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Thursday, November 1, 2012

What Is A Friend?

Is Someone who loves you for who
you are and go to battle for you
no matter who the enemy is.

At this great vintage age I should not have to wonder the meaning of friendship. Yet I find myself pondering the true meaning of friends. I always thought that if you are a good friend then you should have many good friends. I always felt that if you treat a person the way you want to be treated that they would treat you in that same way. Now I see that my way of thinking must have come from me being dropped from some alien planet or something because in today's world many don't know the true meaning of friendship.

What I love about life is that as long as you live it fully then you will learn something new each and everyday. So with this said after over 19 years with one friend and over 31 years with another I have lost my two closes friends. These two friends I expected to be a part of my life for a lifetime. Now we all understand about friendships for reasons, seasons, and lifetime. As I traveled down the road of life I met and became close to many friends that were in my life for a reason.

That reason could be to help me or for me to help them either way that person was there for a short period of time and then they were gone. With those type of friendships it was great while it lasted but when it was gone it was out of sight out of mind with fond or sometimes not so fond memories. At this great age of 60 I can look and see these various people and smile or frown. I can hear a song that we loved to sing or dance to. I can remember a funny joke that we laughed to. Or I can see a wrong that was done on both party's part. Yet that friendship was needed at the time to enjoy, learn from, or teach.

Then you have friendships that last for a season. Some seasons were longer than the others. You bonded and knew that this was it  you would be friends for life. No distance, no person or no situation could change that bonded friend. You shared many good times, supported each other through many bad, cried on each other's shoulders and laughed at each other's jokes. You spent many days, months, and sometimes years being buddies. Then one day that season was over and it took you by surprise. You had no idea that it was time for it to be over but it just ran its course. It didn't have to end on a bad note nevertheless it did however have to end. Those friendships that end after a long season leave you empty and wondering just what purpose did it serve. Then you get to look at all that you did together and you know that it was sent to develop both of you during that season in your lives.

The season friendship takes awhile in most cases to get over yet one day you realize that its done and cannot be cooked anymore for fear of burning. Something deep just lets you know that its time to move on and so you move and after many months and in most cases many years you move on. You notice that you are standing at the crossroads in life and you must go one way while your season friend has to go another. In many cases this friendship tends to end in a bad way and so you walk away with a bitter taste in your friendship mouth.

Then there is the ultimate friendship and that's the friend for life. This is the one that is always there with you, for you and about you no matter what. You don't have to see each other, or talk to each other but whenever you come together even when its on Facebook everything just begins again as if you never lost a beat. This is the stage of friendship that everyone wants. This is the stage that you ask to be blessed with. You feel after 19 or 31 years that this person is now placed in a lifetime category. You feel that this person is your lifetime buddy. You share all that life has to offer with each other from God to children and then you grow old and share laughs.

In a lifetime friendship you come together on many levels and each level no matter what you have each other's back. You stand and fight for your friend and you correct your friend in love when you see that he/she is going in a negative direction. There is no jealousy, envy, gossiping or wanting the other person to fail. You stand up for your friend and you pray for and with your friend. You never place them in a negative situation and if you did you correct the mistake. A lifetime friend will always stand by you, or cry with you. That friend will be there when nobody else is. That friend will love your good and tolerate your bad yet still be the strong foundation in your life. You may fight and make up but you never stop loving each other.

So here is where my dilemma lines the gray areas of the friend for a season and the friend for a lifetime. You would think a 19-31 year friendship would equate to a lifetime friendship? Well at least I thought so. But that is not always the case. I would have never thought that I would come this far in life and not have my buddies still in my corner. Wanting the best for me as I want for them and cheering me on with the battles of life. Being there with me as I deal with life's difficulties and laughing with me just because. I know that this is what I wanted for them. I know that I have always attempted to be there when they needed me and when they didn't.

I felt that they could count on me and that I would be there to do whatever they asked of me no matter what the sacrifice. Now I see its not to be and while it hurts and sucks I have to put on my big girl baggy pants and deal with it. I have to know that while this is not what I may have wanted that this is what has been put on my table and as I pray for them and wish them well that I must walk on down the road alone. Now don't get me wrong there is always my husband who is my very best friend. Our children who are now adults and are my friends but in a different way. But I'm talking about that girl buddy. That side kick. The one you can tell everything to and it goes no further. That lifetime person who choose to be in your life.

So as I sit here and ponder the friendships of life I am brought to mind that there is only one true friend and He is with you for eternity if you choose Him. Our Lord Jesus has proven that He is that friend who you can put your trust in. He gave up His Life for ours that is a friend beyond a friend. He said He would never leave us or forsake us. Again that is more than a lifetime friend. So while I may be crying over what my take of friendship is I know that I have a true friend in my life. I know that friend loves me for me. I know that friend will never leave me and I know that friend will be waiting for me when this life is over.

So as I look at what is a true friend then all I can do is look to Lord Jesus and that says it all. To my friends who have come and gone may God continue to bless you. May you remember the good and not the bad. May you know deep in your hearts that I still love you and pray over your life each day. That while we were deep in the depths of our friendship that there was no other person that would have your back the way I would.

To the new friends that will come into my life  for whatever reason, season, or the rest of my life....

To my Lord Jesus
Oh What a Friend We Have In You!!!     

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