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Friday, November 4, 2011

Radical RevLa: Sometimes You Just Need A "Selah" Moment

Recently I learned a new word...ok let me rephrase that I learned to use an old word in a new way! That great new/old word is "Selah". Those of you who read the Psalm would have seen this word but as we have been taught to just ignore it and keep reading. Why were we taught this you ask? Simply because the Psalms are a collection of songs and Selah is put in for the reader/ singer to pause.
I was the guest preacher for Sunday morning service at a wonderful church last week. While preparing my sermon I asked God to give me what He would have me give to that congregation.
Being the radical preacher that I am I always ask the person that has invited me to preach if they have a theme or something that their pastor would like for the church to concentrate on. This way I don't go into my radical world. Well as my luck has it they did not and being me I just said "oh well Lord give it to me and I will deliver it to them." With that said for a week before the service God began to talk to me and the word "Selah" kept coming up. I thought this is not really a true word. Its just a pause right?....but was I so wrong.

When I read up on the word I found that it meant to: take a pause. to reflect, to absorb, take a pregnant pause, to incorporate.  Wow...this word does have meaning. Now I flew back to the Book of Psalm and began to read. I notice that whenever something very important was said then you would see the word Selah. I discovered that they wanted the person singing or reading to stop, pause, absorb, incorporate, allow a pregnant pause...in other words to get what was just said in your system before going to the next phase.

My eyes opened wide. Suddenly I really understood. We need to have a Selah Moment. There are times when we just have to Stop, and see or analyzes what's going on around us. We have to absorb what is being given to us keep the good parts and discard the bad. We have to incorporate the word or the positive into our present being. We have to pause long enough to become pregnant with the promise of the word allowing that seed to grow and produce the blessed harvest. Can you believe that one little over looked word could mean so much?

Well my sermon was on developing a Selah Moment and the pastor of the church was elated. He stated that not only did he see something new but in his close to 80 years he has never heard anyone preach on the word Selah or develop its meaning to a form that we could adapt. He said "only God Himself could give you that!"

I was happy and humbled but very grateful that our Lord chose this radical lady of Christ to deliver that Word in my own way...(trust me I was every bit of my radical self...ha,ha,ha,)

But really this is what I want you to take away from all of this: I learned that you can have a Selah Moment in everything. There have been times since the sermon that I have been approached wrong...my spirit just yelled "Selah". I automatically paused and took a deep breath. I've been ready to scream at my husband, children, or co-workers...I simply stated out loud "Selah" and I paused and just looked at the moment.

So now I have a new mantra....SELAH!!!...this word is going to keep me from going off on the deep end and loosing it. For I know that if I can just take that Selah moment this Radical Child of God and step back and look at what's in front of me with different eyes.

I leave you with this:
When you read the book of Psalm stop and pause when you see the word selah. Go back and see what was said before the word and see what God is trying to tell you pause on that until you receive something. 

Next when somebody or something gets on your very last nerve then just yell (either out loud or in your spirit) "SELAH" and pause. See if God wants you to bash them....(ok bad RevLa that was sooooo wrong in soooooo many ways let me try again) 
See what God will have you do! (now that was so much better...ha,ha,ha)
Trust me just doing those two things will save you alot!
As always stay blessed in the Lord and know that your radical friend is out there doing His Will......
but doing it with my swagger style to it....gotta love me!

PSALM 89:1 (selah added by Me!)


  1. Hi Rev La Rouse, this is a great post. I use the word but did not the full meaning. Thank you for imparting wisdom and knoledge.

    1. Thank you Lady Simone for joining up with me and I've gone to your info but could not find your site. I will be donating to your cause and will invite you to join up with us on Feeling God Christian Social Network where you can showcase your cause and promote your book as well which I will feature in our book group and discussion. Thanks again and you will be hearing from me soon. network is http://www.feelinggod.ning.com