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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Embrace The Change

Change is coming might as well enjoy it!!!

I have been waking up for the pass three months and notice that something is about to happen. I'm not sure what it is but I can say this everything that I have grown accustom to is about to change. I thought that maybe it was because I'm getting more vintage ( nice way of saying old...ha,ha,ha). Or maybe my focus is in another direction. Still again my life as I had known it to be would change and I have one of two choices: embrace the change....or hide my head in the sand and cry over what can not be prevented.

For over four decades I have been working outside of my home. I have worn so many hats that my head just learned how to adjust at once to whatever hat I needed on. A wife, mother, preacher, nurse, author, candle stick maker...(ok no candlestick maker but it felt like it at times). I knew that one day there would come a time that I would have to come home. That thought was great but I also knew myself so certain things were put into place to hold me while I adjusted to working at home. As you see I never intended to stop working just working in a different way.

When I thought about this day I would just laugh and think "its really a long time away". But let me explain to you about reality...no matter how we fantasise one day reality just opens the door and walks in. He doesn't care if he has an invitation or not. He's coming and you will have to deal with it one way or another. So each morning now reality and I have a fight. Most mornings it will proceed as follows:
Me: Oh dear God ...reality not you again
Reality: the top of the morning to you....face it I'm here to stay
Me: reality I'm cool with change but not yet. I have somethings I need to do and I'm not ready to change just yet. Give me....maybe a year or two...then I will be ready
Reality: Sorry no can do....changing things as we speak...you better hop on board or get left in the dust
Me: reality this sucks...big time...I'm going to have to think about it.
Reality: whatever ....changing things as we speak. Oh yea did I tell you that things as you have always known it to be will start making you very uncomfortable...thought I would give you a heads up.
Me: thanks reality...you have been so reallllllllll.
Reality: peace out ....see you soon one way or another. Oh yea we can do this the easy fun way or....we can do it the hard way....either way its going to happen.

And it did everyday change has taken place at a pace that has my heading spinning. Things I thought was written in stone no longer make sense or apply. Things that I thought I couldn't do without is ...how can I say it....OUT!!!
I was becoming slightly depressed. You see I am one of those people who like things to stay the same no matter what. I would never change my home unless pushed to. Then when I'm pushed I end up loving it. So I can feel God doing just that. Placing me in situations where I have no other choice but to change. As He is moving me in that direction I find that I'm loving the change. Now I'm getting to a point where I'm wanting the change. In fact I can say that I can't wait for the change...(ok that went too far but I'm getting there). From what I can see is that at the age of 59 going into 60 I will finally arrive at who I thought I was when I was in high school. Really I am coming back to the dreams that I had for me then. Being the person that I wanted to be then now.

So really RevLa what are you saying? Just this if you allow the changes to come with an anticipation of something wonderful is coming then you will never stop growing. Next never stop achieving the goals of your life. Reach back into your youth and go after those dreams that you put on a back burner while you were just trying to make it. Does that mean if you always wanted to be a basketball player that at age 60 you can attempt to try out for the NBA? No again face reality but can you help coach a youth basketball team so that those kids can reach that level in life and you had a direct hand in it.

I am so happy and at peace with my approaching birthday in the next two months. I will get to retire from my day job at the age of 59 and embrace my brand new life on my 60th birthday. I'm not sure all that God has in store for me right now but I do now it will be great, exciting, difficult and fun. I'm ready mentally as I can be but I will have to get my body ready....ha,ha,ha (as I said it will be difficult).

So plan on hearing more from me as I make my transition. Look for all the new tasks I have on my plate. Be ready to read my first great American novel....( have to think big!)
And most of all welcome the new and improve Radical RevLa
What can I say:
Gotta to Love Me....no really you do...God said so!!!