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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This is all I have to show after a lifetime working for the man

This is the way I felt about my manager for the pass two years!
Sad but true

Have you ever woke up and said to yourself "Self today I'm going to try and be like everyone else"? Or maybe I'm the only one that has that conversation with themselves. I can say that I'm not one of the normal people. I'm not like the other female ministers, I'm not like the other nurses, I'm not like my sisters and I'm not like most mothers. I'm just me good old Radical RevLa.

I have attempted to do things to the best of my abilities. I've attempted to be fair and to give 150% in all that I have set out to do. However none of my efforts have been accepted in the main stream. No matter how hard I have tried I have been labeled as non compliant. This brings me to explain how for the past two years I have had a manager who I knew could never manage me.

While I do know that she may have some skills she lacked the skills that was needed to carry out the job except for the skill I could never obtain no matter how hard they attempted to teach it to me. She received an "A+" in the skill of kiss up. I refused to compromise who I am just to get a pat on the head. I realized early in my working career that I had a higher boss to represent. In choosing God as my commander and chief it gave me a set of different standards.

Many times mine did not match up with those of the so call powers that be. However I had to be respectful of those who hired me and give them what they asked for. What my many "stupid-visors" didn't like was that I could do the job ten times better and would not hold my tongue when I saw an injustice. Many times I was right but because of that they would never acknowledge the fact that I was. Since I had a big mouth I watched those around me who would call for my help and direction get ahead or be treated better because they were not considered a threat.

As I saw these things going on and was left out of all the groups I would feel so alone. I just wanted to wake up and be like everybody else. I just wanted to go in and receive no attention and do my work. It never happened. Right up to the last day that I had to work full time my manager was still finding a way to cause me an unnecessary stress. So I prayed and asked God just what should I do?

He walked me down the life and ministry of our Lord Jesus and I got to see that He never fit in as well. He showed me how He had to continue to be who He was and to do the assignment that He had been given no matter what happened. No matter who attempted to make Him feel odd. I knew that I could never be Him but I knew that if I had to copy somebody then He was the one that I needed to be like.

So before I got into a cat fight with my manager I threw in the towel and resigned. I was going to retire anyway and now I have. So what in the world will Radical RevLa do with herself? Well it won't be punching a clock for the man. I have a great work ahead of me and I plan to do it with all that I have for Kingdom building. As for those dear ones who just didn't think I fit their mold then I simply say:
"Keep your mold you have a million want to be's who will fit it" I have stepped out on faith and it's my time.
To the world all I can say is:
"Get ready because here I come. Free to be me and to live for God and myself."

To my old manager I leave you with these words:
"Nannie....Nannie...Boo...Boo Ginger Snap!!!"
I know bad me but what can I say:
Gotta love me!

Monday, June 4, 2012

My Little Big Sister

The lessons learned from a little sister

This year as I continue to recognize the accomplishments of the Black Woman it darned on me that there is a black lady in my life that I must say a word or two about. This wonderful, gifted, talent, and beautiful lady of color is my baby sister Peaches. Being the middle daughter in the group of three girls for the most part I have always talked about my oldest sister. While I take nothing from her because she too is a powerful black lady I just discovered the unique qualities of my baby sister.

We are nine years apart and I have always looked at her as the baby girl. Thus I had to be the leader and the example. But as I now look at my remarkable sister I have learned several lessons from her and have seen qualities in her that make me question myself. You see I'm the Mighty Radical RevLa. Defender of the rights of the female minister. (Ok I'm not all that but you get my drift. How could I learn from my baby sister?)

But God is so good and there is always a lesson to be learned. Being the spiritual leader I thought I had it all together. All the answers. You know I talked the talk and even did the walk (not perfect but pretty good if I say so myself.) As I gave myself a spiritual hug and a pat on the back God just sat me down and opened my eyes. He said "daughter you have a lot to learn and you can begin by observing a true faith warrior." (no really God did say that to me just like that!)

I looked up to see who He was going to show me. I thought surely its going to be Lord Jesus. Then I thought can't be Him I'm not that great that He would use the Son as an example for little old me. It must be someone like David, or Abraham, or Elijah, or maybe Ruth. But to my dismay non of these bible greats came and stood before me. I was bewildered and left at a lost. I sat waiting to see whom He decided to send my way so I could learn how to really walk this faith walk.

Then it happened. This beautiful Black Angel of a woman came into my view. She looked different yet very familar. It was my sister Kimberly aka Peaches. I looked at God and said "Ok Lord you have jokes this is my baby sister"! He then told me to hush and just watch (really He said it just that way). I saw my sister as I've never seen her before. In order for you to understand what a faith "Shero" that she really is let me just tell you a small part of her life.

My baby sister has been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer with bone and lung involment. She has been told that her life as she has always known it would end soon. She was informed to go home and get her things inorder. That was 10 years ago and her condition has never been in a period of remisson. She refused to hear what the doctors were telling her and would not acknowledge what she saw or felt. She based her life on the Word of God and has never looked back.

When I call to cheer her up she ends up making me smile. She never complains or say's woe is me. She has and is taking care of her children, grandchildren and her home. She is so positive in the word that no matter what they put her through she comes out a winner. We both have predicted that God is going to show the world that He is still in the healing business without a shadow of doubt that He was the one who did it. Even the non-believers will have to state that it was God!

The Mighty Radical RevLa wept and realized that she was not mighty at all. I fell to my knees and prayed for my sister and asked for forgiveness for myself for being so prideful. My baby sister has stated to me that God has not given her a sense of fear, but power, love and a sound mind. This coming from the mouth of the baby! I was and am overwelmed with love and admiration for her. Could I have carried this cross that she faces? I'm ashamed and sad to say I could not!!! I am not all that!

But this truly amazing black woman of faith does it day in and day out and she does not say a negative word. She has never said why me. I yield to her and thank God that she is my sister. I look up to my little/big sister so that she can teach and guide me in the real ways of faith. And I honor her for being the great woman of faith that she is. Being black is not what gives her the faith walk that she has but being black allows me to include her in this year's celebration of the awesomeness of the the black woman of today.

I'm proud of you sis and I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks....ok enough of the chuckles!

Thank you Peaches! I always wondered why Mom gave you that name and not me? Now I see why. You are sweet with a softness but tough exterior and everybody that's arounds you just simply falls in love. Shine on my little sister and keep teaching the world that 

Thank You for allowing me to share a remarkable Black Lady of Faith with you!

The not so mighty Radical RevLa
But you got to love me....no really you do!

* Just a note on 9/22/12 my sweet little sister went home to heaven to be with our Lord*