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Monday, March 5, 2012

Radical RevLa: They Did Us Proud

A True Winner And A Breathtaking Beauty
Truly Stunning and Gracious A Winner In Our Hearts

How wonderful to celebrate these ladies I'm about to present as we place focus on the Black Woman this year. Who could not be proud of Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer for their work in film this Oscar season. While they were both nominated for the aware only one of them won. We congratulate Octavia Spencer for her win but we also congratulate Viola Davis for her gracious hug and happiness for Meryl Streep for winning. Both ladies showed their class during this award season and each time out they looked stunning.

They received an "A+" on the best dressed list for wearing gowns that were perfect for them. Their styles worked on their personal body types and they had the right accessories. Viola did a sister one step better by wearing her natural crown and glory showing that the black woman in her natural look is extremely beautiful. The above picture says it all. The color that she is wearing is rich and blends well with her skin. She looks every bit of the royal queen that she is.

While Octavia won in her catagory and should have. The performace that she did in the movie "The Help" was great and you will never forget that charater. She has looked beautiful on every red carpet during this season. Being her body type and size she showed us just beautiful and curvey a black woman is. That we don't have to hide our bodies. She too was on the best dress list and was breathtaking from head to toe.

This tribute to these ladies is not just about how they looked (but let's face it we do like the fashions..lol) but how they handled the roles that they had in the movie. "The Help" in my opinion should have won. That was a great movie and its the kind of movie you want to see over and over again. Its the type of movie that you should show your children so that black children can see what their grandmother's had to put up with. Its a part of our culture and we should not be ashame of our history. These ladies are great actresses. And personally while I love Meryl Streep who I think is a great actress I really think that Viola Davis should have won the oscar. Not because I'm honoring the black woman but I just feel she played a strong role in a very stong movie. (as I said just my opinion)

What a great way to begin our honor of the women that we are. You see for those who always say we are just the angry, head shaking, hands on one hip, finger pointing, ebonics talking black woman these two great jewels have shown the world that we are far better than that. 

Again its my greatest pleasure to give honor to those ladies that look like me and take pride in what they do for a living and for humanity.
This is the year of the American Black Woman!!!