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Monday, December 3, 2012

102 Years of Wisdom

My Wise Grandmother and myself at her
100th year old birthday party

I had another great black woman that I wanted to talk about this month but then it darned on me that she could start out next years tribute. You see I've been given the revelation that black women should be honored continually and not just featured for only one year. Therefore expect to see us honoring wonderful black ladies both well known and many that no one have ever heard of. So to end this first year of honor I would like to feature my great and wise grandmother Ms. Alma Matthews.
Why feature her you must be thinking to yourself? What has she done? Great questions and I would like to start right there. First of all this year 2012 my dear grandmother celebrated her 102nd birthday. She is still very healthy and does most things on her own. She has always taken good care of her spiritual, mental/emotional, and physical health. She taught senior citizen exercise for many years. She cooked her own food and would not eat out very often. She drank water and while she did have her coffee but not more than a cup or two. She made sure that she laughed often and had her pleasures that brought her joy. For her it is working large picture  puzzles. 
She would not allow herself to be caught up in gossip, a lot of "he say she say" foolishness. She raised her children well as a single mother and her grandchildren as well. She cooked, cleaned and taught them how to be good citizens and work hard for what they wanted and needed. Last but not least she is and has always been a child of God. She has held a weekly bible study for over 62 years. She was active in her church and still continues to be even at this age. She taught all of us how to have a personal relationship with Christ long before we got caught up in any church. She often told us that if we know the Lord for ourselves then no one can put anything over on us. We can walk into any church and learn and fellowship and be able to know what is true and what is not.

We would learn how to discern the Holy Spirit for ourselves and know not to play with God. We learned how to respect God and others. My grandmother has not only talked the talked but for 102 years she had walked the walk thus becoming an example of what we need to learn as we travel here on earth. She has done her job given to her by God and still continues to do what's needed. As a black woman she has always carried herself with grace. She made  sure that she looked nice and would not allow anyone to speak in a negative way about her or her family. She taught us that it was up to us as black ladies to never allow a man to disrespect us or call us out of our name. That men were like buses there was always another that would come and until God brought you to your true mate then you never allowed yourself to get caught up in a situation that was not positive or edifying.

We love her dearly and so honored that God place us in her family. We have all attempted to live our lives in a way that will make sure that we lived to her outstanding standards. She was third generation from the freed slaves. Her great grandparents were the last of the slaves and became indentured servants. She is wise beyond her 102 years and has imprinted on every one of her family. Being that she is now the matriarch of a family of over 100 with more on the way.

So it is just befitting to give praise and honor to the most outstanding black woman that I know
Thanks Grannie as I call her and you have got to know that she has to be a great lady to deal with me
Dear sweet Radical RevLa
OK the sweet part was a bit of a stretch....ha,ha,ha
Gotta to love me....really you do!!!

I honor you Grandma with Black Woman of the Year 2012
Ms. Alma Matthews

Grannie gave a speech at her 100th birthday party she opened with "I've lived so long that now my grandchildren are senior citizens"....and you wondered where I got it from???


Thursday, November 1, 2012

What Is A Friend?

Is Someone who loves you for who
you are and go to battle for you
no matter who the enemy is.

At this great vintage age I should not have to wonder the meaning of friendship. Yet I find myself pondering the true meaning of friends. I always thought that if you are a good friend then you should have many good friends. I always felt that if you treat a person the way you want to be treated that they would treat you in that same way. Now I see that my way of thinking must have come from me being dropped from some alien planet or something because in today's world many don't know the true meaning of friendship.

What I love about life is that as long as you live it fully then you will learn something new each and everyday. So with this said after over 19 years with one friend and over 31 years with another I have lost my two closes friends. These two friends I expected to be a part of my life for a lifetime. Now we all understand about friendships for reasons, seasons, and lifetime. As I traveled down the road of life I met and became close to many friends that were in my life for a reason.

That reason could be to help me or for me to help them either way that person was there for a short period of time and then they were gone. With those type of friendships it was great while it lasted but when it was gone it was out of sight out of mind with fond or sometimes not so fond memories. At this great age of 60 I can look and see these various people and smile or frown. I can hear a song that we loved to sing or dance to. I can remember a funny joke that we laughed to. Or I can see a wrong that was done on both party's part. Yet that friendship was needed at the time to enjoy, learn from, or teach.

Then you have friendships that last for a season. Some seasons were longer than the others. You bonded and knew that this was it  you would be friends for life. No distance, no person or no situation could change that bonded friend. You shared many good times, supported each other through many bad, cried on each other's shoulders and laughed at each other's jokes. You spent many days, months, and sometimes years being buddies. Then one day that season was over and it took you by surprise. You had no idea that it was time for it to be over but it just ran its course. It didn't have to end on a bad note nevertheless it did however have to end. Those friendships that end after a long season leave you empty and wondering just what purpose did it serve. Then you get to look at all that you did together and you know that it was sent to develop both of you during that season in your lives.

The season friendship takes awhile in most cases to get over yet one day you realize that its done and cannot be cooked anymore for fear of burning. Something deep just lets you know that its time to move on and so you move and after many months and in most cases many years you move on. You notice that you are standing at the crossroads in life and you must go one way while your season friend has to go another. In many cases this friendship tends to end in a bad way and so you walk away with a bitter taste in your friendship mouth.

Then there is the ultimate friendship and that's the friend for life. This is the one that is always there with you, for you and about you no matter what. You don't have to see each other, or talk to each other but whenever you come together even when its on Facebook everything just begins again as if you never lost a beat. This is the stage of friendship that everyone wants. This is the stage that you ask to be blessed with. You feel after 19 or 31 years that this person is now placed in a lifetime category. You feel that this person is your lifetime buddy. You share all that life has to offer with each other from God to children and then you grow old and share laughs.

In a lifetime friendship you come together on many levels and each level no matter what you have each other's back. You stand and fight for your friend and you correct your friend in love when you see that he/she is going in a negative direction. There is no jealousy, envy, gossiping or wanting the other person to fail. You stand up for your friend and you pray for and with your friend. You never place them in a negative situation and if you did you correct the mistake. A lifetime friend will always stand by you, or cry with you. That friend will be there when nobody else is. That friend will love your good and tolerate your bad yet still be the strong foundation in your life. You may fight and make up but you never stop loving each other.

So here is where my dilemma lines the gray areas of the friend for a season and the friend for a lifetime. You would think a 19-31 year friendship would equate to a lifetime friendship? Well at least I thought so. But that is not always the case. I would have never thought that I would come this far in life and not have my buddies still in my corner. Wanting the best for me as I want for them and cheering me on with the battles of life. Being there with me as I deal with life's difficulties and laughing with me just because. I know that this is what I wanted for them. I know that I have always attempted to be there when they needed me and when they didn't.

I felt that they could count on me and that I would be there to do whatever they asked of me no matter what the sacrifice. Now I see its not to be and while it hurts and sucks I have to put on my big girl baggy pants and deal with it. I have to know that while this is not what I may have wanted that this is what has been put on my table and as I pray for them and wish them well that I must walk on down the road alone. Now don't get me wrong there is always my husband who is my very best friend. Our children who are now adults and are my friends but in a different way. But I'm talking about that girl buddy. That side kick. The one you can tell everything to and it goes no further. That lifetime person who choose to be in your life.

So as I sit here and ponder the friendships of life I am brought to mind that there is only one true friend and He is with you for eternity if you choose Him. Our Lord Jesus has proven that He is that friend who you can put your trust in. He gave up His Life for ours that is a friend beyond a friend. He said He would never leave us or forsake us. Again that is more than a lifetime friend. So while I may be crying over what my take of friendship is I know that I have a true friend in my life. I know that friend loves me for me. I know that friend will never leave me and I know that friend will be waiting for me when this life is over.

So as I look at what is a true friend then all I can do is look to Lord Jesus and that says it all. To my friends who have come and gone may God continue to bless you. May you remember the good and not the bad. May you know deep in your hearts that I still love you and pray over your life each day. That while we were deep in the depths of our friendship that there was no other person that would have your back the way I would.

To the new friends that will come into my life  for whatever reason, season, or the rest of my life....

To my Lord Jesus
Oh What a Friend We Have In You!!!     

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Is That Your Real Hair?

The beauty of the black woman
lies in her hair

Since when is it politically correct to walk up to a Black Woman and ask her if her hair is real or not? I can't believe how disrespectful people are today. What I've noticed is that it's only the black woman who has this question asked of her. As we give honor to the black woman this year I would like to express praise to those of us who have started to embrace our natural hair. 
It is sad that we look at ourselves and base our beauty on the type, length, style and texture of our hair. It is said that we first developed this pattern from our ancestors being slaves. The female slave's hair was not considered beautiful. It was called kinky, nappy, suede caps, and that it was incapable of growing.

Many black women feel that they have to process their hair or wear a wig in order to fit in and appear beautiful. Some feel that they would have to weave in hair so that they could fit in. Now don't get me wrong. I believe that one should do whatever they feel necessary to achieve their view of beauty. If that means that you add, press, process or go natural that should be your right. Where I have a problem is when people suggest that we are not beautiful if we wear our God given hair in the way that He gave it to us. Hair for the black woman has become such an issue that when the gymnast Gabriele Douglas won both of her gold medals all everyone talked about in our community was that she needed her hair fix. When you looked at the other girls hair who happened to be Caucasians her hair looked the same. The focus was not on the fact that this young positive young lady made history only that her hair looked horrible.

We are told that if we want a job then we should not go on an interview with our hair natural. We are considered hostile if we have a natural bush or if we have locs called dirty. No other woman is labeled this way. Then the disrespect when people come to you and ask if your hair is your hair. If the real truth is told many Caucasian women wear weave. No one stops to think about asking them if it's their hair or not.

Another thing is that we are our own worse enemies. Many black women practice self hate by talking in a negative way about a sister that has decided to be free to be herself. They will say hurtful things to the woman who has taken that step. They laugh and talk about her openly to others. Then if your texture happens to be naturally straight or curly then they make it clear that it could never be the person's hair.

This lady starts to doubt her choice of being who she was born to be. She starts to regret her choice of being natural and may go back to the slave mentality and start processing, adding or wearing a wig. She must do what she does not want to do in order to have peace and feel good about herself. Its just easier than to deal with all the negative comments where her hair is concerned.

Black, beautiful and lovely ladies lets make it clear we can do anything we want to do with our hair and still look great. There is no good hair or bad. Hair is hair and we have the type of hair that really you can do anything that we want to do with it and remain the great lady that we are. However there are certain things that we must do. We must love ourselves from the inside out. We must look in the mirror and say pretty words to ourselves. We must take care of ourselves and eat healthy so that our hair will grow and shine.

We must be our own best friend and treat ourselves in the same way that we would treat our best friend. We must edify ourselves and then choose how we want to look. It does not matter if you are natural, straight, process, weave, wig or bald its up to you. Whatever you decide to do then own it and don't let anyone bring you down or attempt to make you feel less beautiful. When someone come up to you and ask you if its your hair then don't answer and keep it moving. They are not trying to do anything that will help you so don't allow them to bring you down.

If they keep on then let them know that you will not tolerate disrespect and that they are not to approach you in that way again. Then walk away and be you.
Women of color we are beautiful and its time that we embrace our beauty and walk with our heads held high. Allowing our natural or whatever we want for our hair to shine and glow. As sisters we should uplift each other and never beat each other up for our choice of hair style. We should not place such high priority on our hair. Yes we must fix it and look good and own it but we need to back up some and stop the mess.

It has gotten so bad that our daughters are feeling less if their hair is not the long flowing kind. We must stop and love whom we are and teach our daughters to love who they are and who they would become. As we walk in our glory this year let us all love our hair and let the world know that we do. Wear anyway you want and then respect your sisters for how they wear theirs. Compliment each other on our hair. Give another lady a high five for being who she was meant to be.

Drop terms such as good or bad hair. Never imply that only long straight hair is the best look that we can wear. Enjoy the fact that our hair can be anything that we want it to be. Don't ask another if their hair is real or not. Its really none of our business. We are the queens of the world and its time that we step into our kingdom and rule.

To my beautiful black sisters I just have one thing to say:
I really love your hair!!!
We got to love each other.....really we do!!!
Radical RevLa  


Saturday, September 1, 2012


This is never a joke.
 Its real life for too many women

If you were not married to or the girl friend of Chris Brown, Ike Turner, or Chad Ochocinco then your plight with domestic violence won't bring about any attention. While the ladies that were associated with these men should never had been placed in a situation where the person that they are in love with feels the need to physically hurt them, but because of who they are was how attention was focused on something that many women experience each day. This should never be this way. No woman should have to fear for her life from her spouse or male love interest. Your husband is not your father and should not feel that he can correct you by spankings, punching, slapping, punching, verbal abuse, or beating you into submission.

 We got an inside view when Tina Turner brought to the big screen her marital story with her then husband Ike Turner who habitually beat her every chance he got. While the story that we saw was fiction based on truth it would only lend to the imagination how someone could live with this type of behavior day in and day out. We were shocked when the charismatic  singer Chris Brown beat and punched the very popular singer Rhianna who was his love interest at the time. To see the pictures of her black and blue bruised face caused the world to want to hurt him. To see her pretty face so abused hit a cord in every woman. 

Now we have the latest with the Chad Ochocinco an outstanding player for the Miami Dolphins who head butted his wife. From what has been told in the press the couple had not been married that long. The Dolphins dropped him after the incident which I admire them for and hope it was to prove a point that this type of behavior is unacceptable. 

Ladies God did not create us for man so that he would have a lifetime punching bag. I don't care what environment that he was subjected to during his youth it still does not give him the right to become physical with you. While I understand that many men did not get the right upbringing and for those who did not they need some type of spiritual counseling and man training. Many men don't know how to be a man. A man that is cut from the body of Christ. The church must stand strong and take the lead for these men. The church must guide and direct. All men and boys need to be taught how Christ loves the church. His example shows the love of a real spouse. He is the head of the man and only when that man learns about Christ's love and learn from his Head can he be the proper head of his household. 

Love is not wanting your own way. Love is not hurting. Love is not demanding and love is not abusive. Love is not blaming someone else for your actions. Many women tend to feel that they are the reason for the abuse. Let's get one think straight no matter how you run your mouth. No matter how you attempt to provoke a man should never put his hands on you. While you should not push to cause a person to loose his temper or put your hands on him still it does not give him the right to hit. 

Accepting abuse for the sake of love is insane. The sign of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting things to change. As a woman of God remember He never wants you in a situation where you are not cherished, protected, and treated like the wonderful gift that you are. Ladies we must remember at all times who we are. We are the daughters of the King. The Creator. We have been made from precious material and we should never allow the world to make us feel bad about ourselves. 

Love God and yourself first and then you will never need to look for love from a man who is incapable of true love. I would rather be alone then to have to fear for my life or be called every name but a child of God. Understand verbal abuse is just as bad as physical if not worse. The body will heal but those words seem to remain forever. Many ladies who have been in this situation with abuse have stated that they never knew when it would come. For months things could be going well with them as a couple and then all of a sudden they would do something that would cause their spouse or lover to hit them or cause some sort of bodily harm. Sometimes the abuser would make attempts to say they were sorry and peace would come until the next time. Other spouses and lovers were just mean and would  keep abusing without remorse.

The very first thing we must do as ladies is respect ourselves. We must learn who we are and whom we belong to. God will be your mate, spouse and lover while He prepares us to be presented to the mate of His choice. While we wait we learn about ourselves. We learn how precious we are to Him. We have the time to do His Will and the assignment that He has created just for us to do. We won't have time to be lonely because we are busy studying ourselves and building a relationship with Lord Jesus. 

If you are in a relationship prior to this knowledge then pay attention to any red flags. Make sure that you are not ignoring certain behaviors that keep popping up that lets you know that he is not treating you in a way that Christ would treat his bride. Continue to study and watch for clues. Understand that if you are hit once you will be hit again. Leave the environment and seek help and counseling. Don't accept him back into your life unless he has sought and is in counseling and has an accountable partner that will help him in his actions. You seek help as well and make sure that you have heard from God to continue with this relationship.

This may sound harsh but emotions can not be the leader on this matter. We have been given freewill and loving a person is not an emotion but a choice. We must choose to love. We must understand what love really is and then make a choice to love fully. Once we do that then we will understand where we are and where we should be. Never accept abuse of any type. Physical, verbal and psychological abuse is not needed in any relationship. We need more focus on this besides those who are in the media or so called superstars. No woman needs this in their life and no one should blame the innocent person who is the victim. 

You should forgive him but that does not mean that you have to continue to subject yourself to the abuse. Forgive and keep distant  until you know he is right or wish him well and keep it moving. If he is the type that stalks you then you must seek help from the law. You may have to move out of state. You must do whatever is necessary for your safety and the safety of your children if you have them.

Keep in mind at all times that you are royalty and must be treated in that way. Likewise you must treat him as you want to be treated. Remember that marriage and amours relationships should be based on God. Be there for any of your female friends who are dealing with this trouble. Not as a counselor but as a listening ear and a comfort. You can't tell somebody what to do but you can give love when you can. Don't allow that person to use you as their sounding board. Direct them to a pastor, domestic violence group, or to a Christian counselor. You are adapt to handle this complex situation. 

Pray for all women who are dealing with this issue. Ask God to lead them out of that situation. Ask God to strengthen them so that they can live in peace. Most of all keep your negative comments to yourself. If you have not walked in their shoes you don't know how hard it is to get out of. I for one have not been in this situation and would not like to be. I pass no judgement on anyone that has to. I pray that I could be a help rather than a hindrance. 

So my great readers I'm still my radical RevLa self but this has touched me. I won't make fun or have my same old crazy ending. As we celebrate the year of the black woman I felt that this is something that has no color to it but has gender. Women all over the world are dealing with this. We don't want this pushed in the corner and only brought out when there is a celebrity involved. Lets embrace each other and come together. We must let men understand that we were not put in their lives as punching bags. Domestic Violence is 
Unacceptable not now.....not ever!!! 

So as I end this I just have to say
Who are we?
The Daughters of the King!
How should we be treated?
Like the Royal Queens that we are!

Love is patient, love is kind, It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. 
 1Corinthians 13:4-8

I rest my case!!!
Gotta love me....no really you do
Radical RevLa

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Feet Didn't Hurt I Just Had Enough...Rosa Parks Mother of the Civil Rights Movement

Ms. McCall-Haygan holds hands with Ms. Rosa Louise Parks during the celebration at Howard University of the 40th anniversary of Ms. Parks' refusal to give up her bus seat to a white male passenger on December 1, 1955, which sparked a civil rights movement that changed the course of American history

Many have asked me how I became the way I am? I often wondered just what they were talking about? Then it dawned on me "Radical RevLa" is slightly different! Really I had no idea....no really I didn't have a clue. You see everyone in my family has been taught to achieve greatness. No matter what that greatness is. It didn't mean you had to be a superstar but what you did have to do is give back to others.

As we look at this wonderful year of the American black woman two very important women come to my mind. One everyone knows. The late and great Ms. Rosa Parks our mother of the civil rights movement. (I will talk about her later). The other great lady is my very own mother Ms. Ella McCall-Haygan. She is the lady in the above picture holding hands with Ms. Parks and singing.

My dear Sweet Mom has dedicated her life to helping  those who cannot help themselves. Her story is amazing and as her daughter many times as I read  her different interviews I have to wonder just who this woman is. She is my mom the mother of eight wonderful children. She is CEO of her own non-profit organization for children known as "From streets to skills" where she teaches, mentors, encourages, and provide means for children that are homeless to learn job skills. She went from a high school drop out to receiving her master's degree from Catholic university. She worked in the world's worst areas in our beloved inner city of Washington DC. She received the name "The hood social worker".

Many of the children in her program have gone on to college or started their own businesses. She is on call to the so call "low lifes" of our society 24 hours a day. She was blessed with a focused mind and a loving heart. She was Rosa Parks go to person whenever she was in our hometown and now she works with Ms. Parks foundation and is currently writing their story as they worked together . So this year I honor her as one of my outstanding Black American Woman.

Now my next wonderful black lady is Ms. Rosa Parks. There is nothing that I can say they we don't already know except the fact that what has been said about that day on the bus has been told wrong. According to what Ms. Parks said to my mother was that she was sitting in the seat that she was suppose to be sitting at. Not in the front of the bus as we have been led to believe but in the area assigned to us to sit. She was thinking about a rally that she was putting together for that Saturday for the children. The children that she would take to the library and would not be allowed to come in.

This was on her mind. This was what made her upset with everything. This is what gave her this righteous anger. So when she was told to get up and give the white man her seat she was not having it. She was not going to give her assigned seat to someone that could stand. Her feet did not hurt but she was tired. She was tired of being treated this way. She was tired that the children could not go to a library where they could learn. She was tired of America treating her people this way.

She was not a great civil rights leader. She was not head of the NAACP. She was just a woman who loved children and wanted them to learn and become better citizens. So this day she just did not get up. She was a normal woman doing what normal women do she was taking care of the children. She told my mother that it only takes one person to do just one thing that will help many. By not giving up that bus seat you and I that are of African-American roots can live in peace. We can vote, go to college and have our own businesses.

So today I look at two woman from two different periods of time. Joined together with the same basic interest. That being helping children who can't help themselves and spreading the love of God to all in their efforts to give back. I am so proud of the black ladies in my life. I am so proud to be able to honor them this year. And I might just continue to honor them from this day forward. I will never stop being amazed at what people can do when they are focused and determined.

Ms. Parks by not giving up that seat started a national movement and basically created the role of Dr. Martin Luther King. My Mom Ella McCall-Hagan has place her stamp on many young children who would have ended up in gangs or in jail. She has taught them skills so that they would be able to function in today's society. Who knows who she has help developed into the next superstar.

So for those who wonder who Radical RevLa is I just say look at the stock I have come from. Look at those who shaped me and look at those who have shaped the ones who placed their stamp on me. I don't know where I'm going but I know that God has a great deal of work left for me to do. I'm ready to do my assignment and the good part is I get to do it my way. It may not be like everyone else but for me it's my own stamp on the world.

My prayer is that we continue to look at the average black woman and give her praise. She has done a lot in this world and I want her to be taken off the bottom and placed at the top of the human chain where she belongs. Its been proven that she is the mother of the human race. Like it or not it has been proven.

I suggest that we go back and read about the other parts of Ms. Rosa Parks life. And I ask that you go to
they have honored my Mother
Ms. Ella McCall-Haygan as their July's community activist of the month. You would be so informed about life in Washington DC and her life with Rosa Parks.

So since I might have my very own mother reading this I will end in a nice way.
To black women everywhere hold your heads up high and go for it. Live your life the way God has shown you. Never let anyone make you feel that you don't count. It only takes one person doing one thing to start a movement that will benefit a million.

See I did it I ended in a good way. But will it last you ask?
Nah... I don't think so....who am I kidding of course I will be my same old radical way.
So what can I say....Gotta love me
no really you do have to love me!!!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This is all I have to show after a lifetime working for the man

This is the way I felt about my manager for the pass two years!
Sad but true

Have you ever woke up and said to yourself "Self today I'm going to try and be like everyone else"? Or maybe I'm the only one that has that conversation with themselves. I can say that I'm not one of the normal people. I'm not like the other female ministers, I'm not like the other nurses, I'm not like my sisters and I'm not like most mothers. I'm just me good old Radical RevLa.

I have attempted to do things to the best of my abilities. I've attempted to be fair and to give 150% in all that I have set out to do. However none of my efforts have been accepted in the main stream. No matter how hard I have tried I have been labeled as non compliant. This brings me to explain how for the past two years I have had a manager who I knew could never manage me.

While I do know that she may have some skills she lacked the skills that was needed to carry out the job except for the skill I could never obtain no matter how hard they attempted to teach it to me. She received an "A+" in the skill of kiss up. I refused to compromise who I am just to get a pat on the head. I realized early in my working career that I had a higher boss to represent. In choosing God as my commander and chief it gave me a set of different standards.

Many times mine did not match up with those of the so call powers that be. However I had to be respectful of those who hired me and give them what they asked for. What my many "stupid-visors" didn't like was that I could do the job ten times better and would not hold my tongue when I saw an injustice. Many times I was right but because of that they would never acknowledge the fact that I was. Since I had a big mouth I watched those around me who would call for my help and direction get ahead or be treated better because they were not considered a threat.

As I saw these things going on and was left out of all the groups I would feel so alone. I just wanted to wake up and be like everybody else. I just wanted to go in and receive no attention and do my work. It never happened. Right up to the last day that I had to work full time my manager was still finding a way to cause me an unnecessary stress. So I prayed and asked God just what should I do?

He walked me down the life and ministry of our Lord Jesus and I got to see that He never fit in as well. He showed me how He had to continue to be who He was and to do the assignment that He had been given no matter what happened. No matter who attempted to make Him feel odd. I knew that I could never be Him but I knew that if I had to copy somebody then He was the one that I needed to be like.

So before I got into a cat fight with my manager I threw in the towel and resigned. I was going to retire anyway and now I have. So what in the world will Radical RevLa do with herself? Well it won't be punching a clock for the man. I have a great work ahead of me and I plan to do it with all that I have for Kingdom building. As for those dear ones who just didn't think I fit their mold then I simply say:
"Keep your mold you have a million want to be's who will fit it" I have stepped out on faith and it's my time.
To the world all I can say is:
"Get ready because here I come. Free to be me and to live for God and myself."

To my old manager I leave you with these words:
"Nannie....Nannie...Boo...Boo Ginger Snap!!!"
I know bad me but what can I say:
Gotta love me!

Monday, June 4, 2012

My Little Big Sister

The lessons learned from a little sister

This year as I continue to recognize the accomplishments of the Black Woman it darned on me that there is a black lady in my life that I must say a word or two about. This wonderful, gifted, talent, and beautiful lady of color is my baby sister Peaches. Being the middle daughter in the group of three girls for the most part I have always talked about my oldest sister. While I take nothing from her because she too is a powerful black lady I just discovered the unique qualities of my baby sister.

We are nine years apart and I have always looked at her as the baby girl. Thus I had to be the leader and the example. But as I now look at my remarkable sister I have learned several lessons from her and have seen qualities in her that make me question myself. You see I'm the Mighty Radical RevLa. Defender of the rights of the female minister. (Ok I'm not all that but you get my drift. How could I learn from my baby sister?)

But God is so good and there is always a lesson to be learned. Being the spiritual leader I thought I had it all together. All the answers. You know I talked the talk and even did the walk (not perfect but pretty good if I say so myself.) As I gave myself a spiritual hug and a pat on the back God just sat me down and opened my eyes. He said "daughter you have a lot to learn and you can begin by observing a true faith warrior." (no really God did say that to me just like that!)

I looked up to see who He was going to show me. I thought surely its going to be Lord Jesus. Then I thought can't be Him I'm not that great that He would use the Son as an example for little old me. It must be someone like David, or Abraham, or Elijah, or maybe Ruth. But to my dismay non of these bible greats came and stood before me. I was bewildered and left at a lost. I sat waiting to see whom He decided to send my way so I could learn how to really walk this faith walk.

Then it happened. This beautiful Black Angel of a woman came into my view. She looked different yet very familar. It was my sister Kimberly aka Peaches. I looked at God and said "Ok Lord you have jokes this is my baby sister"! He then told me to hush and just watch (really He said it just that way). I saw my sister as I've never seen her before. In order for you to understand what a faith "Shero" that she really is let me just tell you a small part of her life.

My baby sister has been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer with bone and lung involment. She has been told that her life as she has always known it would end soon. She was informed to go home and get her things inorder. That was 10 years ago and her condition has never been in a period of remisson. She refused to hear what the doctors were telling her and would not acknowledge what she saw or felt. She based her life on the Word of God and has never looked back.

When I call to cheer her up she ends up making me smile. She never complains or say's woe is me. She has and is taking care of her children, grandchildren and her home. She is so positive in the word that no matter what they put her through she comes out a winner. We both have predicted that God is going to show the world that He is still in the healing business without a shadow of doubt that He was the one who did it. Even the non-believers will have to state that it was God!

The Mighty Radical RevLa wept and realized that she was not mighty at all. I fell to my knees and prayed for my sister and asked for forgiveness for myself for being so prideful. My baby sister has stated to me that God has not given her a sense of fear, but power, love and a sound mind. This coming from the mouth of the baby! I was and am overwelmed with love and admiration for her. Could I have carried this cross that she faces? I'm ashamed and sad to say I could not!!! I am not all that!

But this truly amazing black woman of faith does it day in and day out and she does not say a negative word. She has never said why me. I yield to her and thank God that she is my sister. I look up to my little/big sister so that she can teach and guide me in the real ways of faith. And I honor her for being the great woman of faith that she is. Being black is not what gives her the faith walk that she has but being black allows me to include her in this year's celebration of the awesomeness of the the black woman of today.

I'm proud of you sis and I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks....ok enough of the chuckles!

Thank you Peaches! I always wondered why Mom gave you that name and not me? Now I see why. You are sweet with a softness but tough exterior and everybody that's arounds you just simply falls in love. Shine on my little sister and keep teaching the world that 

Thank You for allowing me to share a remarkable Black Lady of Faith with you!

The not so mighty Radical RevLa
But you got to love me....no really you do!

* Just a note on 9/22/12 my sweet little sister went home to heaven to be with our Lord*

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Embrace The Change

Change is coming might as well enjoy it!!!

I have been waking up for the pass three months and notice that something is about to happen. I'm not sure what it is but I can say this everything that I have grown accustom to is about to change. I thought that maybe it was because I'm getting more vintage ( nice way of saying old...ha,ha,ha). Or maybe my focus is in another direction. Still again my life as I had known it to be would change and I have one of two choices: embrace the change....or hide my head in the sand and cry over what can not be prevented.

For over four decades I have been working outside of my home. I have worn so many hats that my head just learned how to adjust at once to whatever hat I needed on. A wife, mother, preacher, nurse, author, candle stick maker...(ok no candlestick maker but it felt like it at times). I knew that one day there would come a time that I would have to come home. That thought was great but I also knew myself so certain things were put into place to hold me while I adjusted to working at home. As you see I never intended to stop working just working in a different way.

When I thought about this day I would just laugh and think "its really a long time away". But let me explain to you about reality...no matter how we fantasise one day reality just opens the door and walks in. He doesn't care if he has an invitation or not. He's coming and you will have to deal with it one way or another. So each morning now reality and I have a fight. Most mornings it will proceed as follows:
Me: Oh dear God ...reality not you again
Reality: the top of the morning to you....face it I'm here to stay
Me: reality I'm cool with change but not yet. I have somethings I need to do and I'm not ready to change just yet. Give me....maybe a year or two...then I will be ready
Reality: Sorry no can do....changing things as we speak...you better hop on board or get left in the dust
Me: reality this sucks...big time...I'm going to have to think about it.
Reality: whatever ....changing things as we speak. Oh yea did I tell you that things as you have always known it to be will start making you very uncomfortable...thought I would give you a heads up.
Me: thanks reality...you have been so reallllllllll.
Reality: peace out ....see you soon one way or another. Oh yea we can do this the easy fun way or....we can do it the hard way....either way its going to happen.

And it did everyday change has taken place at a pace that has my heading spinning. Things I thought was written in stone no longer make sense or apply. Things that I thought I couldn't do without is ...how can I say it....OUT!!!
I was becoming slightly depressed. You see I am one of those people who like things to stay the same no matter what. I would never change my home unless pushed to. Then when I'm pushed I end up loving it. So I can feel God doing just that. Placing me in situations where I have no other choice but to change. As He is moving me in that direction I find that I'm loving the change. Now I'm getting to a point where I'm wanting the change. In fact I can say that I can't wait for the change...(ok that went too far but I'm getting there). From what I can see is that at the age of 59 going into 60 I will finally arrive at who I thought I was when I was in high school. Really I am coming back to the dreams that I had for me then. Being the person that I wanted to be then now.

So really RevLa what are you saying? Just this if you allow the changes to come with an anticipation of something wonderful is coming then you will never stop growing. Next never stop achieving the goals of your life. Reach back into your youth and go after those dreams that you put on a back burner while you were just trying to make it. Does that mean if you always wanted to be a basketball player that at age 60 you can attempt to try out for the NBA? No again face reality but can you help coach a youth basketball team so that those kids can reach that level in life and you had a direct hand in it.

I am so happy and at peace with my approaching birthday in the next two months. I will get to retire from my day job at the age of 59 and embrace my brand new life on my 60th birthday. I'm not sure all that God has in store for me right now but I do now it will be great, exciting, difficult and fun. I'm ready mentally as I can be but I will have to get my body ready....ha,ha,ha (as I said it will be difficult).

So plan on hearing more from me as I make my transition. Look for all the new tasks I have on my plate. Be ready to read my first great American novel....( have to think big!)
And most of all welcome the new and improve Radical RevLa
What can I say:
Gotta to Love Me....no really you do...God said so!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Radical RevLa: I Get It!

Sometimes to make it work you have to do it yourself

Anyone that knows me would say that I'm not a big Oprah Winfrey fan.  I do admire her and her accomplishments. I do feel that as we celebrate the year of the black woman that she is a great example of that woman who has dared to defy the odds. I'm just not a talk show type of person and so therefore I was not a big fan. So when she decided to end her long running very successful talk show to pursue her own network this I found fascinating.

Being the radical woman that I am I have always been my own person and marched to the beat of a different drummer. This was the part of Ms. Winfrey that I did admire. She has been a trail blazer. Many females no matter what race or color they are could look to Ms. Winfrey and design their life as she did to achieve their desired goals. As a minister I know that it takes the Love and Faith in God to get to where we need to be in life. We also need to see others achieve it as well knowing that if God could do this for them He would do it for us as well.

So really RevLa why are you writing about somebody who always have something written about her? You stated that you were not a big fan. Great questions that I will answer. You see Ms. Winfrey has been successful in everything that she set her mind to do. She had been so successful that it looked very easy. While I do understand that it took hard work to us it just looked like she had the goose who laid all of the golden eggs. Now she is tackling yet another big project.

Everybody knew that this next project would fall in line just like all of the rest. Just think about it. While I'm not sure that she is the first but I do know that she is one of the few black women that owns her own TV network, this is major. She has now really stepped into the ring with the big boys. She is the powerhouse behind an entire network. Once she launched this project she made sure that she had all of the pieces in place. She made sure that her true friends had been blessed with their shows. She lined up the movies etc. Now I will not be able to say that I have watched her network but some of my children have and liked it.

However the news that's out about the early days of the network showed that it was not the instant success that we all thought it would be. For the first time Ms. Winfrey appeared to be struggling. Her friends didn't appear to be behind her. Her goose was now just laying regular eggs. People were buzzing that her network was a flop. But still I haven't stated why I'm writing about her. This is it in a nutshell. What I've seen is that while it may appear that something that should be so easy is struggling. That your friends should be able to help you take your dream to another level. When people are talking about you in the negative or secretly laughing at you. Then you just go back to doing what you do best.

Ms. Winfrey put on her high heels and started working her network doing what earned her the queen of daytime. She just started doing it herself. She threw herself into it and started getting her interviews and just did the work herself. Where her network is in the stats I do not know but I do know that the network now has a fighting chance. Where do I fit in all of this? I was called by God to start the Christian Social network "FEELING GOD". After the success of 2r1n Christ Marriage and Relationship Ministry in two short years was thriving I thought that the social network would be a no brainer.

However this proved to be the hardest thing that I've ever done. We have struggled so hard to keep this network going. While some of my friends and family have made every excuse under the sun why they cannot support this effort it has continued to grow very slowly. I thought this ministry was going to take off and have a life of its own. I thought that by now we would have over a 1000 members. I thought that the pages of the network would be visited by tens of thousands of people and to my dismay none of these stats have been achieved. So in my despair I was asking God if this was worth the effort? Should I count my losses and just let it go? Did it help anyone?

He brought me to the "OWN" network and let me see how she was doing it herself if need be. He showed me that once given an assignment that we have to do it no manner how hard it turns out to be. That even if we are the only one contributing to it, or the only one reading it that it must be done. He assigned the project to me to do for a reason. By seeing this great black woman take her time, ignore what was said and to turn her network around inspired me to "JUST DO IT".

So I thank you Ms. Winfrey for your example and I will pray for the success of your network. I pray that you will have stats that out shine any other network around. We also honor you as the wonderful black woman that has helped us become the women that we are today.
As for me I see that the key to doing anything is to remember to seek Christ for our directions and to do the work ourselves as we guide others to come and become a part of it.

I'm finding that I am enjoying honoring the black woman this year. While I thought it would just be a simple direct mission it has proven a lot more complex and wonderful.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Radical RevLa: They Did Us Proud

A True Winner And A Breathtaking Beauty
Truly Stunning and Gracious A Winner In Our Hearts

How wonderful to celebrate these ladies I'm about to present as we place focus on the Black Woman this year. Who could not be proud of Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer for their work in film this Oscar season. While they were both nominated for the aware only one of them won. We congratulate Octavia Spencer for her win but we also congratulate Viola Davis for her gracious hug and happiness for Meryl Streep for winning. Both ladies showed their class during this award season and each time out they looked stunning.

They received an "A+" on the best dressed list for wearing gowns that were perfect for them. Their styles worked on their personal body types and they had the right accessories. Viola did a sister one step better by wearing her natural crown and glory showing that the black woman in her natural look is extremely beautiful. The above picture says it all. The color that she is wearing is rich and blends well with her skin. She looks every bit of the royal queen that she is.

While Octavia won in her catagory and should have. The performace that she did in the movie "The Help" was great and you will never forget that charater. She has looked beautiful on every red carpet during this season. Being her body type and size she showed us just beautiful and curvey a black woman is. That we don't have to hide our bodies. She too was on the best dress list and was breathtaking from head to toe.

This tribute to these ladies is not just about how they looked (but let's face it we do like the fashions..lol) but how they handled the roles that they had in the movie. "The Help" in my opinion should have won. That was a great movie and its the kind of movie you want to see over and over again. Its the type of movie that you should show your children so that black children can see what their grandmother's had to put up with. Its a part of our culture and we should not be ashame of our history. These ladies are great actresses. And personally while I love Meryl Streep who I think is a great actress I really think that Viola Davis should have won the oscar. Not because I'm honoring the black woman but I just feel she played a strong role in a very stong movie. (as I said just my opinion)

What a great way to begin our honor of the women that we are. You see for those who always say we are just the angry, head shaking, hands on one hip, finger pointing, ebonics talking black woman these two great jewels have shown the world that we are far better than that. 

Again its my greatest pleasure to give honor to those ladies that look like me and take pride in what they do for a living and for humanity.
This is the year of the American Black Woman!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Radical RevLa: The Year of the Black Woman

God give me the strength to do the things that I must and to ignore those
who are trying to knock me down

You would think with this month being black history month that I wouldn't get flack when I announced on our Christian Social Network  "Feeling God" (ok we pause for a commercial break...visit http://www.feelinggod.ning.com/) that this year I had decided to honor the black woman. I heard all kinds of compliants. From "its ok to do it for a month but really a whole year" to "does the black woman really deserve to be honored in that way? What about all women? Let's not make this a racial thing!".

I was shocked to get this reaction and somewhat hurt. In all of my 59 years on this earth I really don't remember black women being honored in this way ever. Not to say it has not been done I'm just unaware. Not only that anyone that knows me both physically or virtually knows that I never look at race. Why is it when a black person expresses anything positive about their race or culture its considered a race issue. This does not happen with any other race but the black race. Then to top it off to place focus on the black woman. This is just wrong.

I was even told that the black woman is too mean to be honored. Reallyyyyyyyyyyy!!! Did the person speaking forget that they were addressing a black lady? I almost fit the sterotype when my first thought was to just slap him upside his head, but thought better of it. So what I decided to do was to honor her anyway and ....nanie...nanie...boo...boo(oh so childish RevLa).
My thinking is this: if no one else will honor me as the black woman that I am then I will and all of my sisters. As for the other races of females I honor you for being a woman as I am and sure that you as a whole have been honored more than we have so be supportive of us this year and go along. Maybe next year we will do you.

To all of the negative people this is your time to just KEEP YOUR OPINIONS ABOUT WHO I DECIDE TO HONOR TO YOURSELF! You may talk to the hand or any other body part that will listen to you because my ears will not. I love who I am. I love being the strong black woman of God that I have been created to be and sorry its time for me to say it and encourage others that may look like me to do the same. "Well RevLa you don't have to brag!" And why not? Many other races, cultures, males do the samething why can I? And frankly I don't care if you think I'm bragging or not...that is an issue that I consider is your personal problem and you should deal with that. Don't bring it to me.

"See I told you the black woman is mean and angry" Wrong, wrong, and not fair!!! Let us have the same oportunities as our counterparts both male and female. Then we have our 15min. of fame and glory then we can be placed back in the lineup. So with all of this posting said I will be writing and blogging this entire year off and on about our wonderful soul sisters. I will feature them on our social network more but here I will be doing a sound blast about whomever I feel or to just vent. When I do don't take it in the negative. Allow us to love ourselves for once. Sisters of other races we are still sisters and you know the black woman always loves. So we will never slight you but this time show your support of us.

Men of all races and those of our own please give us a chance. We have earned it and are loyal and have your back even when you are wrong. We ask that for one year that you say nice things about us. Tell a black woman just how great she is. Remember all of the races came out of the black woman.....(its been proven..something to think about).

As always I leave you with a thought to get you to my next month's post....(after this one you may not want to come back...ha,ha,ha)
If I was to make a statement that would say who the black woman was in just one sentence I would have to say the following:
She is the mother of all of mankind, she loves hard and long, she carries her heavy load with her head held high, she has a deep spirituality and believes the Word of God as law, she takes care of her man, children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, siblings, church members, co-workers, and the needy, she quietly absorbs insults to her appearance, character, intellect, ablilites, and anything that other woman are praised for, she is made fun of, called out of her name and laughed at yet you never see her sweat, she prays hard and long for everyone, and many times she does not take the time to love or take care of herself, she crys long and hard alone out of sight so no one will call her weak, she is a loyal friend and strong adversary, and for the most part she is a true child of God.
This is my opinion in one sentence as to whom the black woman is.

Really it is one sentence....I didn't say it was not going to be a run-on sentence...ha,ha,ha
Gotta love me...I am the typical Afro-American Black Christian Preacher Woman
(I know bad RevLa...bad...bad...bad)
Until next time kiss the next black woman you see and tell her she is loved.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Radical RevLa: The Softer Side Of Man

When a man hurts its felt by all

I noticed something about myself...I tend to feel that man or shall I say men in general don't hurt. While I know this is not true we all do but sometimes to me I get the impression that they are so strong that nothing can hurt them. Maybe its just because a man approaches life in the offensive mode. He just looks at life and the people in his life in a way that will keep them always on the defense. This way he never has to defend himself.

If that is his life's strategy then really its a good one because as a woman I have been defending myself on everything. And honestly its usually a man that has place me in that general direction. The other thing about men they stick together. They never let you see them sweat or allow their buddies to be caught in a way that was not "Manly". While us women will allow each other to sink and then attempt to drown you as you are trying to swim to shore a man won't do that even to his enemy. Once he and his enemy have had words then they are off to bigger and better things.

So when you see a man let go of his control and appear lost and alone it really hurts. It somehow makes the world seem unbalance. I've been seeing it lately with our present economy. Many men who took pride in working hard and caring for their families are now in a state where they have lost their jobs. No matter how hard they try they can't get one or make ends meet. This takes a toll on a man's self esteem. Many of them are now changing roles. They find themselves as the housekeepers, babysitters, stay at home dads. Or they are the ones making the morning coffee and waving good bye at the door as their wives drive off to work.

This is a sad state of affairs. In no way do I want the man to loose his true identity. I've seen men walking around with their heads down and just trying anything to provide. Providing and protecting is a God given instinct for the male as is nurturing and providing care and attention is to a woman. While it makes you blink twice to see men on TV talking about the plight of the Average Man in this present economy it makes my heart hurt to see them break down and cry. Who knew that they could feel and hurt so deeply?

Recently for the first time in over 35 years my husband was laid off for a short period of time. I watched him walking around slightly unsure of himself. He was devastated and really couldn't get a grip of his role. He being a proud and very strong man never depended on anyone to provide for his family. He being a true man of God knew that it was He who would get him through to the next level. But for the first time I saw him hurt. I saw his steady world shaken up. Suddenly his world was not moving in the way he thought it would. He questioned his placement in the family and he was just not sure of what he should do. 

He faced a double whammy. While being very fit and strong able to do the work of men so much younger than he now his age was working against him. He was a man that was always the leader and in charge while at work. Now he was looking for entry level and was so over qualified. He could have retired and enjoyed himself this he never looked at because this was a man who loved to work and take care of his home. He questioned how I looked at him. Face it he is married to me!!! Being who I am could not help his feeling of lost and confusion.

Being the strong woman that I am I was ready to just say enjoy it and rest awhile. You see my husband would never take a vacation unless I forced him. He never missed a day no matter how sick he was. He worked for the same company for 25 years and then moved to another company and was there for 10. This man worked extra and would work side work. He was and is active in our church and ministry and in a gospel singing group. He flat out said that he was not ready to come home and sit. 

While I admired him for being who he is I just about lost it. It took all that I had to keep my big mouth shut. In my spirit all I could yell was "REALLY GOD HE 'S THE ONE WHO WANTS TO WORK....I'M THE ONE WHO WANTS TO COME HOME....AND NOW I HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE BUT TO WORKKKKKKKKKKKK ....THIS IS NOT FAIRRRRRRRR!!!" I know bad RevLa...very very bad Revla. But guys I didn't say any of this. Nor did I baby him. I hurt so bad looking in his eyes and seeing his world changing and he had no control of it. I told him that it didn't matter. That I loved him with all of my heart and I would do whatever it took to keep things going and whatever he needed me to do I would do....(I know good RevLa for a change....lol).

I gave him a honey-do list that would make your head spin. Finally I could get some of the renovations that I needed done on our home. I also told him that if he needed to just do nothing that was alright with me as well. I keep a straight face when I got up at 5am to get ready for work as he slept. I was grateful for the coffee that he had set to perk when I was ready to walk out the door. I refused to cry and feel sorry for myself because I had to work and still do all the other things including update my blogs. I would not give into the need in me to just go into a depression because I felt everything was so unfair.

I enjoyed coming home and dinner was ready. It felt funny having him talking about what he had done and read or saw on TV. I wanted to just yell and say "be quiet I need a moment" but could see how lonely he was not being use to being at home. I saw a softer side of him that I would have never seen if it was not for this present situation. So I could no longer see him like this. I did the only thing that I knew would work. I decided to "make war on the floor". I got on my knees and asked God to give him his hearts desire. I wanted him to be happy in whatever life had to offer him. So I just thank God for the victory and just kept saying "thank you Lord for my husband's new job".

Then one day I came home and saw him also on his knees. I saw a peace come over him and for the first time since the lay-off I saw him take a deep breath and let it go. He was okay. He had accepted what life had thrown at him and because I took on the role of his wife and supported him (and trust  me for a woman such as I this was difficult) I stayed in my place as ordered by God he was able to deal with what he had been dealt.  He changed before my very eyes and accepted changed. He returned back to the man that he had always been.

Then just like that he was back to work. Happy as ever and now knowing that his true wealth was in his Christ Jesus. If this was to ever happen again he knows that it has nothing to do with who he is. That he is always the King in this castle! 
This incident also changed me because I am seeing men in a different light. It was good for me to see that they do feel and when they do they feel deeply. I was able to hold my tongue and to not wallow in my own self pity. For once I didn't fight against my placement as a helpmate to my husband. For once I was able to go to God with confidence knowing that He would provide my husband what he needed and wanted. While I'm not glad that he had to deal with this but I'm glad that he came through strong and will never look at what the world gives him as his marker for who he is.

Ladies I leave you with this:
While men are arrogant and sometimes hit below the belt this world is really putting them in a place that they have never dealt with before. Its hard out here for us but for some reason I feel we were built to endure the hard things in life. Meaning the hard things that hurt your heart and rip at your soul and then be able to place it in a compartment and keep moving in a forward direction. Men may get on your last nerve but when they are lost and that soft side is expose its sad and it hurts. Trust me I was ready to rip the world a new one when I saw my man suffering. But I also know that he needed this experience so that he could build up his faith and know without a shadow of doubt who was the source of his wealth. We must pray for our men and for our world. We must stand strong for them and fight in the best way we know how and that is to make that "war on the floor" and then pull satan's kingdom down. 

I won't end this post bad. I will just say that as the world changes and things look grim remember that our God can do all things but fail!

Okay that was far too nice....Lord I just have to get this off my chest
Really God....I am the one who wants to come home....can we make this happen?...
Now did you really think I would leave in such a nice way?
Gotta love me

Monday, January 2, 2012

Radical RevLa: New Beginnings

His Mercies are brand new each and everyday

Good Bye 2011 and Good Riddance
Embracing myself in 2011 was very difficult to say the least. It started out on a low as far as my family dynamics went. As that new year rolled onto the scene I found myself stumbling around attempting to find out just who I was. As I slowly discovered Radical RevLa I ran into dead ends, opened doors, and reaching for the Gifts that God had in place for me. I must admit as I walked the walk in 2011 I began to shed old parts of myself and gain brand new ones.

January 2011 I rededicated my life to doing the Will of Christ and entered into a Daniel fast. The fast was being conducted by several churches around the country and I just felt that I needed something to get me going. Believe it or not I had the strange idea that 2010 had been a very difficult year and was determined to embrace 2011 with a clear and positive  attitude. So off to the fast. From Jan. 8th until Jan. 21st found me doing my best to maintain a fast from the pits of #@!! (shut your mouth....well I didn't say it). Right then and there I found a greater respect for Daniel no wonder he could go into a lions den and have great faith the man invented that fast!!!

But really all jokes aside it took everything I had to do it and come out on the other end sane. Once the fast was completed I found a better working relationship with my husband and grown children. I now knew who I was and was ready to take over my Radical world. In fact by March of 2011 I became Radical Revla after becoming a member of She Writes. I was so lonely looking for me that God guided me stumbling all the way to this fantastic group of dynamic women. It was here that He showed me where I was heading but again I didn't have a clue.

God brought me to the Internet in such a way that my husband and I were able to bring our entire marriage and relationship ministry to the world of the net. I was excited and started working more than ever. While being an active part of She Writes I was thrown into fast forward "How to write" college in 30 days. By May 2011 we had our loveazine going and our marriage ministry was in full force. I was still preaching and meeting controversy but had gained a strength that would not allow me to give into the evil works of man.  

 Radical Revla had found her voice and there was no turning back. By June 2011 God walked us into another form of ministry on the Internet and FEELING GOD SOCIAL NETWORK was started. I had learned from my crash course at She Writes and learned how to create a mini-ning network. While this adventure has been one of the hardest things I've ever done it has also been very rewarding. At the same time all the ministries were rolling right along and who knew I was able to start writing the great American fiction novel. September 2011 found me on such a wonderful high.
Super Radical Revla
She could leap tall buildings at a single jump. She could do 100 difficult jobs all at the same time and never need any rest. Nothing could stop the momentum of Super Radical Revla.
Then good old 2011 decided to throw the old girl some curve balls. Things became difficult. The world as I once knew it was coming to an end. Choices that I needed to make had to be reevaluated and I could no longer put them off. Some things were going to end while others would begin. I felt like I was rolling down the side of a high mountain at top speed and could not stop the momentum. 

By October 2011 I lost my Mom and by December 2011 I lost one of my little brothers. My world was spinning out of control. People around me that I knew was dying and friends that I thought was with me were being replaced or left behind. My Children were living their adult lives and my husband and I were grandparents. We both had reached the great age of 59 and we knew that changes were needed so we could do our assigned work of God.

2011 was becoming a big downer!This was not fun anymore and I was now wishing my so called dream year away with good riddance!
Then when I thought it couldn't get any worse

2012 Rolled In and With It New Beginnings
Another year to do God's Work. Another great year to have hope. Another year to start over. And best of all another year to 
find me.....Radical RevLa
The way I see it is like this:
As long as I continue to look for myself then I will grow. As I grow each year things get better and I get stronger. Its no longer a matter of age, education, or popularity its a matter of accepting His Mercies and Living In His Grace.

So before I end this blog today I would like to just say this:
While each years has its ups and downs continue to look for His Blessings. Look to see what you are suppose to learn then use it to better yourself, family and the world. Remember that Jesus will walk with you all the way and when it gets too hard for you then He will left you in his arms and carry you until you can walk again.