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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Radical Eve: The Uninformed

The Lord God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him."
Eve in her own right was a radical woman.
She was created by God as a solution for man's happiness and peace of mind.
She was a blessing to the man and the world that had been created for the man and the creatures
of the Garden.
She was the only thing that had been made during creation that was not formed from the dirt of the ground.
She was made from a richer source. From man himself thereby making her a choice rich item.
She was created as a one of a kind designer original, not a off the rack creature made of clay.

So from day one Ms. Eve was the ultimate radical lady of God!!!
She had been given a job just like Adam's but hers was to be a help-meet.
Not a helpmate but one who meets a need.
The problem arose when this radical lady of God was given incomplete instructions from her husband.
Think about it. Have you ever been given instructions about something important from your husband?
If he is anything like mine you will get only bits and pieces of the information.
For the most part it will be wrong and its up to you to check it out before you carry it through.

My husband is famous for giving me information about some current event. In the past I would
repeat that information to others only to be laughed at because the information
was wrong as two left shoes.
I have learned to check out the sources before I repeat any of his latest information.
So I can understand poor Eve.

She was given her instructions about the tree of life by Adam.
He most likely told her that God said do not eat from the tree and don't touch it as well.
Why do I say this?
When the serpent talked to her about it she said that they could not eat from it or touch it.
She could only get that information from Adam.
Satan's biggest weapon then and now is presenting us with half truths.
We get pulled into his lies by the small amount of truth and before we realize the lie he has tripped us up.

In Eve's case when she gave that information to satan he said "did God really say that"?
In other words God didn't really say that they could not touch the tree, He said don't eat the fruit from the tree.
This presented Eve with doubt so therefore what he was saying begin to make sense.
Eve being made from great stock (now this is my interpretation) was smart and could reason well.
Being the first Radical Woman ever saw that this was a possibility.
So she listened to the con that satan was giving her and fell into his trap.
It is said that Eve was deceived and Adam made a choice to do wrong.

Another thing Adam's job was to protect.
Eve should have never been left alone talking to the serpent in the first place.
So where was he and what was he doing?
Not putting all of the blame on Adam, Eve should not have been disobedient.
However she has obtained a rotten reputation.
Everything in life that's bad has been blamed on her.
Man has used her as the reason for mistreating women to this day.
Adam played a big role in this downfall because he was not on his job of being his wife's protector.
She should not have been left alone talking to that evil demon.

Next he did not give her God's instructions as was given to him.
He added the untruth that allowed her to question the whole.
He didn't take up for her when God asked what had he done and he said "the woman that you gave me".
In other words he blamed God and the woman and thus brought separation between man and woman
from the very beginning.

Now on the other hand Eve should have never listened to the snake.
Ok...sidebar....I hate snakes. In those days snakes walked on little legs which meant
he was standing up talking to her. Can you see this picture in your mind? A long snake standing
talking to me. Really...Really...people do you really think I would have been standing there talking
to a standing snake.....ok end of sidebar just had to say that... now back to the lesson.

Eve, by not running this conversation by her husband was attempting to act independently of her spouse.
They should have been two together as one. On one accord.
The other thing that I really think in my opinion was her real fault was that she offered the evil fruit to her

She became aware at once that what she had done was wrong. She also understood the influence she had on Adam.
He was alone and unhappy before she was created. Again my opinion I don't think the boy
 was all that smart or just very naive and innocent.
Why do I feel this way? You see Adam gave up Paradise for a woman!!!
Let's face it, if woman was given that choice of eating the fruit and loosing paradise vs.
not eating the fruit and chilling in Eden for the rest of her days....come on ladies
you know the answer....on three all together now....EDEN, EDEN, EDEN!!!
Ok Radical RevLa joke!!!
 Really all jokes aside I don't think that the woman would have made that choice.
So she was wrong in causing the man to fall by enticing him to eat the fruit knowing
that he could not live another day without her. For those who know the bible
 1st Peter tells us that one day in God's life is 1000 years in ours.
Adam could not go another 1000 years without his rib.

Was Eva a radical woman of God?
 Yes she was.
She was strong and determined. She would have done what God said if she was given the
correct information. She was smart and unfortunately she was independent of her
husband when she made the world's worse decision.
She deserves a brake. She just didn't know. Didn't have all of the facts.
She was attempting to hold her own with something that was more craftier than she.

She set the tone. She did wrong but took her punishment and kept moving.
Eve we don't fault you for being a radical woman....you were just uninformed!!!

Ok.....sidebar......Really Eve did you have to earn us pain with childbirth???....had to get
that one out.....ha,ha,ha,
Radical Woman #1 Eve....the Uninformed



  1. Radical RevLa,
    I laughed out loud while reading this...especially the sidebars :)It is such an interesting take on Eve and the original sin. I never looked at it that way, and I appreciate your interpretation. I hate that Eve has always been blamed for man's downfall, and I love the way you defend her.
    Go RevLa!

  2. Loving your new blog Revla and the pink is so pretty! I am looking forward to following you and the radical ladies of the Bible. Best wishes!

  3. Radical RevLa, always lovely to stop by and read some wisdom peppered with humour. You make Bible study as much fun as eating a really good pizza (and I LOVE pizza)! Thank you for all the good vibes you send out. Sending you love and serenity.

  4. This is a new theory! I love it!

  5. Lots of fun and lots of good thinking RevLa. There's so much going on in that Garden isn't there. If ONLY we had learned to trust Him from the word go.


  6. RevLa, your sense of humor is refreshing. I guess all of us are still making choices based on bad data, but as you point out, the important part is owning up to our choices and to keep moving!
    Thanks for that.
    ~ Rhonda (RYCJ)

  7. How very original, leave it to you to reinvent the apple!