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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Radical Love: Extreme Rebel

There comes a time when a woman must take a stand by any means necessary!

As we continue with our post on Radical Love. We will look at the next problem word. Again we suggest that you read the first two post so you will have a complete view of this entire picture.
Radical is not a word that most people would associate with a woman.
She is suppose to be complacent and conforming. Never allowing herself to be placed in the
same company as anyone or anything radical.
When a woman takes on the characteristics of a radical then she gets labeled and lowered
to a level that allows her to be seen in a lower quality.
Most of the people who are projecting this negativity on her does not know
the meaning of the word.

What really does radical mean?
According to the definition the word radical means the following:
A description of an action or thing which is especially impressive.
An extremist of a belief or a rebel
Departing markedly from the usual
Arising from or going to a root or source

Ladies of Christ, Ladies in Leadership, Ladies who are about to make change
Do not listen to the voices of the masses.
There is nothing wrong with us.
We are on a mission that only our types of personalities and strength can handle.
We have to set this world a fire for whatever the purpose that God created us for. We can not
loose our focus.
We can not loose what makes us women and what powers our inner strength.

I can proudly say yes I am a Radical!
A true Rebel!
You see I am an extremist for My Lord and my assigned work. I have a strong belief in my calling
and I will not allow anyone to take this away from me.
We the ladies who are called out for the purpose of doing the extreme work handed down to us must
depart from the usual.
We must arise from or take it to the root or source.

And in the end
We are the ladies who are described to take action that will be especially impressive.
Yes we are the Lady Rebels who will not let anyone stand in our way.
We are the Radical Lovers for the cause in which we have been called for.
We are the ones who will be looked upon in the negative but know in our hearts that our God
has equipped us for the long haul.
We will not bet turned around nor will we allow anyone to get in our way.

We are the keepers of the cause.
We are the Rebels.
Not just rebels but extreme rebels.
Rebels of the greatest possible degree. Intense To the utmost!
Say what you want and do what you must

There comes a time when a woman must take a stand by any means necessary


  1. Strength, beauty and fresh inspiration. Thank you RevLa x

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