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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Radical RevLa: In Defense of the Black Lady

The Black Woman
There is nothing wrong with being strong

I am a strong Black Lady. A woman of color. A well educated Afro-American Lady. I come from  a family of proud, independent, self-sufficient, and very beautiful Ladies.  Most of all we are God loving and God fearing woman. Brought up to establish a true relationship with Lord Jesus and walk in His Light in all that we do. So what's the big deal?

Black Women are labeled before we walk into a room. We are seen as the angry black woman. Always standing somewhere with our hands on our super large hips or with one on the hip and the other waving that finger that helps us get our point across. While there is really nothing wrong with that image. As a black woman we should not feel bad for some common things that we do however the world automatically thinks that we are all this way. Really if you look at what most black women have to endure day in and day out they have a fair right to be angry.

We are last on the list of people in the human race. We are told that we are not pretty, too fat, too dark, or too light. Our hair is called nappy and unattractive or we all wear weave. We have big breast, big butts, and wide hips. We don't have a brain. We live to slave for a man. We are just not worth the effort. It doesn't matter how much education we have. How long and curly our hair is. How beautiful our skin is. Or how curvy our shapes are we are never considered good enough.

We are laughed at and talked about. Where it comes to the church we are used to build, hold up, and do the work of church building. We fry chicken, fish, turkey and anything we can to sell and make dinners that would make your mouth water. We do this over and over to bring in money for the pastor's dreams of the building fund. We bake, have clothing drives, candy sells and tee shirt fund raisers and before you know it the church travels from the red color of debt to the black balance of debt freedom for God's house. Then after all of their back braking work the church is now growing and money is coming in the pastor would get up and give a sermon on how we are not going to build the church on chicken dinners.

Really pastor is that not how you got the church to its present stability? If these black sisters did not work and give it all that they had your church would still be in the dream stage. We are not given credit for just being who we are. The real us "Ladies". Yes world that's who we really are. Top notched ladies. Smart and hard working. Problem solvers. Faithful and resourceful. Kind and I repeat Kind and Smart. We have run households on no money. We have worked several part-time jobs and sent our children to college. We have started multi-million dollar businesses doing everyday things.

Many black female ministers can preach and teach with the best of them. Many live the word instead of just talking about the word. Many run their churches and households efficiently and never miss a beat. They remain faithful and loyal wives to their husbands and will defend them while fighting for what their spouse's believe in. We have raised the majority of the people of this world regardless of color or nationality. We are so strong that some don't understand that we do hurt, we do cry, we do feel , but we shake it off and keep on going. The majority of us live to raise and love our children in the way of Christian living and attempt to teach them good morals as well as academics.

So world in our defense give us a break. Let us be treated as who we are kind and loving ladies. We have a heart that I feel is very close to God and we are shunned by our own as well as the other races of the world. Stop and look at the contributions made by the black women and then start giving her the respect that she has coming to her. Not only that get another picture of how the true black lady looks and acts. Most of us might be angry  but we still go on doing what's needed and painting that smile on as we push our way to victory regardless of how we are treated.

Give us a break and lots of love we worked hard for it. We are not begging or asking because as you can see even without your respect we still continue to live our lives to the fullest.
All this coming from little radical me!!!
A Black Lady of God

Friday, November 4, 2011

Radical RevLa: Sometimes You Just Need A "Selah" Moment

Recently I learned a new word...ok let me rephrase that I learned to use an old word in a new way! That great new/old word is "Selah". Those of you who read the Psalm would have seen this word but as we have been taught to just ignore it and keep reading. Why were we taught this you ask? Simply because the Psalms are a collection of songs and Selah is put in for the reader/ singer to pause.
I was the guest preacher for Sunday morning service at a wonderful church last week. While preparing my sermon I asked God to give me what He would have me give to that congregation.
Being the radical preacher that I am I always ask the person that has invited me to preach if they have a theme or something that their pastor would like for the church to concentrate on. This way I don't go into my radical world. Well as my luck has it they did not and being me I just said "oh well Lord give it to me and I will deliver it to them." With that said for a week before the service God began to talk to me and the word "Selah" kept coming up. I thought this is not really a true word. Its just a pause right?....but was I so wrong.

When I read up on the word I found that it meant to: take a pause. to reflect, to absorb, take a pregnant pause, to incorporate.  Wow...this word does have meaning. Now I flew back to the Book of Psalm and began to read. I notice that whenever something very important was said then you would see the word Selah. I discovered that they wanted the person singing or reading to stop, pause, absorb, incorporate, allow a pregnant pause...in other words to get what was just said in your system before going to the next phase.

My eyes opened wide. Suddenly I really understood. We need to have a Selah Moment. There are times when we just have to Stop, and see or analyzes what's going on around us. We have to absorb what is being given to us keep the good parts and discard the bad. We have to incorporate the word or the positive into our present being. We have to pause long enough to become pregnant with the promise of the word allowing that seed to grow and produce the blessed harvest. Can you believe that one little over looked word could mean so much?

Well my sermon was on developing a Selah Moment and the pastor of the church was elated. He stated that not only did he see something new but in his close to 80 years he has never heard anyone preach on the word Selah or develop its meaning to a form that we could adapt. He said "only God Himself could give you that!"

I was happy and humbled but very grateful that our Lord chose this radical lady of Christ to deliver that Word in my own way...(trust me I was every bit of my radical self...ha,ha,ha,)

But really this is what I want you to take away from all of this: I learned that you can have a Selah Moment in everything. There have been times since the sermon that I have been approached wrong...my spirit just yelled "Selah". I automatically paused and took a deep breath. I've been ready to scream at my husband, children, or co-workers...I simply stated out loud "Selah" and I paused and just looked at the moment.

So now I have a new mantra....SELAH!!!...this word is going to keep me from going off on the deep end and loosing it. For I know that if I can just take that Selah moment this Radical Child of God and step back and look at what's in front of me with different eyes.

I leave you with this:
When you read the book of Psalm stop and pause when you see the word selah. Go back and see what was said before the word and see what God is trying to tell you pause on that until you receive something. 

Next when somebody or something gets on your very last nerve then just yell (either out loud or in your spirit) "SELAH" and pause. See if God wants you to bash them....(ok bad RevLa that was sooooo wrong in soooooo many ways let me try again) 
See what God will have you do! (now that was so much better...ha,ha,ha)
Trust me just doing those two things will save you alot!
As always stay blessed in the Lord and know that your radical friend is out there doing His Will......
but doing it with my swagger style to it....gotta love me!

PSALM 89:1 (selah added by Me!)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Radical RevLa: I'm Free Just Being Me

Free at Last to just be me. Such great Joy

Why did it take me so long to be free and comfortable just being me?  After all who really could be Radical RevLa but me. I realize now its always been a big job being me.
Not that I'm all that as the young kids would say but looking back over my 59 years of living it has dawned on me that I'm a bit much.

Had I been my own mother I would have ran away from me as quickly as I could. Let's face it God knew all that would be needed to deal with a radical such as I am so He gave me not just one mother but two. One that gave birth to me and one who raised me from the age of 3 months until adulthood. In fact it was the passing away of my mother (the one who loved and raised me and didn't have to) that has sparked this wonderful sense of freedom.

Her passing has had me refelecting on myself as a person. Most of the time I'm so critical about myself. Always looking in the mirror and finding all of the flaws. Too fat, too old, too gray, too, too, too! But this time I've stood in the mirror and said "you know kid you are not that bad" It seemed like once my ears hear those words a feeling of peace over took me. I no longer really cared what anyone said or thought about me. I was free!

Free to live my life as God has called me to do. Free to look the way I want to. Free to loose weight or gain weight or to stay the same it didn't matter because ....guess what? I'm free!!! Oh the joy I feel. The peace I'm enjoying and the love I have gain leaves me speechless...(yeah right!!)

So for those who can not understand why I smile when I know people around me are talking bad about me. For those who can't seem to understand why I dress as if I walked out of a vintage fair on a Sunday morning. For those who just can't seem to understand how I can do a thousand things at one time but look as if I'm doing nothing. Then I will give you my answer
As Martin Luther King said


Monday, September 26, 2011

I Miss Radical RevLa....What about You?

I love roses and my favorite color is pink therefore I see
 Radical RevLa as a continuing blooming pink rose.

I woke up this morning and I suddenly notice that something was missing. I couldn't put my hands on just what it was. I attempted to look around and wonder why I was feeling this way. Could it be that something was out of place? Did a thief come in the night and rob me of something very valuable? Did I misplace something very important and my mind was attempting to let me know? Ok really what could cause me to wake up on such a perfect Autumn day feeling lost or that I had lost?

So I just push this feeling aside and decided that whatever it was it was not important enough for me to remember so I should just get on with my day. The drive to work was uneventful. I said my morning prayers and blessed everyone and everything I could think of. Still I felt as if something was out of order. On the long drive to work I began to take inventory and came up with nothing out of order. I arrived at work and set about my day. I prayed over my office and everyone in the building so I would have a decent day. I opened my computer and before I knew it I was here at this blog.

As you can see I have not had the time to invest in this blog for awhile. I have been assigned to other things and this one had to be put to the wayside. I began to read about this Radical child of God. I could not recognize her because I had not seen or felt her in awhile. Then suddenly it clicked. This was the missing element. Radical RevLa has been asleep for awhile and I needed to wake up the sleeping giant. I knew then that her voice was missing and that she could not be sent out to pasture. That a vital force was placed in cold storage and that it needed to be revived.

Face it ...bottom line
 I missed Radical RevLa!!!

So world I wonder did you miss her too? Did that little piece of crazy logic mixed with Godly wisdom loose its taste in your mouth? Or were you craving just a little more of the Radical Women of the Bible. Or the Radical force of Christ? I missed it and didn't know it. So now that I found the missing link I plan on bringing her back as often as I can. If you missed her then guess what?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Radical RevLa: Alone but not Lonely

Standing alone does not always mean you are lonely

Accepting your call to the ministry can sometimes place you in a very lonely place. I've been away from the blogging world due to my ministerial commitments so I'm excited to be back. I will be bringing the Radical Women of the bible series back very soon. However I just wanted to take a moment to encourage some of you Radical Ladies of ministry today that have found themselves alone as they seek to do God's Will.

Recently I've been given another assignment in my role of Kingdom Building. Being new to facebook I'v noticed that most of the people there are social and having fun with their virtual friends. I thought that this was great. To find people you haven't seen or talked to in years. As with our family its a way to communicate to the entire family different events or information thats going on with the family. I also noticed that there are some who want to speak more about God but don't feel as comfortable. Or some who want a more wholesome place. As I was pondering these things in my heart I felt the Lord speak to me and say "I want to connect with my people. They don't know me in a social everyday way. I'm with them in everything but they only have a religious picture of me. I want you to place me in their virtual world."

I took this to mean that I was commissioned to speak more about Him on facebook and twitter. Anybody that knows me understands that I always find a way to talk about my first Love. But I really want to let the world know that the Lord is fun and wants us to enjoy Him and need Him in our everyday. So I talked and talked and talked about the Lord but no one really cared. It didn't matter to me because being the radical lady that I am I knew that I would just continue to do the job that I have been assigned to do.
Then I discovered that God did not want me to do what I was doing just on facebook or twitter. That He wanted me to start a mini-ning group based on Him in the everyday. Well I really didn't know how to do this but as always I was willing to do His will.

Ladies this is how FEELING GOD social network was created but that's not the end of the story or why I'm writting this.
When called to do your job those that you thought you could count on may not be there. You may loose friends and family. You may find yourself sitting at the window looking out by yourself. You maybe be the only one chating to God alone on your network...ha,ha,ha,...you may even doubt that you have been called to do whatever the job is that you were called to do. When you find yourself in this place of being alone and notice I said "when" then remember this:
You may be alone but you are never lonely when you choose God.

Continue to do your job and don't worry about numbers or what other people are doing and thinking. If you have to do it all then continue to do it to the best of your ablility. Honor God in your best works. Love those who have left or abandoned you. Ignore family and friends who don't stand with you or talk about you or wish for you to fail. Step out of the boat and simply walk on water towards Christ Jesus. Don't listen to the wind or look at the waves. Some of the greatest evangelist, pastors, and preachers started out with no one in their corners. They had events only to be the only person there. But those strong determined men and women of Christ stood and preached as if they were speaking to groups of thousands. By doing that simple act of obedience these same great pillars of Christ are doing just that speaking to millions all over the world.

So just remember do what you vowed to do. Radical Ladies we will have it even harder so stand strong and stand tall. When you find that you are alone then remember that He is always there to fill the void. As long as you are doing your job to best of your ablility and for His Glory then you will never be lonely.
Trust in Him He will work it out. Then before you know it He will open the flood gates and you will have more people around you then you will even want....ha,ha,ha. While alone keep working on perfecting whatever it is that you are doing. Find ways to work around those people that you were counting on to help you. Love them and forgive them but don't let them stand in your way.
As I stand with you in prayer know that as a Radical Woman of Christ I know what you are going through but I also know that we are the called ones and we must encourage each other as we travel on this rough road.

As you look out of your window alone smile and place all the great things that will come from the work that you do in your vision. Purpose to do your job and be happy and content. Always remember while you are alone you are never lonely for He let us know "I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU OR FORSAKE YOU"
Smooches my Radical Ladies of Christ
and if you want to enjoy the new mini-ning come visit and join up anytime

Monday, April 25, 2011

Radical Love: Who is Jesus God or Man?

So that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught
Luke 1:4

This is the last post in our Radical Love series. As before we ask that you go back and read them all so you can have a full understanding.
Our last trouble word and the most controversial one of all is
Over 2000 years has passed and that name is still one of the biggest trouble words ever.
Saying His name, writing His name, and believing in His name still causes some to go to the deep end. They feel its perfectly alright to worship any and everything right down to the sacred pig
but let a true CHRISTian speak of Him and suddenly its
I for one know that it takes faith in Him to understand who He really is.
I can tell you all day who He is but if you don't believe as I do then I'm wasting my time.
If you think that the bible is just a book of fantasy and not inspired by God
then I can quote every scripture in it and still you would not believe.

However just humor me. For the sake of this post let's just say that you do believe.
That you do have faith!!!
You believe that God our Father loved us enough to save us.
You believe that after man betrayed Him in the garden and sinned that He developed something
that would save us as well.
You believe that God the Son by choice came down from heaven and was born as both Man and
God via a virgin's birth.
You believe that this said God/Man was and is Jesus The Christ
And you must believe that Jesus Lived and Died to save us from our sins and
reunite us with God the Father for eternity!!!
That He died on a Friday and was resurrected on a Sunday

Then if you believe all of this than you will listen to no one who states otherwise.
If you believe this then you know that your real home is in heaven and that right now you have a job to do that no one else can do while on earth.
You know that The Holy Spirit is in you to guide you into all truth and that you live for Christ Jesus as you go about doing your part in Kingdom Building.
I will not debate or attempt to convince anyone about who He is. I will just walk the walk that I've been given to walk.
I will talk the talk that I've been given to speak.
I will Love CHRIST with my whole heart and serve Him until I leave this earth and go on to glory!!!

Do you think I sound like an extreme preacher?
Do you think I don't know what I'm talking about?
Do you think that maybe Jesus is not who I say He is?
Maybe you are right. Maybe He is not the Christ. Maybe all of these over 2000 years of worship is wrong?
Then if it is true that what you say is right then really I loose nothing.
I just wasted my time attempting to do good and live a moral loving life and then I died and "The End".
BUT.......and as I always state this one too is a "VERY BIG BUT"
What if I'm Right??? What if He is the King of Glory???
What if You don't believe and can not live forever in heaven with the God Head?
What if you denied Him as you lived and rejected Him when you had the opportunity to Live forever in the presence of the Holy One?
What if you die and go to hell because you didn't stop and take the time to believe?
Or go to a place that was not created for you but for satan and his demons?

Now lets look at this if I am wrong you have absolutely nothing at all to loose!!!
But if I am right then you have only one thing to loose and one thing to gain....
You loose your place in heaven and separation from God who is Love for all of eternity
and you gain a place in "hell with satan and all of his demons for ever!!!
 If you look at my book (the bible) that place is eternity of burning fire and agony
it is said that you burn always!!! An eternity of burning and gnashing of teeth!!!
Ever seen anyone who hurts so bad that all they can do is gnash there teeth?
Pain beyond Pain!!!

So what do I have to say
Now its your choice where you spend Eternity!!!

Thank You Jesus for "Sonday"


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Radical Vashti: A Queen Who Chose To Be Deposed Rather Than Disrespected

Queen Vashti refused to come, then the king became furious and burned with anger.

Who is Queen Vashti and why should she be included in our series of radical women? How important could she really be since she was talked about for less than one and a half pages in the book of Esther. For those of us that know the bible we remember the two books in the Old Testament that has a woman as the main character. It is Ruth and Esther. In the book of Esther the focus is on her and the bold move that she took to save God's people the Jews. However before we get to Queen Esther there is another queen that made a bold move that in my opinion showed the ancient world that women were more than just an object to be treated any old kind of way.

Queen Vashti was married to Xerxes the king over Persia from 486 to 465 B.C. The Persians defeated the Babylonians who had captured the Jews and placed them in exile. Now with their defeat and capture the Jewish exiles were transferred to Persia. The capital city of Susa was the setting for the story of Esther under the  reign of King Xerxes I. So our story opens with the King of Persia Xerxes showing off his vast wealth for 180 days. After showing off his wealth he decided to have a party for all of his boys. (Now you must remember this is Radical RevLa's version).

King Xerxes had the best settings for his boys. The best hangings of linen fastened with white and purple materials with silver cords. In other words he brought out all of the good stuff to impress his guys with his wealth. He commanded his wine stewards to serve each man what he wished. They were allowed to drink all that they wanted. The King had their wine served in goblets of gold each different from the others and wine was plentiful the party was in high gear and on the seventh day old King Xerxes was about to take it up a notch.

Visual time: Picture a bunch of ancient rowdy men drinking to their hearts content. All yelling and cursing at the same time. Can you see them now "hey the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire....there's a party over here and there's a party over there...just throw your hands up in the air and wave them like you just don't care...its party time!!!!.....ha,ha,ha nothing like an ancient drunken boy party...OK visual over back to the point.

While all of this partying was going on Queen Vashti also gave a banquet for the women in the royal place. Visual time: The Queen and her ladies sitting around drinking tea...pinkies up in the air. Tea cookies and sandwiches. Dressed to kill latest ancient designer shoes.....ha,ha,ha...I know bad RevLa...but really the ladies were being just that and the men were off the royal chain. By day 7 it all came to a head.

According to the Word it states : "On the seventh day, when King Xerxes was in high spirits from wine, he commanded the seven eunuchs who served him to bring before him Queen Vashti, wearing her royal crown, in order to display her beauty to the people and nobles, for she was lovely to look at."
Translation: These men were beyond drunk...the king was now ready to humiliate the queen. He wanted her to come down naked except for her crown and to display her beauty in front of a room full of drunks. He wanted to let these men without any sense of self-control to see her in the nude. His wife and the queen of his land to be put on display like a common whore.

When the eunuchs came with the kings request the Words tells us this: "but when the attendants delivered the king's command, Queen Vashti refused to come. Then the king became furious and burned with anger."
Sidebar Ladies: Queen Vashti is my kind of woman. She had heard this party going on for days. All this drinking and yelling. Now after seven days of this foolishness the king had the audacity to have some man without genitals to come and command her to come to the hall with who knows how many drunks. Not only was she to come but she the queen was to come nude wearing only a crown. Really...did he really think that anyone would come like that during that time....a roomful of drunks....absolutely no way!!!

So basically Queen Vashti just didn't come. King Xerxes was so amazed that she didn't follow his orders that he didn't know what to do. I mean here we have the conqueror of nations. The bad boy of the ancient world and this Woman had the very nerve not to follow his orders. He was so messed up that he had to call in his experts consults to decide what he could legally do. These men had to put their heads together to figure out what to do with this lady who just was not going  to let a bunch of drunks humiliate her. So these so called great men and leaders of their day came together to decide how to handle Queen Vashti.

You must understand King Xerxes struck fear in the hearts of everyone. What he said was law. You could be killed even if you were his wife and approached him without permission. Now he had been disobeyed by a woman. Who did she think she was??? Not only that Ms. Vashti had set a standard. One that if the other women seen what she did and how she disobeyed they too would follow. According to the word it states: For the queen's conduct will become know to all the women, and so they will despise their husbands and say King Xerxes commanded Queen Vashti to be brought before him, but she would not come. This very day the Persian and Median women of the nobility who have heard about the queen's conduct will respond to all the king's nobles in the same way. There will be no end of disrespect and discord."

The men were afraid that the other women would follow her lead. These ancient men knew that if the women did this they would never be able to control them again. So they came together and decided to stop the women in their tracts before things got out of hand. They told the king that he had to come up with a royal decree and have it written into law that Queen Vashti was never again allowed to be in the presence of the king. Also the king was to give her royal position to someone else who was better than she. Translation: Not a woman who was better but one who would do what she was told even if it meant to come into a room full of drunk men naked!!!

They thought this would make the other women respect the men. RevLa's opinion: I think that secretly the Persian and Median women praised their queen for her stand and dignity. They might not have been able to outright show it but Queen Vashti gave away everything to be her own person. She was not the focus of the book of Esther. She was the lesser queen but to me I feel she too was great. Queen Vashti only held a few pages in the very beginning of the book of Esther. The story was about the Jews and how they were saved via this brave Jewish queen. That's God's greatest story but I see God showing us as ladies another one. 

Vashti shows us that we should never allow our dignity to be taken lightly. We should love ourselves enough that we can give up everything that this material world has to offer without looking back to maintain respect for who we are and who God made us to be. We were created from great stock and God created us as a gift. We are really something and we can not let any man reduce us down to nothing. An ancient pagan woman showed us that in no way should we allow anyone man or woman to disrespect us. Ladies we should never forget Radical Vashti. She gave up what most people would look at as everything but walked away with her self respect. She walked away with her head held high and a place in history as one of the world's greatest woman that ever lived. While I love what Esther did and trust me you will meet Radical Esther we can and should never over look Radical Vashti.

So who is Radical Vashti and why should she be included in our radical women series?
She is just one of the bravest women of her time and ours. To me she is the beginning of the women's movement. She stood for everything that's great in being a woman. She is a great example of love and respect for yourself as a woman. We as ladies of today should take notes from this great lady and never allow any man to compromise us in anyway form or fashion. The other great thing that she showed us is the power we really have. The bravest most vicious men of the ancient world was afraid that a little woman who refused to be placed on display would change the thinking of all the other women and that they would never have control if that happen. Hint, hint ladies can you see our real power and strength??? It dwells within our being. We can make or break the world if we would just trust in our Lord and ourselves but then that's another blog.

Radical Vashti we want you to know that we have not forgotten you. You are not just a one page wonder. You are a true woman of God who when faced with a decision that could cost you your life and your crown you chose to stand up for the dignity and respect of womankind. We thank you for that!!!

Radical Vashti a Queen who chose to be deposed rather than Disrespected!!!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Radical Mary: I know not a man

I know not a man
Talk about being a radical woman who could top Mary?
She was the ultimate. This young girl was presented with a task that I know many of us could never handle. She was told that she was going to be the mother of the King of Heaven.
What an honor? What a job? What pressure?
As a black girl I would say that this girl had "Heart" but as the Jewish girl that lives inside of me I would say that this girl had "Chutzpah"!!!
She had to have this inner strength because the job she was saying yes to could cause her to loose everything including her life. She would be a disgrace, the joke of the town and cause her family tremendous shame.
Not only that her husband could have her stoned if he chose to.
Yet this radical woman simply said yes to her calling without hesitation.
OK Ladies I think we should just stop right here and give this lady a standing ovation because
lets get real personally I think I'm a strong woman you know radical and all that but
really ladies when faced with stones being throw at me all at once from the whole town and all I could do was stand and take it......well that's just not going to happen. I would have to decline and take my chicken self back to the coop. So with great respect I thank this Radical Woman of God.

You see according to the ancient Jewish wedding customs Mary was married legally.
According to the wedding customs during those times Mary's father chose her husband. She did have the right to say yes or no. Once she said yes then they entered into the first part of the marriage agreement. The couple drank a cup of wine signed a paper and they were considered married. However they would not live together as man and wife at this time. If we were to compare this part of the marriage to what we do now it would be as if they were engaged except they were legally considered married and would have to have a divorce to end the relationship.
Mary would be left at her parents home until her husband finished building the home and obtaining the provisions etc. She would be looked at as a married virgin.
Mary clearly understood her current situation but once God's angel announced what she was asked to do
Mary never hesitated. She humbly accepted her task and never once doubted God.
She was a quiet powerhouse....ready to handle whatever her husband or the town had to throw at her including rocks if need be.
You see Joseph had the right to have her stone because she would be perceived as committing adultery. She would be looked at as soiled and being that they were legally married for all intense purposes she had stepped out of the covenant and became with child. Still knowing all of this she did not hesitate and said so be it. Who other than she could have that type of courage. Knowing that none of this would make sense to anyone? She still stood strong and took the job. Think about this. She had to face her parents, her husband, her town and her rabbi. She would be the talk of the town if she didn't get stoned first and she still said yes.
Could I have done this? Even with all of my faith I'm not sure that I would be that brave.
OK sidebar: I was really trying to be good but lets face it....its just not in me..so I'm going to get real
with all of my faith and yours and your sister and brother's faith I couldn't have done this at all!!!
What can I say confession is good for the soul...alright back to the lesson!!

Let us look at what Mary was being asked to do.
According to Luke 1 God sent the angel Gabriel to Nazareth a town in Galilee to a virgin who had been pledged
to Joseph a descendant of David. That virgin's name was Mary.
The angel greeted her and said these words
"you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you."
The scripture goes on to say that Mary was troubled at his words and wondered what kind of greeting was that. Gabriel went on to assure her not to be afraid.
Stop: visual aid...it is stated that the smallest angel is approx. 10 feet tall. Now we are talking about Gabriel here who was one of God's archangels so I'm assuming that Gabriel was three times as big as the smallest angel
(again all of this is my own opinion)
so he was expecting her to be afraid of him and he said to her do not be afraid.
However the picture that I want you ladies to see is that it was never stated that Mary showed any fear. She just listened. It wasn't his size or enormous presence it was his words his greeting. She was such a strong lady.
 Gabriel would never had to say to me "do not be afraid" I would have taken one look at this 30 foot man/angel and ran as fast as lighting or just passed out cold.

He went on to say "Do not be afraid, Mary, you have found favor with God. You will be with child and give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus. He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High. The Lord God will give him the throne of his father David, and he will reign over the house of Jacob forever; his kingdom will never end."
Radical Mary never missed a beat she just looked at the real picture and stated the obvious.
"How will this be, since I am a virgin?" This girl was looking at the real deal. She knew that she had never had sex and lets face it that's the only way that we know how to get pregnant.
Gabriel answered with an explaination. He said"The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. So the Holy One to be born will be called the Son of God. For nothing is impossible with God". Mary's entire life as she knew it was about to change and who really would believe that one night she went to bed a virgin and woke up pregnant without having sexual intercourse?

Our girl didn't skip a beat she quietly said "I am the Lord's servant. May it be to me as you have said". Then at that point the angel left her.
Mary's radical decision saved our lives. Mary's pure honest nature found favor from God. Mary set the tone for women like myself to just follow God in faith and never worry about what people would say about you. Now that was Mary's beginning with her Heavenly King child, but its more to this woman then just her beginnings. It has been said that its not how you begin but how you end. Let's see this woman who found favor from God that He made her the mother of the Holy One. Mary was one of the ladies that was at the foot of the cross when her innocent first born child was cruicified for our sins.
Sidebar visual: I was really trying to be good...but by now you know me...this must be said "Where were all the mighty disciples during this time? We see four women standing at the foot of the cross. Only John was there...good for you John you didn't punk out but what about the rest of the Jesus posse? The so called strong men..the leaders where were they? Only the ladies had heart/chutzpah. I'm not against men but really they need to get their act together and leave us alone. When we take a deep look at things they are not looking too good...enough said...back to the point..

As a mother I can not imagine standing and watching my child being tortured and killed for no reason. Just writing this now and just thinking about it I feel the tears coming.

According to John 19 it reads:
Near the cross of Jesus stood his mother, his mother's sister, and Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene..... When Jesus saw his mother there, and the disciple whom he loved standing nearby, he said to his mother, "Dear woman, here is your son", and to the disciple, "Here is your mother".
Jesus looked down and saw the women at his side. He saw his precious mother leading the pack. She was not going to abandon Him. His last act of sonship to her was to make sure she was being taken care of. So He stated that John was now her son and she was now his mother. From that time to her death she stayed with John as his mother and he her son.
You also must remember that by then Mary had other children who were by her husband Joseph but she chose to live with this disciple whom Jesus picked for her.

Mary ended her days as she began them. Choosing righteousness over what the world would think or say. She was commited to her job and stood in faith to the end of her task.
She knew that many did not believe her or her Son. She knew the road would be hard and she would be ridiculed. She never once second guest God or what was told to her. Nor did she care that what she said or belive made her appear crazy. I can see why she found favor in God's heart. How many of us would have done the same thing in the same way?

I thank Radical Mary for being our example. Whenever things get tough for me as a woman in a man's religious world I think back to what she might have gone through and I give thanks to God that we had her. Without her there would be no salvation for us.
So in closing I must state this....when you look at it Mary's only job was to have a baby. That baby changed the world as we know it. Remember ladies if God calls you to do a job it matters not how big it is or how small it seems. You never know when a small task for God will impact the world forever.
If you are called and say "yes" then the only thing that matters is starting right and ending right.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Radical Eve: The Uninformed

The Lord God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him."
Eve in her own right was a radical woman.
She was created by God as a solution for man's happiness and peace of mind.
She was a blessing to the man and the world that had been created for the man and the creatures
of the Garden.
She was the only thing that had been made during creation that was not formed from the dirt of the ground.
She was made from a richer source. From man himself thereby making her a choice rich item.
She was created as a one of a kind designer original, not a off the rack creature made of clay.

So from day one Ms. Eve was the ultimate radical lady of God!!!
She had been given a job just like Adam's but hers was to be a help-meet.
Not a helpmate but one who meets a need.
The problem arose when this radical lady of God was given incomplete instructions from her husband.
Think about it. Have you ever been given instructions about something important from your husband?
If he is anything like mine you will get only bits and pieces of the information.
For the most part it will be wrong and its up to you to check it out before you carry it through.

My husband is famous for giving me information about some current event. In the past I would
repeat that information to others only to be laughed at because the information
was wrong as two left shoes.
I have learned to check out the sources before I repeat any of his latest information.
So I can understand poor Eve.

She was given her instructions about the tree of life by Adam.
He most likely told her that God said do not eat from the tree and don't touch it as well.
Why do I say this?
When the serpent talked to her about it she said that they could not eat from it or touch it.
She could only get that information from Adam.
Satan's biggest weapon then and now is presenting us with half truths.
We get pulled into his lies by the small amount of truth and before we realize the lie he has tripped us up.

In Eve's case when she gave that information to satan he said "did God really say that"?
In other words God didn't really say that they could not touch the tree, He said don't eat the fruit from the tree.
This presented Eve with doubt so therefore what he was saying begin to make sense.
Eve being made from great stock (now this is my interpretation) was smart and could reason well.
Being the first Radical Woman ever saw that this was a possibility.
So she listened to the con that satan was giving her and fell into his trap.
It is said that Eve was deceived and Adam made a choice to do wrong.

Another thing Adam's job was to protect.
Eve should have never been left alone talking to the serpent in the first place.
So where was he and what was he doing?
Not putting all of the blame on Adam, Eve should not have been disobedient.
However she has obtained a rotten reputation.
Everything in life that's bad has been blamed on her.
Man has used her as the reason for mistreating women to this day.
Adam played a big role in this downfall because he was not on his job of being his wife's protector.
She should not have been left alone talking to that evil demon.

Next he did not give her God's instructions as was given to him.
He added the untruth that allowed her to question the whole.
He didn't take up for her when God asked what had he done and he said "the woman that you gave me".
In other words he blamed God and the woman and thus brought separation between man and woman
from the very beginning.

Now on the other hand Eve should have never listened to the snake.
Ok...sidebar....I hate snakes. In those days snakes walked on little legs which meant
he was standing up talking to her. Can you see this picture in your mind? A long snake standing
talking to me. Really...Really...people do you really think I would have been standing there talking
to a standing snake.....ok end of sidebar just had to say that... now back to the lesson.

Eve, by not running this conversation by her husband was attempting to act independently of her spouse.
They should have been two together as one. On one accord.
The other thing that I really think in my opinion was her real fault was that she offered the evil fruit to her

She became aware at once that what she had done was wrong. She also understood the influence she had on Adam.
He was alone and unhappy before she was created. Again my opinion I don't think the boy
 was all that smart or just very naive and innocent.
Why do I feel this way? You see Adam gave up Paradise for a woman!!!
Let's face it, if woman was given that choice of eating the fruit and loosing paradise vs.
not eating the fruit and chilling in Eden for the rest of her days....come on ladies
you know the answer....on three all together now....EDEN, EDEN, EDEN!!!
Ok Radical RevLa joke!!!
 Really all jokes aside I don't think that the woman would have made that choice.
So she was wrong in causing the man to fall by enticing him to eat the fruit knowing
that he could not live another day without her. For those who know the bible
 1st Peter tells us that one day in God's life is 1000 years in ours.
Adam could not go another 1000 years without his rib.

Was Eva a radical woman of God?
 Yes she was.
She was strong and determined. She would have done what God said if she was given the
correct information. She was smart and unfortunately she was independent of her
husband when she made the world's worse decision.
She deserves a brake. She just didn't know. Didn't have all of the facts.
She was attempting to hold her own with something that was more craftier than she.

She set the tone. She did wrong but took her punishment and kept moving.
Eve we don't fault you for being a radical woman....you were just uninformed!!!

Ok.....sidebar......Really Eve did you have to earn us pain with childbirth???....had to get
that one out.....ha,ha,ha,
Radical Woman #1 Eve....the Uninformed


Friday, March 18, 2011

Guest Blogger This Week At "While The Dervish Dances"

Is that You God?
From: the pen of Rev. LaWaughn Rouse at Radical RevLa
To: God Almighty Power@heavenmyhome.org
Hey God,
It’s me, yeah me, Radical RevLa. Thought I’d send you an email because let’s face it, this is the fastest way. Thank you for giving me the time I needed to make sense of our last conversation. I understood what you were trying to tell me but didn’t want to accept it. The bird in the nest thing is hard for me to accept but the concept was exactly what was needed at the time. Likewise the caterpillar and the cocoon. The only way to evolve – and yes, really, I do get it! – is for a mother to stop mothering, or rather, to mother in a different way. But oh it is so hard to do. See, my daughter is my princess, my baby girl, the last child I will ever have. And she needs me.......to read entire blog  http://www.cathykozak.com/

This week I have the honor to be one of the guest bloggers at "while the dervish dances" a blog by Cathy Kozak. She is a great author and has a wonderful blog. She also has a book coming out soon. Please continue reading my post "Letters From The Edge" and enjoy her blog posts as well. She can also be found at She Writes.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Radical Love: What's LOVE Got to do with it?.....Everything!!!

A Woman's heart knows love and its that love that motivates her to walk to a different beat

As we travel on this quest of Radical Love. We arrive at our next problem word.
As we stated in all of the post we suggest that you go back and read each post
in order to obtain the full understanding of where we are coming from.
Our focus with this post is on the trouble word
Everyone seems to know what love is. When you ask anyone what is their definition of love
they can come quickly with an answer.
Some say its a deep feeling causing one to act in an amorous way.
Others say that it will cause you to fall and the next thing you know you can't see anything but
the person that caused you to fall in the first place.

We have the dictionary's version of love which states:
A strong positive emotion of regard and affection
A profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person
A feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection
Is a force that all people have the ability to recognize regardless of religion, culture or personal.

We have the definition from the Word of God
patient, kind,does not envy, does not boast
is not proud, is not rude, is not self-seeking,
is not easily angered, keeps no record of wrongs.
Does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.
It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
It never fails!!!

So what does all of this have to do with the woman that has a radical love?
This woman has love as her main motivation.
Without this strong desire led by love she could not take on the job that has been assigned to her.
She knows that she must be patient in order to get her point across. She must walk in kindness because
there will be many who will approach her in a negative way. She does not envy because she knows
who she is and who she represents.
Her walk will prove her worth so she has no need to toot her own horn. She allows others
to speak about her so boasting is not necessary.
She is not proud but has pride in her abilities to do the job at hand.
Many will greet her in rudeness but she will never be rude no matter how they attempt to
cause her to be.

She's is not doing the assignment to promote herself. She honors her call and brings the attention back
to her creator.
She knows that many will attack her to push her into becoming angry. So she knows how
to avoid becoming easily angered.
She has no need to keep records of the wrongs done towards her however she does learn from
the wrong things that has happened.
She knows the truth and that is her delight so rejoicing in evil is not a part of her.
She protects what she knows is right, she trusts in her calling, she has hope in her mission
and she pushes forward with all perseverance.

Most of all She Knows that LOVE IS GOD and He never fails.
Therefore she understands where she has short comings LOVE does not.
A radical woman must love to do the job that she is given. She must possess a
strong positive emotion of regard and affection for God.
She has developed that passionate affection for her Lord that will cause her to stand in the face of
the enemy and not wavier.
She knows that it takes this force that all people have the ability to recognize but very seldom use it
for the purpose of helping mankind.

Many will condemn this woman.
They will look at her and attach many negative motives for why she does what she does.
They will try to cut her down.
Discourage her.
But what they will never know or understand is that this woman
is radical in her love for her mission.
She knows exactly what love is.

Her heart knows who Love is.
Most of all
When asked "so what does love have to do with any of this"?
The radical woman of God will clearly state

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Radical Love: Extreme Rebel

There comes a time when a woman must take a stand by any means necessary!

As we continue with our post on Radical Love. We will look at the next problem word. Again we suggest that you read the first two post so you will have a complete view of this entire picture.
Radical is not a word that most people would associate with a woman.
She is suppose to be complacent and conforming. Never allowing herself to be placed in the
same company as anyone or anything radical.
When a woman takes on the characteristics of a radical then she gets labeled and lowered
to a level that allows her to be seen in a lower quality.
Most of the people who are projecting this negativity on her does not know
the meaning of the word.

What really does radical mean?
According to the definition the word radical means the following:
A description of an action or thing which is especially impressive.
An extremist of a belief or a rebel
Departing markedly from the usual
Arising from or going to a root or source

Ladies of Christ, Ladies in Leadership, Ladies who are about to make change
Do not listen to the voices of the masses.
There is nothing wrong with us.
We are on a mission that only our types of personalities and strength can handle.
We have to set this world a fire for whatever the purpose that God created us for. We can not
loose our focus.
We can not loose what makes us women and what powers our inner strength.

I can proudly say yes I am a Radical!
A true Rebel!
You see I am an extremist for My Lord and my assigned work. I have a strong belief in my calling
and I will not allow anyone to take this away from me.
We the ladies who are called out for the purpose of doing the extreme work handed down to us must
depart from the usual.
We must arise from or take it to the root or source.

And in the end
We are the ladies who are described to take action that will be especially impressive.
Yes we are the Lady Rebels who will not let anyone stand in our way.
We are the Radical Lovers for the cause in which we have been called for.
We are the ones who will be looked upon in the negative but know in our hearts that our God
has equipped us for the long haul.
We will not bet turned around nor will we allow anyone to get in our way.

We are the keepers of the cause.
We are the Rebels.
Not just rebels but extreme rebels.
Rebels of the greatest possible degree. Intense To the utmost!
Say what you want and do what you must

There comes a time when a woman must take a stand by any means necessary

Monday, February 21, 2011

Radical Love: Repeat After Me A Woman Can Not Be A Preacher!!!

Then Jesus said to them, "Do not be afraid. Go and tell my brothers"

As we continue with the next part of our series Radical Love and the five problem words this post
will focus on the next problem word
I ask that you read the first post in this series so you can understand where we are coming from with
this series. Our focus is on radical ladies who are called as leaders to spread
the Word of God as a minister.
In the last blog we focused on our gender. While we are still talking about our gender
we are now looking at the office itself.

Those of us who have been called into the ministry know that its one of the hardest decisions that we
ever had to make. I for one didn't want to do it and attempted to run from my calling.
I didn't want the attention that being a preacher would bring into my life.
Yes I had a very strong belief and faith in God.
I didn't have a problem doing church work. Teaching Sunday school. Writing and directing
church plays. I could jump into the women's ministry and do whatever I was called to do.
But when my Lord called me out of my safe place I must say I hesitated.
Not only did I hesitate. I ran as fast as I could to the hills.
I didn't even pass "Go...nor did I collect my $200 dollars"
I just ran!!!

What a waste of time that was. How can you run away from God?
He didn't beat me into it however His call never stopped.
I knew that I would have to get real with who I proclaim to be.
The problem was that I didn't want to deal with all the negativity.
I kept saying "God if your intentions for my life was to be your spokesperson then why did you
make me a woman???"
His answer was just plain and simple.

So I said yes and as soon as I went to my senior pastor I got my first taste of what was to
There was another person and myself that went to our pastor on the same day. We sat
outside of his office waiting our turn to speak to him.
While sitting there we started talking and became very excited because he was telling
me that he had been called to preach. I said me too. He gave me a funny look
but didn't say anything else.
I was on cloud nine. You see I finally excepted the call on my life.
He went in first.
While he was in the pastor's office the first lady (his wife) of the church came and sat down
beside me.

So we started talking. I didn't know at the time that she was sent out to talk to me about what
I was about to convey to her husband.
She asked me what I was going to see pastor about.
Being very naive and excited I started telling her that I had been called by God to be a minister.
She allowed me to talk and talk and talk.
Then she just took my hand and said
"Repeat after me....women should not be preachers and they can not be pastors"
Pulling my hand away I just looked at her. Her eyes had no life in them.
She had a pasted smile on her lips and for the first time she appeared ugly and false to me.
My heart broke and I said nothing. I just sat there waiting my turn.
She soon got the message and got up and went back into her husband's office.

The pastor and the man that was with me came out. He gave first lady a hug and the men
shook hands.
My pastor was saying to him that he would start his minister's class that following Thursday.
The man smiled and turned to leave. He would not look at me. My heart sunk and I knew now
why God had really called me.
I was determined right there and then I was not going to let anyone turn me around. God wanted me
and I said yes. This was no game or joke. I got ready for the fight to come.

That was over 14 years ago. It has been an up hill battle ever since.
God has given me strength and comfort.
I have never looked back over all I had to do to get here. I was made to do 10 times
more than the men and still catching it from men and women alike.
But I have a peace that I know its not my own.
I know that this was what I was created to do.
So who is to say who is and who is not a preacher?

Only God can call you!
And only you and He know that you were called.
He does not look at us in genders. He does not feel that one office is for men only or women only.
A preacher is a person that goes out and proclaims about the gospels of the Lord.
That He is, that He had been and that He is coming back!!!
I didn't call myself. This is not a job that I would want. I don't like controversy.
However once I said yes and believed in my heart that this was what I was to do
then nobody was going to get in my way.
Not only that I would do it my way using every part of my being.

So I end with this.
If a preacher is one told by Christ to go proclaim or go and tell.
About Him and His coming
then really the very first preachers were two women by the name of Mary.
Don't throw the stones!!!
For those that believe in the bible then I suggest that you read the four gospels
Right now I'm only going to quote from the book of Matthew 28:1-10 is what you can
read however I will be referring to Matthew 28:10

Jesus Himself sent those ladies to proclaim to them that He was and is and where to
meet Him.
Lord Jesus gave the first preaching job to the women because they were there.
They wanted to take care of Him.
They saw Him and believed that he was raised from the dead.
They gladly ran and proclaimed Him to His disciples.
So if Lord Jesus gave the first preacher job to the women
who can say that we can not give the Word of God in the office that He gave us?

Who can be a preacher???

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Radical Love : Women Called Out To Be Picked On

Radical Woman Divas Of Christ Sharing HIS Love To All The World
How can you express a Radical Love for Christ in a world that does not want to receive it or you?
For that matter what is a Radical Love for Christ?
Come on preacher woman is this going to be a blog post full of questions?
If so let me click on another blog that has more meat.!!!
This blog is just going to give you somethings to think about. Its going to give you a peek at the
 lives of  radial women's love for Jesus.
Many people reading this already have a problem with just the words.
One: Women
Two: Preacher
Three: Radical
Four: Love
and the worse one of all
This will be a series of post as we explore the above five problem words.
 God has called many women to speak His word during these last days and times.
They have stepped out of their traditional roles to say yes to this calling.
They have been met with hurricane like forces attempting to turn them around.
Men of the clergy have stood out against these ladies. They have put major obstacles in 
their way. They have put them through the wringer just to obtain their licences and their
ordinations. They have invited them to their churches and then would not allow them
to preach the Word of God.
In some cases they would not allow these ladies of God to step foot in the pulpit because they had
their own agendas as to what they thought God wanted and intended.
The Lady preachers had to jump through hoops. They had to make themselves either
dress like the worlds worse clergyman or so down played that you wonder if she really was a woman.
When asked why they were told that if they dressed like the beautiful ladies that they are
then everyone (the so called men of God) would be distracted and thus would not listen to the word
being given. Really men is that the best you could come up with when most men preachers
dress like a peacock.

As if the men were bad enough then we get the women who feel that we should not be
doing what we are called to do. Talk about non-support.
Our own kind starts with the fussing and jealousy. The envy, confusion, gossip
You name it they produce it. Yet no matter what has been thrown at us. No matter what they say about
us. No matter how they want to stop our forward progress with backward thinking we have
radically move forward in the Name of Jesus.

Believe it or not the above trauma is from our own kind...the Christians.
After being beaten to a pulp by our own then those in the world start on us.
We get the men and the women who don't believe as we do start in on us.
The men label us with all kinds of words that always begin or end with a word that starts with the letter
The new age women feel that its their task to harass us until we give in to their way of thinking.
They take on this role that they have to teach us and when that does not work
their next attempt is to insult us.
When that fails they attack our womanhood and credibility.

So why do we say yes to be called out to be picked on?
Love, Faith, and Truth
We know who Christ is. We know what He's done for us.
We know without a shadow of a doubt that if He called us He has equipped us for the challenge.
He called us to use the talents we have been given. Using our own unique personality and yes
our beauty.
He has provided us with a strength that can withstand all the drama that's coming our way.
And yes He knows that we will cry and get our feelings hurt. Then begin again
as if it never happened.
He knows that during those times of pain and hurt that we would turn to Him
where He will provide us with comfort and a peace that goes beyond understanding!

Understand we are called to do a job that we said yes to. So that job no matter how
difficult it will get done.
We will be strong, tough and determined.
We will not debate you on your beliefs nor will we allow you to condemn us for ours.
We will use every part of our unique being to do our job to the best of our ability knowing
that Lord Jesus will provide us with Himself for that strength that we don't have.
"But" and this is a Big But
we will look like a "Diva" in the process!!!
So bring it the "Radical Love Diva's for Christ are ready"
Don't be surprise one of us maybe coming your way very soon!!!