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Monday, March 11, 2013

An Suddenly

An Suddenly There Was Light

This year has a strange aura about it....wait just hear me out! There is something stirring in the spiritual air. Its both negative as we have seen from the many strange acts that has been reported daily in the news, and positive. This blog is not going to report on the negative because we have enough people doing that. Radical RevLa has chosen that during this year of difference to focus on the positive of what's going on in the spirit of this year. I have decided that this year is "The Year of Christ". Does this mean that I think that He is coming back this year? Maybe but that's not for me to say. What I do think is that many of us are about to embrace change and this change will reveal truth in our life.

The thing about this change is that it has been moving forward in our life for a while now. We may not have notice it but this year we won't have a choice. It will arrive and when it does it will come upon us in a very sudden movement. One day we will be our same old way and then we will look up and everything that we knew will be changed. If we are in touch with ourselves then we would have been expecting this change at some point and time in our lives.

For some it will show up during the early years and you will think "my am I lucky". Then for others it will come during the late years of your life and you will think "my am I blessed." Either way it will come and life as you have come to know it will forever change in a single moment. So what have you been praying for? What have you been dreaming of? What is your heart's desire? These are the things that your "an suddenly" will focus on during this magical year. 

I have been chasing a dream for as long as I can remember. While many times during the course of my life I have place this desire to the back burner or just forgot about it altogether each time God has placed it back on my heart. Many times I have made an attempt but just was not sure of myself. I thought that this dream was just that a simple dream. Then as I became this wonderful vintage age that I am God spoke to me and said now is the time. 

I was not sure because everything that I thought should be in place was not there. You see I had a plan. I would work for the next two years full time and part-time. I would save all of this money and then retire from the full and walk into my new destiny. The joke was on me....when God tells you to do something then He will make things hard until you wake up and listen. He will keep pushing you towards the promise until you have to make a choice either to do it or to be in disobedience and suffer the "What if's" for the rest of your life. When He has birthed something in your heart then He will make it happen so you know it was He that did it. Not you or your efforts. 

Being the radical person that I am I just stopped and said ok I'm diving off the side of the boat and I'm walking on water. I would love to say all things fell in place just like that. I would so love to say that nothing bad happened. I would love to say that all my dreams came true just like that. I would love to take it one step further and say that hey guess what I became an instant millionaire and I didn't have any problems what so ever. Wrong, wrong and wrong again.

None of the above happened. Things went from bad to worse. I lost a lot of things including the life of my precious sister. My pockets were empty for the first time in a very long time. My age caught up with me and what was very easy was now difficult. For the first time in many years I could not see the direction I was heading and I could not do this on my own. In other words I had no choice but to do the will of God. I had no choice but to depend on Him. I had no choice but to wake up each morning knowing that He would provide all my needs and some of my wants for that day. Just like the manna that fell from heaven each day to feed the Israelites they had to believe that the food would be there to keep them alive.

This I must confess was and is new to me. I may be the bible toting spokesperson of the Lord but I have never felt so humbled in my life. I have never knowingly knew that I had no other choice but to put all I had on Him and then forget about my own efforts. Everything even my health had to be placed in His mighty hands. And then it began to happen. Things slowly changed. My dreams came back to the surface and I knew that this was the season to do them and not look back. This was the season to walk only as the Lord has guided me to do and not be afraid. 

This was the season to see the victory and then the "an suddenly" was birthed in my spirit and I knew that soon it would come and my life will change. Not only that He renewed everything. He gave me back my youth...not on the outside but on the inside. I don't even know who I am anymore because for the first time I can remember I am my own person in Christ Jesus. I know who I am and who I'm going to be and I don't care what anyone else has to say about me. I am free for the first time ever and I'm loving it.

So good folks this is what I'm saying. This season of freedom has arrived. All you have to do is really turn it over to the Lord and let Him do it and take you where you need to go. Yes you will still make mistakes but don't despair just get back up and begin again. For as long as you hold on to that promised baby of your dreams it will be born. When its time to labor then do just that. When its time to push then do just that. When its time that you feel that the pain is too much then remember how that promise baby will be.

That's when your "an suddenly" will come and you will never be the same again. Now get this once this first Promise baby is born then there are many brothers and sisters waiting to be born. In other words as long as you are growing and producing then you are living and life will just get better. Keep your eyes on the Christ during this great season of God. Then in the end He will get all of the glory and you will have a testimony that proves that you passed the test.

Embrace the new change in this very strange season and just live your life to the abundance in the Lord. Focus on the positives and learn from the negatives and keep it moving with a smile. Live your life on purpose. Then just love....no matter how hard it gets just love.

See you can start with me...as I always say....gotta to love me
No really you do!!!
Smooches.....Radical RevLa

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