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Sunday, February 2, 2014

It's Not Meant For Them

God has blessed us with a unique journey that is only for us individually. What I found that in the past I was so busy trying to explain what I had been called to do and didn't understand why no one could see it but me. Not only see it but care about it. I would allow their response to cause me to get caught up in my feelings. Wondering why people could not be happy for me. I would run to my family and friends thinking they would be happy and excited for me as I was and would meet a stonewall. Or worst ignored altogether.

I would start on my God given journey and would attempt to include people in it that was not suppose to be a part of that process. I would get down and have the blues and would not let it go. I would find myself talking about it to everyone in my circle. Trying my best to prove myself only to get hurt when they never gave me the love or support that I was looking for. Their rejection just made me push harder to achieve perfection.

Each goal I met would cause them to reject or ignore me more. My circle became smaller and smaller. I was lonely yet I continued with my journey. I was so glad and pleased with each new accomplishment and then run back to show them what I had done. Only to get the same response. I could not understand why they could not be happy for me or jump on board with me. I would think if the shoe was on the other foot I would be so proud of them.

I made sure that if any of my family or friends did anything that was their God given assignment then I would be their biggest cheerleader. I didn't just give them lip service but I would show them that I was happy from my heart. I would encourage and support them. I would pray for their journey. I knew that if God blessed them that it would be only a matter of time before he would bless me as well. I wanted to show others the love and support that I so wanted myself. While they accepted what I had to give they never gave me the same.

I prayed and was given my answer. Many would never understand what God had for me was for me. I didn't need man's approval to certify me in what God's plans were for my life. I could rest in the journey and just keep moving down my path. As I traveled on my journey there was only one who I had to please. That is my God and King. It's His plan that I follow and it's His comfort that I seek. He even allowed me to see my family and friends in a different light. 

While they may not say anything about what I do or how I do it in a way that would support me its alright. Some will never and some might but either way it should not affect me on my course. I just have to believe that it's not their fault that they don't understand my journey. It's not meant for them to because the journey is meant for me. Now that I know this I have decided that I will love and support all those I can as they do their God given journey. 

As for me I'm going for everything that God has for me. If no one likes it or encourages me about it then its fine. I know one day I will hear:
"Well done my good and faithful servant" 
So what can I say but:
Gotta love me…and I gotta love you!!!

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