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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I'm Happy

In order to get to your goal sometimes
even your family has to be left behind

I'm brand new! Yes, after sixty-one years I'm like a brand new creature. It's exciting to be in this place during the vintage years. What's even better is that I'm at a place in life that I've been delivered from people. Many that know me would never believe that I have a thing about rejection. I had been rejected during the early years of my life to the point that for most of my early adult years I had problems getting close to people for fear of being rejected.

As I grew and had to deal with what life had to offer I found that the only person I could truly count on was and is God. As I drew closer to Him He made certain promises to me. They have all come true. I have been blessed and now I know that He is faithful to His word. My life has been difficult but for the most part it has been great. I got to become everything that I ever dreamed of being and now he has taken me to another new area.

I am no longer in my comfort zone. As I leave my area of comfort I'm finding that those who I thought would be there with me are not. A lot of my family and friends have been drifting off to the sidelines. Even my children have shown their rejection and stepped off. It hurt for a moment and now I understand. You can not put your all into people in order to seek your happiness. You must look to God for the goals that he has impregnated in your heart from childhood.

Once you know then you must seek direction from the Holy Spirit and just follow. Don't be afraid to be the new you. Change is needed in order to move forward. I was a person who didn't like change. I enjoyed doing the same thing over and over. In order for me to evolve then God had to put obstacles in my way so that I had no other choice but to change. Now it's not as hard as it was before. I still get in my own way. I still cry and plead and ask God if I can do it without the change but once I know then I accept it better.

With this brand new life I'm living change will be bigger than I could ever imagine. Many that had been a part of my life or even the focus of my life will be left behind or put on the back burner for now. They may include my closes relatives, friends and even my very own children. So that I can reach the future that God has for me then I need to let them go and allow myself to be happy. I have to feel that I deserve to be happy. What God has done at this time in my life is to put me at a place where I'm at peace. Is all right in my life?

No, there are many things that need to be attended to. But for the first time ever I know that He is able to lead me through to a better life. While there is still painful things I must deal with. I'm able to handle it better. I may cry and hurt inside but now I look at the negative to find the positive that hides within. I can smile and sing to myself. I can work through the situations and know that whatever the problem is that it will pass as long as I keep my eyes focused on Christ Jesus.

Today I can say that I am happy. I can say that I have joy. I can say that I have peace and I can say that I have focus and direction. I know now that those who won't go with me that my best bet is to keep them in prayer and handle everything with the power of love. I know I can love my way through anything. I know that the last half of my life will be better then the first half. That there is so much more that God has for me.

So I can sing that song "Happy" and really feel it. Can't nobody bring me down, because I'm happy!!! My goals are my destiny and my destiny resides with God the Father. I can love even while I'm feeling pain and for the first time I know that I must trust, have faith, and take one day at a time. One second, one moment, one hour, one day. Trust in God in all of your ways and only He can direct your paths. Don't put your hope and trust in people they will fail you.

God is our goal and it's His gifts that we need to develop and just live the great life that he has created for each one of us. I don't care about rejection any more. It will come and it will go. So someone rejects me. Now I know that it's their lost and not mine. I shall walk with the Lord and enjoy all of the joy that He wants me to have. I walk in love, joy and peace. Most of all I walk with self control.

So now that I've gotten all of this out of me I can move on and enjoy my brand new happy life. Gotta to love me and I gotta to love you.

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