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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Christmas Book Sale

This is a direct sale by the author
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runs from 11/28/13-1/6/14

SaBrowny's Book and Publishing Tip

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The sale runs from 11/28/13-1/6/14

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Stripper Pole to the Gates of Heaven

My husband brought this to my attention
and I was speechless!!!

It is rare when Radical RevLa is left speechless! I mean in my 61 years of life I've always seemed to have something to say. So when my husband showed me this video on You Tube about this female preacher I was at a lost for words. First of all it was difficult for me to pay attention to what she was saying because she had her nipples showing. You can't see it in this picture (thank you Lord!) but as she was giving the word about the wickedness of the tongue all I could think about is why is she showing her breast. It was not the cleavage that bothered me but the fact that each nipple was showing.

In this picture her hands are hiding the nipples but when you see it without her hands covering then all you see is both nipples looking at you from both sides. The real catcher is that her word was good. When you didn't look at her and listened to what she was saying you learned a real word of God. This shocked me because she didn't have to show her nipples for attention. God's word is enough by itself.

As a female preacher and a black lady of God its bad enough that the clergy does not want to give us respect. As a black woman so many people are putting us down. Its up to us to maintain the image of the great queens that our ancestors came from. The black woman has it bad enough then to have this woman who states she came from the stripper pole and now has her ministry to sit and give an entire sermon with her breast showing.

This type of action soils the Word of God. What she was saying was what was needed to be said but her presentation took away from anything that was good. I'm not one who gets on a person for dressing the way that they choose to. I have a unique sense of style and have had different female preachers voice their opinion on it. Those ladies felt that I should be preaching in a robe or white stiff collar and black funeral suit. I chose to wear my vintage style dress and hat and look like the lady that I am. However no matter what I wore the outfit was decent and in order.

Nothing was hanging out. I could represent Christ as one called to do the work of Kingdom building without feeling ashamed. What I see from this lady is that she has a real word that can help people. She has a platform that will show other ladies that God can still use them even if they were once in the sex trade. This is a good word but when she sat there taping with her nipples showing it made her word a joke. What really gets to me is the fact that whoever the camera person was could they have told her that her nipples were exposed?

I don't get it. People are talking and gossiping about her in a negative way. The story that my husband was watching was a man who has nothing nice to say about the black woman. He used this story as an example to further his cause of making the black woman feel less than a human in the eyes of the black man. I had to write this because these are some sensitive times and we don't need our own sisters making it worse with tomfoolery.

To end this I just have to say dear sister of the stripper pole church. Stop the foolishness and preach the word. You do have a calling on your head do what the Lord wants you to do in a way that will honor him and yourself. I don't want to see your breast. You left that life where you showed them to everyone. Now show us something else. I did love the sermon once I could stop seeing the image of you and just listened to your voice. Remember you are the daughter of a king and the child of the King of Glory carry yourself in that manner.

As a black woman I like who I am. As a child of God I love who I am. Rise up to the level that you were meant to be and leave the foolishness to the fools. And one more thing dear preacher with the nipples: You won the shut the mouth of Radical RevLa award for a life time! And as always you gotta love me...no really you do!!!