Radical RevLa Welcomes You

About Me

I am Rev. LaWaughn Rouse and I'm so glad you came to visit my new house.
This is a new blog for our ministry. My very own personal one where I get to let you know the workings of RevLa as one of the Radical Women of Christ
So if you are wondering just who we are?
We are 2-R-1-N CHRIST Marriage and Relationship Ministry
Our goal is to bring the love back in those of Christ who are married
in a relationship or single who want to understand love God's way. We are also 
We have the latest and the greatest social network offering the best of Facebook and Twitter but we have the ability to establish a better relationship with Lord Jesus as we fellowship with each other
However this blog is to just take a look at the Radical Love of women
who have been called by God for Kingdom Building in a world
who fights against them at every turn.
There will be women from the bible, from the past, and those of us now that has picked
up that mantle and continued the battle.
We are not here to bash men, or to point a finger or blame at anyone. Our goal is
to honor these ladies and to show their strength, perseverance, and most of all
there radical love for Jesus.
Radical RevLa
Join us at our main website
and try the new social scene