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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Radical RevLa: In Defense of the Black Lady

The Black Woman
There is nothing wrong with being strong

I am a strong Black Lady. A woman of color. A well educated Afro-American Lady. I come from  a family of proud, independent, self-sufficient, and very beautiful Ladies.  Most of all we are God loving and God fearing woman. Brought up to establish a true relationship with Lord Jesus and walk in His Light in all that we do. So what's the big deal?

Black Women are labeled before we walk into a room. We are seen as the angry black woman. Always standing somewhere with our hands on our super large hips or with one on the hip and the other waving that finger that helps us get our point across. While there is really nothing wrong with that image. As a black woman we should not feel bad for some common things that we do however the world automatically thinks that we are all this way. Really if you look at what most black women have to endure day in and day out they have a fair right to be angry.

We are last on the list of people in the human race. We are told that we are not pretty, too fat, too dark, or too light. Our hair is called nappy and unattractive or we all wear weave. We have big breast, big butts, and wide hips. We don't have a brain. We live to slave for a man. We are just not worth the effort. It doesn't matter how much education we have. How long and curly our hair is. How beautiful our skin is. Or how curvy our shapes are we are never considered good enough.

We are laughed at and talked about. Where it comes to the church we are used to build, hold up, and do the work of church building. We fry chicken, fish, turkey and anything we can to sell and make dinners that would make your mouth water. We do this over and over to bring in money for the pastor's dreams of the building fund. We bake, have clothing drives, candy sells and tee shirt fund raisers and before you know it the church travels from the red color of debt to the black balance of debt freedom for God's house. Then after all of their back braking work the church is now growing and money is coming in the pastor would get up and give a sermon on how we are not going to build the church on chicken dinners.

Really pastor is that not how you got the church to its present stability? If these black sisters did not work and give it all that they had your church would still be in the dream stage. We are not given credit for just being who we are. The real us "Ladies". Yes world that's who we really are. Top notched ladies. Smart and hard working. Problem solvers. Faithful and resourceful. Kind and I repeat Kind and Smart. We have run households on no money. We have worked several part-time jobs and sent our children to college. We have started multi-million dollar businesses doing everyday things.

Many black female ministers can preach and teach with the best of them. Many live the word instead of just talking about the word. Many run their churches and households efficiently and never miss a beat. They remain faithful and loyal wives to their husbands and will defend them while fighting for what their spouse's believe in. We have raised the majority of the people of this world regardless of color or nationality. We are so strong that some don't understand that we do hurt, we do cry, we do feel , but we shake it off and keep on going. The majority of us live to raise and love our children in the way of Christian living and attempt to teach them good morals as well as academics.

So world in our defense give us a break. Let us be treated as who we are kind and loving ladies. We have a heart that I feel is very close to God and we are shunned by our own as well as the other races of the world. Stop and look at the contributions made by the black women and then start giving her the respect that she has coming to her. Not only that get another picture of how the true black lady looks and acts. Most of us might be angry  but we still go on doing what's needed and painting that smile on as we push our way to victory regardless of how we are treated.

Give us a break and lots of love we worked hard for it. We are not begging or asking because as you can see even without your respect we still continue to live our lives to the fullest.
All this coming from little radical me!!!
A Black Lady of God

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