Radical RevLa Welcomes You

Monday, September 26, 2011

I Miss Radical RevLa....What about You?

I love roses and my favorite color is pink therefore I see
 Radical RevLa as a continuing blooming pink rose.

I woke up this morning and I suddenly notice that something was missing. I couldn't put my hands on just what it was. I attempted to look around and wonder why I was feeling this way. Could it be that something was out of place? Did a thief come in the night and rob me of something very valuable? Did I misplace something very important and my mind was attempting to let me know? Ok really what could cause me to wake up on such a perfect Autumn day feeling lost or that I had lost?

So I just push this feeling aside and decided that whatever it was it was not important enough for me to remember so I should just get on with my day. The drive to work was uneventful. I said my morning prayers and blessed everyone and everything I could think of. Still I felt as if something was out of order. On the long drive to work I began to take inventory and came up with nothing out of order. I arrived at work and set about my day. I prayed over my office and everyone in the building so I would have a decent day. I opened my computer and before I knew it I was here at this blog.

As you can see I have not had the time to invest in this blog for awhile. I have been assigned to other things and this one had to be put to the wayside. I began to read about this Radical child of God. I could not recognize her because I had not seen or felt her in awhile. Then suddenly it clicked. This was the missing element. Radical RevLa has been asleep for awhile and I needed to wake up the sleeping giant. I knew then that her voice was missing and that she could not be sent out to pasture. That a vital force was placed in cold storage and that it needed to be revived.

Face it ...bottom line
 I missed Radical RevLa!!!

So world I wonder did you miss her too? Did that little piece of crazy logic mixed with Godly wisdom loose its taste in your mouth? Or were you craving just a little more of the Radical Women of the Bible. Or the Radical force of Christ? I missed it and didn't know it. So now that I found the missing link I plan on bringing her back as often as I can. If you missed her then guess what?