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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Should Dark Skin or Light Skin Matter to the Black Woman

In 2013 should
 we be dealing with the difference in our skin color?

The Black Woman is just beautiful!
This statement I can make because I am one. In defense of us there is no other woman on the planet that is so different. We come in many lovely shades, shapes, and hair textures. We should never be at odds with each other where our culture or beauty is concern. Today I'm surprised and taken back a few because after all of this time we are revisiting ourselves in terms of color.

This should never be something that we should have to concern ourselves with. Many want to separate us as the light skinned black woman vs. the darker skin black woman. This to me is ridiculous.  We are like lovely flowers. That once we are put together we become a fragrant bouquet. I don't want us to ever allow others views to taint how we feel about our fellow sisters.

The world already want to make the black woman as the last person on the totem pole of life. We are under represented in the world and have to feel that if we don't look like other races that we are not beautiful. We are so lovely and strong. We can do anything because most of the black women start with nothing and turn that nothing into something incredible.

At this time in our lives we should be supporting each other in our beauty not attempting to separate by using color as our source. This is what they use against us from the beginning so we should not join in and start an under group that is doing the same thing. I know that its  unfair in the world market but ladies lets face it we are smart and strong. What we need to do is create our own markets. Our own  businesses our own movies our own whatever to show the world as we work together that we love ourselves.

If we look at each other in terms of color, hair, and body build then we are saying that we don't like ourselves. We are the mother queen and we must learn to love and embrace who we are. So I feel debating about the dark skin light skin black woman is a way for us to just be going around and around in circles. What we need to do is show on every level that we love each other no matter what the differences are and that we can work together to lift up each other.

We need to drop the crabs in the barrel mentality and push forward to represent ourselves as the mighty beautiful queens of God that we are. We have to turn a deaf ear on those who think that we don't count or we need to revisit the issues of light and dark. Face it we are all black women...beautiful women of color and that's the way the world will see us if we show them that this is the way we feel about ourselves.

As for Radical RevLa I love you all my sisters and my color is my color and it is great because the Almighty God made me this way. If I doubt Him and His creation of me than I'm saying that He made a mistake. Now we all know that God does not make mistakes so all my dear sisters of color lets love one another for who we are and embrace each others differences. Reach out and give your sister a hand up that way no matter if we are dark skinned or light skinned we are all able to reach for the stars.

What can I say but.....gotta love us....no really you do.

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