked back over all I had to do to get here. I was made to do 10 times
more than the men and still catching it from men and women alike.
But I have a peace that I know its not my own.
I know that this was what I was created to do.
So who is to say who is and who is not a preacher?

Only God can call you!
And only you and He know that you were called.
He does not look at us in genders. He does not feel that one office is for men only or women only.
A preacher is a person that goes out and proclaims about the gospels of the Lord.
That He is, that He had been and that He is coming back!!!
I didn't call myself. This is not a job that I would want. I don't like controversy.
However once I said yes and believed in my heart that this was what I was to do
then nobody was going to get in my way.
Not only that I would do it my way using every part of my being.

So I end with this.
If a preacher is one told by Christ to go proclaim or go and tell.
About Him and His coming
then really the very first preachers were two women by the name of Mary.
Don't throw the stones!!!
For those that believe in the bible then I suggest that you read the four gospels
Right now I'm only going to quote from the book of Matthew 28:1-10 is what you can
read however I will be referring to Matthew 28:10

Jesus Himself sent those ladies to proclaim to them that He was and is and where to
meet Him.
Lord Jesus gave the first preaching job to the women because they were there.
They wanted to take care of Him.
They saw Him and believed that he was raised from the dead.
They gladly ran and proclaimed Him to His disciples.
So if Lord Jesus gave the first preacher job to the women
who can say that we can not give the Word of God in the office that He gave us?

Who can be a preacher???

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Radical Love : Women Called Out To Be Picked On

Radical Woman Divas Of Christ Sharing HIS Love To All The World
How can you express a Radical Love for Christ in a world that does not want to receive it or you?
For that matter what is a Radical Love for Christ?
Come on preacher woman is this going to be a blog post full of questions?
If so let me click on another blog that has more meat.!!!
This blog is just going to give you somethings to think about. Its going to give you a peek at the
 lives of  radial women's love for Jesus.
Many people reading this already have a problem with just the words.
One: Women
Two: Preacher
Three: Radical
Four: Love
and the worse one of all
This will be a series of post as we explore the above five problem words.
 God has called many women to speak His word during these last days and times.
They have stepped out of their traditional roles to say yes to this calling.
They have been met with hurricane like forces attempting to turn them around.
Men of the clergy have stood out against these ladies. They have put major obstacles in 
their way. They have put them through the wringer just to obtain their licences and their
ordinations. They have invited them to their churches and then would not allow them
to preach the Word of God.
In some cases they would not allow these ladies of God to step foot in the pulpit because they had
their own agendas as to what they thought God wanted and intended.
The Lady preachers had to jump through hoops. They had to make themselves either
dress like the worlds worse clergyman or so down played that you wonder if she really was a woman.
When asked why they were told that if they dressed like the beautiful ladies that they are
then everyone (the so called men of God) would be distracted and thus would not listen to the word
being given. Really men is that the best you could come up with when most men preachers
dress like a peacock.

As if the men were bad enough then we get the women who feel that we should not be
doing what we are called to do. Talk about non-support.
Our own kind starts with the fussing and jealousy. The envy, confusion, gossip
You name it they produce it. Yet no matter what has been thrown at us. No matter what they say about
us. No matter how they want to stop our forward progress with backward thinking we have
radically move forward in the Name of Jesus.

Believe it or not the above trauma is from our own kind...the Christians.
After being beaten to a pulp by our own then those in the world start on us.
We get the men and the women who don't believe as we do start in on us.
The men label us with all kinds of words that always begin or end with a word that starts with the letter
The new age women feel that its their task to harass us until we give in to their way of thinking.
They take on this role that they have to teach us and when that does not work
their next attempt is to insult us.
When that fails they attack our womanhood and credibility.

So why do we say yes to be called out to be picked on?
Love, Faith, and Truth
We know who Christ is. We know what He's done for us.
We know without a shadow of a doubt that if He called us He has equipped us for the challenge.
He called us to use the talents we have been given. Using our own unique personality and yes
our beauty.
He has provided us with a strength that can withstand all the drama that's coming our way.
And yes He knows that we will cry and get our feelings hurt. Then begin again
as if it never happened.
He knows that during those times of pain and hurt that we would turn to Him
where He will provide us with comfort and a peace that goes beyond understanding!

Understand we are called to do a job that we said yes to. So that job no matter how
difficult it will get done.
We will be strong, tough and determined.
We will not debate you on your beliefs nor will we allow you to condemn us for ours.
We will use every part of our unique being to do our job to the best of our ability knowing
that Lord Jesus will provide us with Himself for that strength that we don't have.
"But" and this is a Big But
we will look like a "Diva" in the process!!!
So bring it the "Radical Love Diva's for Christ are ready"
Don't be surprise one of us maybe coming your way very soon!!!