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Monday, April 25, 2011

Radical Love: Who is Jesus God or Man?

So that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught
Luke 1:4

This is the last post in our Radical Love series. As before we ask that you go back and read them all so you can have a full understanding.
Our last trouble word and the most controversial one of all is
Over 2000 years has passed and that name is still one of the biggest trouble words ever.
Saying His name, writing His name, and believing in His name still causes some to go to the deep end. They feel its perfectly alright to worship any and everything right down to the sacred pig
but let a true CHRISTian speak of Him and suddenly its
I for one know that it takes faith in Him to understand who He really is.
I can tell you all day who He is but if you don't believe as I do then I'm wasting my time.
If you think that the bible is just a book of fantasy and not inspired by God
then I can quote every scripture in it and still you would not believe.

However just humor me. For the sake of this post let's just say that you do believe.
That you do have faith!!!
You believe that God our Father loved us enough to save us.
You believe that after man betrayed Him in the garden and sinned that He developed something
that would save us as well.
You believe that God the Son by choice came down from heaven and was born as both Man and
God via a virgin's birth.
You believe that this said God/Man was and is Jesus The Christ
And you must believe that Jesus Lived and Died to save us from our sins and
reunite us with God the Father for eternity!!!
That He died on a Friday and was resurrected on a Sunday

Then if you believe all of this than you will listen to no one who states otherwise.
If you believe this then you know that your real home is in heaven and that right now you have a job to do that no one else can do while on earth.
You know that The Holy Spirit is in you to guide you into all truth and that you live for Christ Jesus as you go about doing your part in Kingdom Building.
I will not debate or attempt to convince anyone about who He is. I will just walk the walk that I've been given to walk.
I will talk the talk that I've been given to speak.
I will Love CHRIST with my whole heart and serve Him until I leave this earth and go on to glory!!!

Do you think I sound like an extreme preacher?
Do you think I don't know what I'm talking about?
Do you think that maybe Jesus is not who I say He is?
Maybe you are right. Maybe He is not the Christ. Maybe all of these over 2000 years of worship is wrong?
Then if it is true that what you say is right then really I loose nothing.
I just wasted my time attempting to do good and live a moral loving life and then I died and "The End".
BUT.......and as I always state this one too is a "VERY BIG BUT"
What if I'm Right??? What if He is the King of Glory???
What if You don't believe and can not live forever in heaven with the God Head?
What if you denied Him as you lived and rejected Him when you had the opportunity to Live forever in the presence of the Holy One?
What if you die and go to hell because you didn't stop and take the time to believe?
Or go to a place that was not created for you but for satan and his demons?

Now lets look at this if I am wrong you have absolutely nothing at all to loose!!!
But if I am right then you have only one thing to loose and one thing to gain....
You loose your place in heaven and separation from God who is Love for all of eternity
and you gain a place in "hell with satan and all of his demons for ever!!!
 If you look at my book (the bible) that place is eternity of burning fire and agony
it is said that you burn always!!! An eternity of burning and gnashing of teeth!!!
Ever seen anyone who hurts so bad that all they can do is gnash there teeth?
Pain beyond Pain!!!

So what do I have to say
Now its your choice where you spend Eternity!!!

Thank You Jesus for "Sonday"



  1. Once you've lived a life in Christ, you can never believe anything else! Happy Easter!!

  2. Thank you Megan that is the truth nothing can turn you around. Love you...RevLa

  3. I'll fly away, oh glory, I'll fly away...

  4. Are you sure this is last post?

  5. Ladies thanks for the wonderful comments
    Elizabeth I'm singing with you in harmony...I love that song.
    Cat this is the last post as far as the radical love goes not the radical women of the bible. There are too many that we need to focus. I started out with the radical love the five worse words so I hadn't completed them when I started the ladies....more radical to come

  6. This is exactly the post I needed at the end of Easter! Thanks, RevLa!

  7. Thank you so much MuMu this is not the last of the radical women but the last of the radical love the five worse words. I need to stand for Christ and put it out there. The world needs Love and who is God but LOVE