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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Radical RevLa: Alone but not Lonely

Standing alone does not always mean you are lonely

Accepting your call to the ministry can sometimes place you in a very lonely place. I've been away from the blogging world due to my ministerial commitments so I'm excited to be back. I will be bringing the Radical Women of the bible series back very soon. However I just wanted to take a moment to encourage some of you Radical Ladies of ministry today that have found themselves alone as they seek to do God's Will.

Recently I've been given another assignment in my role of Kingdom Building. Being new to facebook I'v noticed that most of the people there are social and having fun with their virtual friends. I thought that this was great. To find people you haven't seen or talked to in years. As with our family its a way to communicate to the entire family different events or information thats going on with the family. I also noticed that there are some who want to speak more about God but don't feel as comfortable. Or some who want a more wholesome place. As I was pondering these things in my heart I felt the Lord speak to me and say "I want to connect with my people. They don't know me in a social everyday way. I'm with them in everything but they only have a religious picture of me. I want you to place me in their virtual world."

I took this to mean that I was commissioned to speak more about Him on facebook and twitter. Anybody that knows me understands that I always find a way to talk about my first Love. But I really want to let the world know that the Lord is fun and wants us to enjoy Him and need Him in our everyday. So I talked and talked and talked about the Lord but no one really cared. It didn't matter to me because being the radical lady that I am I knew that I would just continue to do the job that I have been assigned to do.
Then I discovered that God did not want me to do what I was doing just on facebook or twitter. That He wanted me to start a mini-ning group based on Him in the everyday. Well I really didn't know how to do this but as always I was willing to do His will.

Ladies this is how FEELING GOD social network was created but that's not the end of the story or why I'm writting this.
When called to do your job those that you thought you could count on may not be there. You may loose friends and family. You may find yourself sitting at the window looking out by yourself. You maybe be the only one chating to God alone on your network...ha,ha,ha,...you may even doubt that you have been called to do whatever the job is that you were called to do. When you find yourself in this place of being alone and notice I said "when" then remember this:
You may be alone but you are never lonely when you choose God.

Continue to do your job and don't worry about numbers or what other people are doing and thinking. If you have to do it all then continue to do it to the best of your ablility. Honor God in your best works. Love those who have left or abandoned you. Ignore family and friends who don't stand with you or talk about you or wish for you to fail. Step out of the boat and simply walk on water towards Christ Jesus. Don't listen to the wind or look at the waves. Some of the greatest evangelist, pastors, and preachers started out with no one in their corners. They had events only to be the only person there. But those strong determined men and women of Christ stood and preached as if they were speaking to groups of thousands. By doing that simple act of obedience these same great pillars of Christ are doing just that speaking to millions all over the world.

So just remember do what you vowed to do. Radical Ladies we will have it even harder so stand strong and stand tall. When you find that you are alone then remember that He is always there to fill the void. As long as you are doing your job to best of your ablility and for His Glory then you will never be lonely.
Trust in Him He will work it out. Then before you know it He will open the flood gates and you will have more people around you then you will even want....ha,ha,ha. While alone keep working on perfecting whatever it is that you are doing. Find ways to work around those people that you were counting on to help you. Love them and forgive them but don't let them stand in your way.
As I stand with you in prayer know that as a Radical Woman of Christ I know what you are going through but I also know that we are the called ones and we must encourage each other as we travel on this rough road.

As you look out of your window alone smile and place all the great things that will come from the work that you do in your vision. Purpose to do your job and be happy and content. Always remember while you are alone you are never lonely for He let us know "I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU OR FORSAKE YOU"
Smooches my Radical Ladies of Christ
and if you want to enjoy the new mini-ning come visit and join up anytime


  1. Welcome back to the blogging world! You're always doing something new! I admire you.

  2. Thank you RevLa, you got it. 'I only do what I see the Father doing', and gues where He is. Right HERE.