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Monday, April 1, 2013

Radical RevLa: Will The Real Superstar Stand Up

I am here to save your day!

In today's world we have place certain people in a position where they are looked upon as if they are more than just human. We have considered certain chosen professions worthy of more money than others. We have place those who have done well in these professions rewards that causes the rest of us to feel lower and some how insecure. Right now if you can throw, catch, hit, shoot, strike, or club a ball you are a superstar.

If you can pretend to be a person, place or thing and film it then you are a superstar. If you can wear over price clothing and achieve the wonderful size 0 as you parade up and down the long catwalk then you are a superstar. Not only that if you can act like a dysfunctional bad girl or boy, a housewife that is not married or take of their household, or someone who happens to be blessed with a wonderful singing voice, or gift of music then you are a superstar.

You can become a superstar by rapping words with music in the background. You can become a superstar by being on camera for the world to see you get picked to marry someone that you don't know. You can even become a superstar by taking off your clothing and allowing all sorts of things to be done while the camera roles.

Anyone reading this would say "oh RevLa you are just hating" and I would have to answer in the following ways...yes and no.
While I'm not jealous or in envious  about what these people have accomplished or view them without talent I just feel that they don't deserve all the hoopla that they get. Why should they be so compensated for throwing a ball, starring in a pretend world, wearing over price clothing or acting dysfunctional on TV?

We have become so satiated with this pretend world that we look down on the average person that is working hard to make it in today's troubled world. We want to admire and worship the mega-preachers and just want to touch them in hopes that some of their magic would come on us. We sit in front of the little box or computer and just long to be these people. We even have the younger 
children acting as if they can do and say anything to an adult and it is suppose to be fine because they are getting paid from TV land. 

I want everyone to know and understand their own worth. As children of God we are all equal. There are no big "I's" or little "U's" in His kingdom. We have to make a decision that we are happy with who we are. We must look at the good within ourselves and become our own role models for ourselves and our children. We must be the best that we can be and we must seek God for creative ways to make it in this poor world economy. It took me a long time to be happy in the skin that I'm in. 

At this great time in my life and this season of Christ there is no one I would rather be. I welcome waking up each morning knowing that I am in my right mind. That I am able to breathe a breath of fresh air. That I can walk on my own and can eat as I please and that I can get on my knees and give thanks to the Almighty for another day. A day that I have never seen before. A day that I can become more of myself then ever before. Now that I am at a great vintage age I have discovered that I can still live my dreams and don't have to fall in line with what the world has to say. 

I don't have to go along with what the world considers is important or those people who they think is a superstar. There is only one person that I consider a superstar and that is my Lord Jesus and He gave it all for me to be who I am. So with that said start developing who is important in your life. Don't get caught up with who the world thinks is important. Don't look at this made up life and think that they are better than you are. Teach your children who are the main role models in their lives. Be that person for them. Teach them about the Lord and allow them to develop their own relationship with Him.

Then when the world calls for the superstars to please stand up.... make sure that you stand first and stand strong.
As always gotta love me....yes really you do!!!