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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This is all I have to show after a lifetime working for the man

This is the way I felt about my manager for the pass two years!
Sad but true

Have you ever woke up and said to yourself "Self today I'm going to try and be like everyone else"? Or maybe I'm the only one that has that conversation with themselves. I can say that I'm not one of the normal people. I'm not like the other female ministers, I'm not like the other nurses, I'm not like my sisters and I'm not like most mothers. I'm just me good old Radical RevLa.

I have attempted to do things to the best of my abilities. I've attempted to be fair and to give 150% in all that I have set out to do. However none of my efforts have been accepted in the main stream. No matter how hard I have tried I have been labeled as non compliant. This brings me to explain how for the past two years I have had a manager who I knew could never manage me.

While I do know that she may have some skills she lacked the skills that was needed to carry out the job except for the skill I could never obtain no matter how hard they attempted to teach it to me. She received an "A+" in the skill of kiss up. I refused to compromise who I am just to get a pat on the head. I realized early in my working career that I had a higher boss to represent. In choosing God as my commander and chief it gave me a set of different standards.

Many times mine did not match up with those of the so call powers that be. However I had to be respectful of those who hired me and give them what they asked for. What my many "stupid-visors" didn't like was that I could do the job ten times better and would not hold my tongue when I saw an injustice. Many times I was right but because of that they would never acknowledge the fact that I was. Since I had a big mouth I watched those around me who would call for my help and direction get ahead or be treated better because they were not considered a threat.

As I saw these things going on and was left out of all the groups I would feel so alone. I just wanted to wake up and be like everybody else. I just wanted to go in and receive no attention and do my work. It never happened. Right up to the last day that I had to work full time my manager was still finding a way to cause me an unnecessary stress. So I prayed and asked God just what should I do?

He walked me down the life and ministry of our Lord Jesus and I got to see that He never fit in as well. He showed me how He had to continue to be who He was and to do the assignment that He had been given no matter what happened. No matter who attempted to make Him feel odd. I knew that I could never be Him but I knew that if I had to copy somebody then He was the one that I needed to be like.

So before I got into a cat fight with my manager I threw in the towel and resigned. I was going to retire anyway and now I have. So what in the world will Radical RevLa do with herself? Well it won't be punching a clock for the man. I have a great work ahead of me and I plan to do it with all that I have for Kingdom building. As for those dear ones who just didn't think I fit their mold then I simply say:
"Keep your mold you have a million want to be's who will fit it" I have stepped out on faith and it's my time.
To the world all I can say is:
"Get ready because here I come. Free to be me and to live for God and myself."

To my old manager I leave you with these words:
"Nannie....Nannie...Boo...Boo Ginger Snap!!!"
I know bad me but what can I say:
Gotta love me!

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